Blogiversary Questionnaire: Ask The Addicts

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re approaching the 1 year anniversary of TSTO Addicts (woo-hoo!!) and over the last year of blogging we’ve provided A LOT of information for the game itself, but not too much about us.  We’re always asking you guys about your thoughts on the game, and more about your lives (heck we asked you just about everything under the sun in the Blogiversary Poll Post)…and now is YOUR chance to return the favor!

Now is your chance to peak even MORE inside of our lives. What do YOU want to know about us?  Want to know about our tapping habits?  Our lives outside of the blog (we do have them!)?  Our family lives?  Our hobbies?  Our favorite color?  Anything you can think of ask away!

Feel free to post your questions here in the comments or email them to us (  We will then go through and answer as many questions as we can in one post this week.  (so try to get your questions in by Thursday, 8/14, night)
So ask away and learn even MORE about your Addicts Team!

39 responses to “Blogiversary Questionnaire: Ask The Addicts

  1. what’s your favourite TV show that isn’t a cartoon? 😉

  2. So my question to each of you would be to ask what kinds of work you do outside of the blogs? I don’t expect you to name specific employers, but a general idea of the types of work you do would be interesting.

    (I’ll answer that question for myself as well: customer service and tech support for a major U.S. cell phone company.)

  3. Congrats on the 1 year anniversary, I’ve been a reader since December, maybe even a little before that, and I find this blog to be a must read for anyone really into TSTO. Some people have already asked some questions I was gonna ask, like what character would you like to see in the game and what’s your favourite episode, so I’ll leave those alone. I remember seeing, I think it was Alissa, say that to get the turbo tapping done, you put $100-$200 in your account to speed up tasks with donuts to get the info as fast as you can. My question is do you make money from this blog so that the money you use to speed up tasks comes from the blog and not your other job? I don’t know how blog stuff works, so my bad if thats a dumb question. For all the work you guys do on here, I’d like to think you’re making some extra dough because it. One last random question, what are your spirit animals. It’s your horoscope sign and Chinese New Year animal together in case thats not a well known thing. Mine is an Ostrich.

  4. This goes out to all of yous guys:

    1: How many stalkers do you each have? Cause I gotta believe that having a blog on the internet would create for some intresting people just getting weird.

    2: What’s your day job, and how do you find the time to get out the info right when an update hits?

    3: Won’t you be my neighbor?

    4: Most embarrassing thing you’ve done(that you’d admit to anyway)?

    That’s it for now…

  5. What character/building/decoration/storyline would you like to see added to the game?

  6. Which celebrity would you like to see added to tapped out?

  7. How do you guys get the info from EA- like when you comb the files and see things out there that haven’t dropped yet. Are there people at EA that share their deepest, darkest secrets?

  8. Can I be you when I grow up?

    Happy Anniversary!

  9. Who is your favourite superhero? What’s your favourite superpower?:)

  10. I would like each of you to describe yourself and each of your blogmates using only song titles and/or song lyrics. Have fun and thanks for all that you do for us.

  11. They say you learn a lot about people by the company they keep – so I have to go with: who would you like to invite to a dinner party, and why? Make that between 6 and 12 names. List may include real people, living or dead, or fictitious characters, like from your favourite films/books/TV-shows. I have to bar the entire cast of The Simpsons or Family Guy, you may however throw in a tapper or two from this site 😉

  12. Hey addicts!
    So I have a big long list of questions for you.
    1. What is your favourite Simpsons episode?

    2. What is your favourite ever romance or relationship from the simpsons?

    3. If the Simpsons could create an episode on any program or movie that has previously existed, which would you like the most?

    4. Which item would you most like added in to tsto?

    5. Would you create tsto addicts again if given the chance?

    6. What is your long term plan for he site?

    7. Which do you prefer, family guy or simpsons?

    8. If you werent part of the site, what would you be doing?

    9. What is your favourite sport?

    10. Do you have a favourite football/soccer team, and if so who is it?

    11. If you could meet one simpsons character, who wohld it be?

    12. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?

    13, what is your best joke?

    14. What is your favourite eger post on the site?

    15. What is your favourite competiuon ran by he site?

    That is my list of questions… for now! Lol

  13. Congrats on one year and fantastic numbers!
    Been a fan since y’all started blogging on TOuk.
    Not so much questions but requests 🙂 I’d like you to go back and do some 2D/3D art and could you pretty please with pink frosting and sprinklers ontop do a sketch of the Addicts house complete with the Attic, Basement and Alissa’s throne?!

  14. Who is your favourite tapperoonee………you may wish to consider do they live in the UK were they born in the 60’s support the greatest football team in the world.likes pie and gravy …….all are valid qualities

  15. Pinky finger in the mouth Dr. Evil voice. Ok my question for you guys is. If you could sum up your personalities in 5 movies each what are they?????? I know Wookie has Star Wars in there but all 6 counts as 1.

  16. You guys rock! I started playing at the end of the Easter event and your site really helped me through the Stonecutter’s event–thanks! My question, what’s your favorite book(s) and why?

  17. I want to have all of your babies. Especially if they have your work ethic. Shoes don’t make themselves, ya know? But I digress (regress?)
    Happy almost anniversary! I really appreciate all that you do. Do me a favor and never stop being awesome.

  18. Hmmm well my memory doesnt serve me well about some questioned already answered so if I ask a question already known forgive me.
    1. How did you all meet each other? ( I know you dont even live in in the same state right?)
    2. How did you come about starting this wonderful website together?
    3.How on earth can you keep up with all these different section? Okay I know theres a word for them but my brain went blank. (Hey im almost 60 so I have an excuse…..right? Lol.
    and finally …. 4. Hiw many springfield towns do each of you have and do you play all of them every day?
    By the way …..Alissa im so glad to have you as a new neighbor? Love your town.


    • Glad to have you as a neighbor too my friend! 🙂 And thank you…the lull helped me finally set up my Gold Mansion area lol. Now just need more land so I can properly bury the Stonecutters stuff deep in the woods 😉

      I love your town too! You’ve got some really awesome 3D effects going & I love you have your mansion row! 🙂

  19. Happy anniversary! Your blog is great. I wanted to know what each of you guys enjoyed most about Vegas when you went a few months back.

  20. Hey guys, appreciate all the help you offer and the fun you have with it. I DO have a question:
    With the upcoming marathon of (Comic Book Guy voice) every episode ever, how are you going to take it all in??? Binge watch? Coordinate maximum DVR capacity with nearby friends? Ignore it because you’ve seen all the episodes too many times to count? Thanks!

  21. I love your blog. I know that you guys are all far away, but how often do you meet up in person, if at all?

  22. What other shows do yall watch besides The Simpsons? Favorite movie of all time? Do yall play anything other than Tsto and Fgqfs like any consoles?

  23. Okay…why did you pick the nickname bunny, bunny??? Do you got big ears? Or a fluffy tail???

    Alissa: what is your favourite Adam sandler movie?

    Wookie: listen to any good music lately?

    Good job
    Happy anniversary to y’all on 1 year!

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