Gil’s Got A Glitch: Issue w/Otto & School Bus Deal

Update 8/14 5:30 PM EDT: Looks like Gil has finally made it to towns.  EA has sent another little update to our games and this one should repair the glitching Gil deal.  Many of you are reporting seeing him (finally) make it to your Springfield!

Update 8/14 2:30 PM EDT: Hey guys Alissa popping in here to let you know about a little test I just ran to see if I could get the deal to tigger.  I started another anonymous Springfield on my tablet.  (I cleared all the data from TSTO and started fresh)
I played through the tutorial and up to Level 5.  Got to the part where Homer has to play his myPad for 45 seconds….as soon as I completed it BOOM..Gil appeared.
2014-08-14 18.17.22

There’s also a link to him in the build menu:
2014-08-14 18.17.55

My guess is that the decorations (Swings & Seesaw) are preventing this from popping in players towns.  It seems this was thrown together quickly and in the haste someone forgot to check to make sure it triggers if you have non-unique items already.

My suggestion is STILL add your name to the Forum post below AND contact EA directly over the issue.  It’s someone that they need to get flooded with to fix.


Hey there Hoppereenos. Jumpin in to see what I can do to try and help out with the issue I see hitting fast. The New Gil Deal from today not working at all for many players.

2014-08-13 17.37.41


So far I have tried the basics, Uninstall/Reinstall, I had even nuked my town and pieced it back one by one to see if any building or item triggered it. I do not have ANY of the items from the deal in my A game and would also love to be a part of this particular deal as I want Otto in my A game and have for a while. (In the past if you had any items offered, the deal would not work. Info on this is just…so vague.)

So, gonna try a few more tricks and see if anything works. Will report back if anything is successful. In the meantime, I put up a post on EA Help Forum to bring attention to the issue. Please also add your info too so we can set it on “Fire” as a Hot Issue and get them rolling on a patch fast.

Also, please open a ticket with EA too if you can’t get the deal. This will come in handy when you tell them you missed out on the deal and still want it. 😉

Hang in there. Hopefully this…ummm…ODD “update” will be corrected. (I still think this was a panic push to get something out while they are working on something bigger. It’s TOO quiet over there.)

Let us know if you find anything successful in your game. (Our luck we will wake up to Gil on his knees pleading for us to take the offer. Lol.)



114 responses to “Gil’s Got A Glitch: Issue w/Otto & School Bus Deal

  1. Oh snap! How did truckfan get that cool looking car crusher? It’s awesome!

  2. I’m still not able to trigger the deal. I’ve tried loggin out/in, restarting, making sure Lisa is free, etc.

  3. There was another update, but oddly enough the only change I see is that the krusty land splash screen showing krusty is now blank -being either completely blue or green. But the pie still appears rotating in the corner and the game works fine….

    • Hmmmm… not seeing a new update but maybe just a patch for your device. As for the KL screen, mine looks normal. It only shows up blue or green for me if I’m about to be booted from the game.

  4. Ugh. I was doing so well with this game not crashing every two clicks after Stonecutters was over and with this update I’m back to crash-a-palooza! I’ve already got Otto so all this update did was make the game more unstable for me. 🙁

  5. Well im in a good mood today and is all because off you especially bunny,let me explain. First im a cheapium player witch means that all the doughnuts that I have are thru playing the game and I haven’t bought anything until now because I couldnt decide what I want for the small amount that I have, so naturally when I saw the gil deal I was exited because it was cheap, but there was a problem and gil wasn’t appearing in my town so I came here and sure enough bunny was on the case,and for the first time I wrote a ticket(I pretty much copy pasted everything that bunny sead in my mail) two hour’s later and there was a new patch a gil deal and a new yellow bus In my Springfield:-) and that was that or so I thought because when I awoke this morning I had 15 doughnuts more then I had last night witch I can only presume is because off the mail I wrote. So thank you addicts and especially bunny, I got oto for 55 dougnuts beceause of you:-)

    • Awwww well you are more than welcome. I understand it can be daunting at times to reach out to them, but those “I’m sorry for your troubles” sweeties they like to gift you with for issues…it makes me happy to see. 🙂

      So very glad you got your Otto. 🙂

  6. I wonder where this update came from. Those of us with maxed games aren’t included. We get nothing. How about a character or building update for everyone. I have been playing since it started and feel left out. I will keep playing. Love this game and just had to say something.

  7. First, I am so glas that you guys have made it through the first year! You know they are always the roughest, so HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!

    I am really happy with this Gil Deal, and aside from the limited édition items, I have completely stopped buying premium items unless they are under Gil Promos or are reduced price for a spécial évent. Then I never have to try and kick myself in the bum for not waiting. I have been wanting Otto and the school bus in my town pretty much since the beginning and I am super content to have the chance to buy him at 70 donuts with other small cost premium items.

    EA…I would LOVE to start seeing a weekly Gil Deal in our towns. Nearly every other Freemium game out there runs weekly or bi-weekly deals on premium purchases and you have the chance to outdo all the rest because of all the premium building item/character combos (and we ALWAYS love the chance to buy reduced price sprinklies)!!

  8. SOMETHING BIG is coming. The half off Gil deal. Really? Two consecutive patches in two weeks. A all kland level update. The game jumping in the most grossing group on Google play from 31 to 18 last week. There making the cash. No friend prize in over weeks. Again I say SOMETHING BIG COMING an it involves Springfield. An they already have it written up. Ex: the upcoming banana update is already being written for September. Theft for whatever reason can’t seem to get it to work. But I believe its a expansion an it involves Springfield. That’s why they haven’t added anything to Springfield. BE PREPARED

  9. This is so unfair.. I bought Otto and the schoolbus Tuesday en two days later its in a sale , 50 donuts cheaper + 3 items… Can I refund this or..

  10. Gil finally came. Totally spent some donuts for Otto. I like Gil. :/

  11. DANG! Really?!? The LAST thing I bought with the donuts I saved WAS OTTO! :'( I’m bummed. Was hoping that it would be a deal for something I DON’T already have. Oh well, maybe next time! In other news, I’ve just saved up for the Sit ‘n Rotate, so I’m thrilled about that! LOL-it’s the little things 😉

  12. So glad it is working! I had been saving for Otto and, as an exclusively freemium player, it hasn’t always been easy so I’m glad for this deal! Thanks for keeping us so well informed.

  13. I finally got Gil in my town too. But just a heads up to those who are not sure if they want Otto, the confirm button doesn’t pop up. For me it was no prob, but my husband was iffy about it. Ended up buying it anyway cause the confirm button didn’t pop up. He checked his settings afterwards and the confirm purchased was still checked.

  14. Got Otto as soon as old Gil popped up in my game, then sent him on his first task and closed the game. Next thing I know I’m not able to get back into the game…have you guys heard anything like that happening?

  15. My wife jumped on the deal as soon as it showed up in her town. I am still debating but leaning towards yes. Otto is one of my top 3 premium characters to get. But I hate to think I will be that much further from Barney. Someone make up my mind please.

    I am at level 43 right now and maxed on FP. Any rough guess about how long it will take me to re-earn the 70 donuts?

    • No idea. The random donut spitting out on neighbor visiting varies for each player. We do not know what is coming…but it is TOO quiet. Otto is one of the 3 Addicts fav. I guess the question is, can YOU wait to get him? Would you pay the 120 donuts for him later?

      It is just hard to say because we do not know what is coming AND its a great deal. Lol. (Didn’t help much, huh?)

      • No not much help. Wasn’t really expecting much, but hoping. Making up my mind has never been a strong suit of mine. That is why I hate things like donuts (or getting gift cards or cash). I can never decide what to get and they end up sitting there.

        • If you have the donuts to spare/cash… I say go for it. If it helps, my sister is notoriously freemium but used her erned donuts right away because as she said, “It’s frickin Otto bro.”

    • I was in the same boat… I went for buying Otto because A: he was also on my wishlist and I would probably never be able to get him so cheap again and B: Barney isn’t going away and, who knows? Maybe Gil will come around later with a discount on him too someday!

  16. Edit to earlier post Gil is up now so disregard it lol. An u still wonder what e a is up to. U think it’s time to send the addicts team out on patrol. Bunny grab your slippers woolite grab your camra an Alissa grab your clipboard it’s time to find out what there really doing behind closed doors. U just hope its not a 24 7 e a tequila party they’re having an were not invited. An if you see any monkeys wereing bowler hat ab sitting at a typerwritter tell my cousin I said get to work.

  17. Sh** I accidentally bought the deal 🙁

    Contacted EA if they could restore my donuts and remove the items I bought. Ugh for some reason I accidentally clicked the the buy button and no confirmation showed up :/ (donut spend confirm was on)

  18. I finally got the deal, but I sold my monkey bars and see-saw earlier when the update first hit (thanks addicts for the heads up!) tried everything, but still no Gil, but after then second update he came, and I grabbed it straight away (been wanting Atto for a long time!)

  19. ApplesAndOranges

    How can I earn more donuts? I have no more trash to clean up – i already did it all. And, I visit friends every day. I’m a freenium player.

  20. I’m happy to finally see ol’ Gil in my town, but I was hoping there would be an update alongside this Gil deal in case there is a new character/building that is only available for a limited time and then poof. I might wait until after tomorrow just in case EA is nice and gives us a new event/level, though I think it’s unlikely.

  21. I’m happy with the deal. I’ve been wanting Otto forever but not at 120 donuts or whatever he was. And I never would have gotten the tetherball thing. So I thought it was a good deal. No problem with the glitch. Sorry for all those that did. I hate glitches.

  22. I am finally getting the Gil deal. I didn’t get a confirmation on donut spend and it is on. Luckily I wanted Otto!

  23. Wait ,what? !? I’ve not only seen none of any of this update whoha but my game has crashed before even getting into it at least 10 times in the last 5 hours. One of those times was even after an full uninstall, reinstall. The 2 times I did get in it crashed w/in 2 mins. I’ve done the un/reinstall 3 times already. Hard reset of system, logged in, logged out, synced my Google account – everything. Ive done every single friggin thing to no avail and on top of that not once did I get any updates, even with the reinstalls! What the arf?! Help !

  24. Gil just showed up in my town randomly! He gave me the deal with 4 days and 10 hours to get it (I bought it immediately).

    A couple hours ago I posted to the forum link and submitted a ticket as you suggested, but I don’t think that had anything to do with this showing up now. It doesn’t look like anyone had looked at the ticket yet.

    Either way, I’m glad to get Otto for a steal!

  25. Just had another update and now Gil appears in my B-town with his deal.

  26. Just got on and got an update and gil is in my springfield. Let me know if you all got it too.

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