Discount Donut Deals: Share Your Finds

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Everyday at least 1 reader in this AMAZING Community shares a deal they saw on App Store Gift Cards at a local store or online.  We LOVE these little tips you guys share with the community, as a way to get discounted Gift Cards to help save some dough on Donuts!

Recently during our Blogiversary Poll we asked you guys for comments on what we can do to make TSTO Addicts better…and a few of you suggested having a location where you can share deals on how to score discounted App Store Gift Cards with each other.  And we ABSOLUTELY LOVE this idea!

So here’s your Discount Donut Deal post….post deals you saw online or in stores for discounted Apple, Google Play or Amazon Gift Cards and help out your fellow tappers!

Saw a great deal on Google Play Gift Cards?  Share it below!

play-card_couponsA local store running a discount on iTunes Gift Cards?  Let your fellow Tappers know where they can save below!

Amazon running an awesome deal on coins that’s too good to pass up?  Make sure your fellow Kindle players don’t miss out below!

So where are YOUR Donut Deals?

Note: No Hack/cheat talks allowed.  Anything posted to this thread that is NOT a deal on discounted gift cards or deals involving gift cards will NOT make it through comment moderation.  This post is for legit discounts on Gift Cards and Amazon coins only.  

245 responses to “Discount Donut Deals: Share Your Finds

  1. The Simpsons Tapped Out: Bonus Content for Donut Packs

    Amazon digital day 2016 promo
    No access to a fire tablet to actually see what this bonus entails (tsto cant be downloaded via amazon app store on non amazon android devices, and the game always crashes at launch for me on amazon fire phone)

    Hopefully it rewards a handful of you and you can share what the bonuses are


  2. Just in time for our Christmas goodies!
    $100 iTunes code for $85


  3. There’s a 10% off deal on iTunes cards on PayPal Germany.

    I did not see one in the US store.


  4. Anybody know of any Black Friday iTunes sales in Canada?


  5. 20% off itunes cards at dollar general

    Ex. 100 dollar iTunes card for $80


  6. $100 iTunes for $80 today at Dollar General but policy there …needed to pay in cash for it at my store.


  7. iTunes cards 10% off at target!


  8. Just in time for our Halloween goodies!
    $100 iTunes code for $85


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