ATTACK!!! …run away!!!

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bouncing on by with a lil help for all of you that are trying to figure out what the frak all this is about. Attack? Defend? Shields? Weapons? What do they all mean?

unlock_troop01 unlock_troop03

So I am sitting here giggling as I feel I have wondered into some Bizarro world of the Simpsons were Comic Book Guy and his friends took over the town in a giant game of LARPing. What is LARPing? Hmmmm… Well… just imagine a group of people acting out a game LIVE…in person…dressed in costume…at a park or open area. (Live Action Role Play.) Or some hybrid of Dungeons and Dragons. LOVE IT!!

That is what I thought of when this game info hit and I started reading through it all. Alissa just gave me a blank stare. “It looks like WHAT??!!” Lol.

Moving on…I am sure the rest of you are trying to make sense of it all. Where to start? What to do? Well, let’s take a closer look and break it all down.

What is the deal with all the Nerds?:
Nerds play a big part in this event as you will be using them in “battle” to help you obtain Gold & Elixr. (The two main event currency items.)


How do you get the Nerds?:
You can earn Nerds from your Castle. You get them every 2 hours. (Keep in mind, you have a MAX on the total amount of Nerd you can have at a time. It will vary on your Castle level. ) So make sure if you are close to your MAX, use up some nerds before you collect any more or they go to waste and you won’t get them back.

Increase Nerd Production

Level 1: Earn 5 Nerds
Level 2: Earn 10 Nerds
Level 7: Earn 15 Nerds
Level 12: Earn 20 Nerds
Level 15: Earn 25 Nerds
Level 18: Earn 30 Nerds

This is per castle.  So, for example, if you have 3 castles all at Level 12 you’ll earn 60 total nerds every 2 hrs, 20 nerds per castle.  

You can also buy the Nerds with your precious pink sprinklies. (I prefer to earn them myself.)

ico_stor_medievaltimes_troopgang Gang of 5 Nerds- 2 Donuts

ico_stor_medievaltimes_troopmobMob of 10 Nerds- 3 Donuts

ico_stor_medievaltimes_trooparmyArmy of 20 Nerds- 4 Donuts


What are the MAX amounts of Nerds?:
This will vary on what Level your Main Barbarian Castle is on.

Increase Max Nerds

Level 1: 40 Nerds Max.
Level 3: + 5 Nerds = 45 Nerds Max
Level 9: + 5 Nerds =50 Nerds Max
Level 13: + 5 Nerds =55 Nerds Max
Level 16: + 5 Nerds =60 Nerds Max
Level 19: + 10 Nerds =70 Nerds Max

Now for some extra fun. There are 3 Castles total. So each additional Castle is going to add to the MAX total of Nerds in your town. So Castle Recycle & Boxingham Palace will each add an extra amount.

Level 3: + 5 Nerds
Level 9: + 5 Nerds
Level 13: + 5 Nerds
Level 16: + 5 Nerds
Level 19: + 10 Nerds

So essentially, if all 3 castles are maxed, you can have 130 total Nerds MAX for your town.


How do you use the Nerds?:
This is where it gets a lil interesting. You will use the Nerds to Attack and take Revenge on your neighbors as well as complete strangers. So let’s go a lil bit more into it and break that part down. 

When you use the nerds to battle they don’t make it back.  Basically any nerds you send to attack a neighbor don’t return to your Springfield.  Once used…they’re gone.  So the only way to get more nerds is to have them regenerate from the castles or purchase them for donuts from the store.


To “Attack” a neighbor, you go to your neighbor list the same as you have always gone. This time you will see the usual 3 chances to collect $$ & XP, but now will also see 5 chances to attack them and collect Gold & Elixr. (You will get the Payout when the building you Attacked times out or is Defended.)

Attack 4

You can only Attack buildings with the Axe & Sword icon over it. You just tap on the icon, select how many Nerds you want to use (the more you use the faster it will attack, and possibly destroy the building fast enough before your neighbor can stop it. Giving you more of a payout).

Axe  Sword

Attack 6

Payout Breakdown

Location Attacked Elixr Payout Gold Payout
Neighbor Castle Win 25 10
Neighbor Castle Lost (Defended) 10 2
Neighbor Building Win 18 8
Neighbor Building Lost (Defended) 5 1



This is another silly element EA has tossed into the game. Instead of journeying to a neighbor to Attack, you can select the “REVENGE” option to get a chance to Attack some Random other Player on TSTO. This will yield a higher payout if you win against them. You can also just randomly attack a player by tapping on the Axe & Sword icon in the upper right corner of your main screen.

Random Icon

Attack 1

You can locate the “REVENGE” option by  tapping on your Castle to see if the option is there, then scrolling down to the Revenge option. Once you tap Revenge, you will be relocated to the Random town. (Kind of a cool way to see other town you never have before.) Or you may be transported to a neighbor that just attacked you.

Attack Revenge


If you have a House that has been attacked or destroyed, you can also tap on it to get Revenge. It will even tell you the name so you know if it is a Neighbor or Random Invader too.

Revenge Flanders

Revenge House


Payout Breakdown

Location Attacked Elixr Payout Gold Payout
Random Player Castle Win 140 50
Random Player Castle Lost (Defended) 10 2
Random Player Building Win 70 25
Random Player Building Lost (Defeated) 5 1

You can continue hopping town to town to town this way until you run out of Nerds. It will alert you before each journey on the amount of Nerds you have left and if you want more, takes you to the Premium Options to buy them with donuts.

Attack 2

What Buildings can be attacked?: 

Axe  Sword
Castle Recycled

Flanders Home
Blue House
White House
Orange House
Purple House
Pink House
Brown House
Skinner House
VanHouten House
Willie’s Shack
Wiggum House
Muntz House
Sanjay’s House
Pumpkin House
Gingerbread House
Crazy Cat House

So in short, it does pay off to Attack a stranger vs a Neighbor. Also, if you want to have BOTH sides benefit, you can let the Attacks on you time out vs Defending them. It depends on you. We will look more into Defending in another post.

Did this help you? What strategies have you made? Any other suggestions you can add? Let us know below.


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  1. I opened up tapped out today and claimed 14,210 Elixir and 5075 Gold. It my be a little late to post a guide but we still have a week. What I do is to first off only attack random players. Second I only attack with 1 nerd at a time, so 5 nerds per random player(5 attacks). Third I only attack players who defense is around 15 hours. I also look for their other houses being attacked. Any play can go 10-15 hours without playing giving you around 350 Elixir per random player you attack. I earn about 75 nerds every few hours. So 5 nerds X 70 elixir per attack X 25 players = 8,750 Elixir. Yesterday I sent around 150 nerds total on attacks so earning 14,210 out of around the max of 17,500 isn’t too bad.

    Overall, only attack with 1 nerd at a time, even on castles, and don’t be afraid to attack players with 18+ hours of defense if they have destroyed houses.

    Here’s a link to my screenshot of the elixir and gold i got today.

    Hope this helps you earn all of the prizes if you haven’t already! Good luck.

  2. I don’t know what changed but i’m not attacked so much anymore. I’m getting 5 attacks a day from neighbours and 5 from invaders that’s it. So collecting elixer is really slow. I visit and attack my neigbours every day and i also atack a lot of invaders town. Any idea why i’m barely attacked anymore?


  3. Anyone else getting weird amounts of elixir after attacking buildings? Sometimes I get 2, 9, 13… but that’s impossible if your charts are right.

  4. Please attack my springfield need more elixir……… simpson id janetfreak

  5. I have mission that says “get revenge”. How can I do that?

  6. Ok here i am still a bit lost on what the better elixer payout would be! Can anyone advise me on this?
    When attacked, is it better to leave it to total destruction?
    When attacking, is it better to do it with your neighbors or concentrate on invaders?
    Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    • You get paid more if you win against a random. You get same as neighbor if you lose. So it is up to you what you want to chance. It is really hard to say what will pay more as you never know if the person on the other end is gonna defend right away or let it get destroyed. I just keep sending only one Nerd to as many neighbors as I can and when I hit that limit, I then send them to as many randoms as I can. Castles will pay more but are more likely to be defended due to the other player needs to the Nerds out of them.

    • When I first saw the strategy posted here to drop 1 nerd at as many houses as possible I didn’t agree with the math. Unless you’re friends are letting 1 nerd take 14 hours to destroy a building (none of mine do that) you’re way better off going random and hitting a house with max nerds. I can’t collect nerds all day and I’m still at 25,000 gold so it appears to be working. Seems like EA echoed that today with an update that basically gave instructions on how to play.

  7. Anytime I go to my krustyland the disappearing shield glitch happens to all of my buildings when I return

  8. Can you make a breakdown chart of how much you earn when you defend or rebuild in your own town?

  9. Just wondered if you tap on your house when it has the dollar sign, does this stop your neighbours from attacking or can they attack no matter what stage your building is at? I want to have maximum attacks so I don’t know whether to tap on the buildings or not.

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