Gold Calendar: Clash of Clones

Hey there Hoppereenos. Jumpin on by with some info I know you will be asking for sooner or later. How much Gold do you need to earn? How does it break out day to day? Where do you need to be? Well hopefully this Calendar will help.

Gold Calendar

I always end the Calendar the day BEFORE the Event ends. Better to be on the safe side. Now keep in mind this is a very LONG event. So no need to rush right in from the start. Sit back and enjoy the game. Have fun. As usual, we are here to help if/when you need it.

What are your thoughts on Gold earning? Seem pretty doable goal? Let us know your thoughts below.


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  1. Homer is now level 95 with about 136,000 gold.. Goal is level 100. Can’t wait for this event to end….

  2. Wow. This event got boring real fast once you figured out the trick (thanks to the info on this site as well!). I loved it in the beginning and played addictively, checking every two hours and send nerds out to kill!
    I managed to get all the gold rewards by Sept 7. That’s right. A full month before the end. The trick: NEVER MAX OUT YOUR NERDS. Seriously. And this site helped. Sure, you get 50gp if you sack a house. But you get only (or less…sorry, can’t remember the exact number) if the defender stops you. So what’s the point of send 15 nerds to ONE house? You get the same amount of they stop you. On the other hand… If I send ONE nerd, and he gets stopped, SAME reward. That’s the mistake the game made. No reward for using more nerds. I’m sure others figured that out as well, with that goody little message from barbarian homer telling everyone to use max nerds, ha!

    I’m currently sitting at 108,000 elixir with nothing to spend it on. I was hoping they would have more things to buy! I also have 85,500 gold. I’m not even bothering to attack anymore. They need to make LESS premium things. Why would I spend donuts on boxington Walls?? Huh? Dumb. They should be elixir costs. Ah well. It was a fun event for a little while at least.

  3. I’m at an impasse right now. I am only at 14431 gold right now, and I’m worried that I might not get everything. The impasse comes in due to the fact that other people are (naturally) attacking my castle. I need the nerds to get more gold; while at the same time I don’t want to ruin it for the other player trying to earn gold themselves. What should I do?

    • Clear your castles….

      That’s a chance they take when attacking your castle, knowing you need nerds. At least that’s my thought process on it.

      And a quick way to earn a lot of gold in a short amount of time…1 nerd per building and attack random towns. Do it a few times/day (especially at night before you go to bed), helps you earn gold at a much faster rate 🙂

    • You can easily get to the end in the time remaining. I only started this event about 10 days ago and thanks to the tips here for only using one nerd per attack I’m on nearly 21,000 gold. As Alissa rightly says, clear your castles so you can go on the attack 🙂 I have stopped attacking castles and only go for houses and am now racking up nearly 2500 gold a day. There are enough days left to just about get to the end, I am getting this gold with 3 attacks per day..

  4. My usual goals are costumes for the characters. I tend to be low on the collection parts of events. Any ideas for speed things up on that without doughnuts?

  5. I do love these comments here that are quite helpful for the event on Tapped out (I just reached my 14000 gold). I do have a question that hasn’t been quite stated well in this forum.

    Should I ever used the “Revenge” button, after I defended/repair my castle? That is, in order to increase my chances of getting more gold.

  6. Got the Homer Statue yesterday
    3 weeks ahead of schedule
    (drumming fingers)

  7. I also want to say that this one nerd/building really works. I was playing every two hours trying to get ahead and now I play less but get more. I was so behind and in less than a week I’m now a week ahead! You guys rock, thank you! 😊

  8. This one building – one nerd tip really helped me! I used to send the maximum nerds to any building and I never got more than 200 elixir and 90 gold. Last night I used the one nerd strategy and today when I woke up I had over 3600 elixir and 1300 gold to collect! 😀 And I already collected similar quantities. I was like ten days behind in the calendar but in one night I advanced 4 days! Thanks everyone! 🙂

  9. I took the advice of everyone about the gold collecting and nerd raiding. I was days behind last week but now I am a whole week ahead of the calendar.

  10. So the countdown says 30 days and some minutes left and i’ve been just awarded the barbarian statue…what now? 😀

  11. Already over 38000 gold.

    Honor among thieves:
    We house farmers let each other win on our house farms. I only defend my castles, actually, because I want others to do the same. I spend 1 nerd per building and aim for house farms and B, C, and D cities.

    I just wish the final prize was as impressive as Satan’s Anvil.

    • I had just hit 43 when the event started. So until the 44 I had been buying and building houses and land for the event. I let most of them fall. Sometimes clicking isn’t totally accurate. Anyway mainly I look at the farm size. Excess houses and toon activity. 1-5 nerds. I haven’t let my castles fall aside from Red die but I collect 9 or 10 reinforcements a day. Lots of nerds but my best thus far is 5k gold in one day. My current total is 45000 gold.
      FrostEfield FrostEnick

    • What are B, C and D cities?

  12. Wow, gold adds up quickly! My sense is that EA expected people to use the multi-nerd attack strategy, but since it yeilded no advantages, people stopped playing that way. Also, there is potential to “donate” wins to friends and/or strangers but since raids were being lost via glitching, that eliminated that strategy.

    One nerd per castle is the way to go. When I’m hopping around random Springfields (odd that they are called, “invaders”, because I’m invading them?!), I pass on cities with no free castles and I do five attacks on any city with any number of free castles. Thanks strangers!

    The Stonecutters event had one building with a higher payout, this event has three…and you are not limited to your friend circle. It took me a while to get the hang of this one, but once I did I was moving at 3x Bunny’s pace. It’s comeback heaven. Thanks for the help, TSTO!!!!!!

  13. Jeff helpenstill

    Bunny, every since you posted the gold calendar, I have been trying to catch up but can’t. I am about 4000 behind, how do I catch up?

    • Here’s some advice another tappers states got them to 55000 already.
      1. ALWAYS defend your homes and castles.
      2. When attacking, attack the “Other Springfield” every day. Hit all castles first and then houses. Use all 5 attacks and only use one nerd on each. These are guaranteed wins. Just wait for them.
      3. When attacking anyone but the “Other Springfield” only do attacks on strangers. They are worth more.
      4. NEVER use more than one nerd when attacking — that is a waste. Why spend 9 nerds in the hopes that your attack pans out within an hour? It might not! If you attack 9 castles instead, and lose every fight, that’s 90 elixir right there.
      5. Use up all your nerds, one at a time.
      6. Come back after at least 2 hours and do it again.
      That’s it. Less than one hour a day spent and you will end up making about 5,000 elixir a day. (10,000/day once you get your castles built up and have a lot of nerds). Be sure to keep upgrading your castles to get more nerds!!

      • Jeff helpenstill

        Cool! I am defiantly doing it more like this, i was going at it all wrong, I always dumped Max nerds, I also unfriended about 20 neighbor games that have been dead for weeks and jumped on the add me page! Thank you

  14. Has there been any word about like bonus doughnuts after getting all the prizes like usual? Or us if just when you’re done, you’re done?

  15. Thanks to everyone that suggested the one need per place strategy. On Sunday I was almost a week behind. Today I’m only a day behind. I figure I will be ahead soon it will be great to finish and not have to use premium currency.

  16. So here is a trick I learned. I kept waking up in the morning to bigger than normal payouts. I figured out that if you send your nerds to attack buildings the night before and then don’t log into your game in the morning they will count as wins. So for example at 8pm last night I had 55 nerds previously collected two hours before, and sent them all to castles. This takes some time finding unraided random castles and at 8:30pm, I collected my new 55 nerds and sent them all to castles. I then logged off for the night. I did 1 nerd per castle which were all in the 12-16 hour defender range. I stayed logged out of my game for 16 hours and when I signed I go 17,640 elixir and 6300 gold. The trick is to send off your nerds and wait out the timer. Good luck!

    • i’m going to try this trick. i really need a lot of catching up.

    • Yeah that what I’ve been doing. I got the Homer Barbarian Statue today. You get an elixir bonus for every 8000 gold collected after.

    • Jeff helpenstill

      Very interesting! I’m trying this tonight

    • You only get 50 gold per castle so if you sent 55 nerds then it’s simple maths 50×55 which isn’t 6,000 it’s more closer to 2,750 gold,

      • I sent 110 nerds total in 1 hour, 55 in one wave, recollected, 55 in another. I assume the remaining amount was from some residual nerds from the afternoon before that.

    • This is definitely the way to go. I’ve been doing this every day and I have over 70,000 gold now.

    • I’ve been doing this from the beginning, and my A town is at +91,000, and B town is at +75,000 gold. Now that my castles are at max levels, I send 220 nerds at the end of the night, and am making +23-24,000 elixir, and +7-8,600 gold a day. To anyone that is behind, I think I completed this event in 2 weeks. If you use this strategy, you can catch up on no time.

    • Been doing this since your post! Now I wait 24 hours and place over a hundred single nerds (mostly castles – it takes a while) by “doubling” my nerds like you did. I just got 18,000 elixir and 6,800 gold! Thanks for the tip

  17. I seem to be behind in gold, I don’t understand how it’s awarding gold. I send I nerd to each building in all my friends towns. Except for when my castles are wrecked then I hit revenge and put the maximum no. Of nerds on their castles because that will give me 140 elixir in 60 mins. Is that not the best way? How do we know what we get back if they’ve defended against our attacks?

    • I would suggest one nerd one building. You can never know when the other person will defend, not to mention people want their nerds so they are more likely to defend their own castle. Then it is just a waiting game. You have to wait for them to clear or destroy the buildings. That can happen anytime, so just wait…the awards will catch up.

  18. It’s definitely the best strategy. I think I’m about a day away from completing and have also spent 0 donuts.

  19. *_* I just received my last prize (Homer’s barbarian statue) *_*
    And I used exactly 0 donuts! My 1-nerd-per-building strategy really paid off 🙂

  20. Well, I’m a week behind exactly I somehow doubt I’ll be able to catch up. Nothing new, I haven’t gotten the final event prize ever.

    • Actually you can catch up. Send your nerds to attack one nerd per attack. I was a week behind last week and I caught up at a rate of 1.5 days each day that week.basically for every day I played I was getting that days hold plus an extra day and a half. As of this moment I’m 250 gold from being right on track. At this rate the final gold total for me will be over double the calendar.

      • Thanks for the heads up, I’ve been trying it and doing much better. Way bigger payouts than maxing nerds per building

  21. I started by plowing the maximum number of nerds onto each building, but by day three was quite far behind the calendar. I switched to spending just one nerd per building, and should now have reached 38,000 by Friday. It seems to brings in much much more gold and elixir. Also not sure if it was a glitch or not, but I was playing on my tablet on at the weekend and reached the three free towers, switched to my phone about an hour later and was awarded the same three towers again, meaning I have four of each tower for my castles….

  22. thanks for the gold coin chart. i currently have 9066 gold coins. today it’s Sept. 1 at 1PM and basing it on the chart i am behind by a day and a half. maybe i can catch up but the problem with some neighbors who have already reached 38k+ gold coins is that they stopped playing. i visit their springfield and all i can see are burning/wrecked castles and houses. kinda frustrating for someone like me who is trying to catch up.

    • My advice to you is where your neighbours have stopped playing, use the Nerds you would have allocated to your inactive neighbours on random attacks… hope this helps!

  23. Are we seriously only two weeks into the event? I only have 2 more prizes to win. And may I add ….no donuts have been used to get prizes.

  24. I’m at Oct. 3rd right now.

  25. I must not be understanding this new theme very well. I am wayyyyy behind on this. Feels like it takes forever to earn enough for upgrades and prizes! :/


    • There are lots of strategy ideas in some of the other post comments. If you don’t have a solid group of neighbors who visit regularly, your best payout is going to be sending 1 nerd per building to random towns. Castles pay off the best. There’s still lots of time in this event and it did seem like my payouts got better as I progressed. You’ll also earn more nerds later.

  26. Do you think there will be prizes/donuts for players with more than 38k gold? I’m going to get there tomorrow… the rest of the event is going to be meh otherwise….

  27. Miss_Con5strued

    Thank you for doing this. Nice to have a reference to see how I’m stacking up. 🙂

    • I’m glad I’ve been working tons of hours cause I’ve neglected my game way more than I like and I still have twice as much gold as the calendar projects. Loving seeing all these new Springfields just wished you could see players names.

  28. Just hit 38,000 gold this morning! This has gone much quicker than I thought it would. I am glad that these prizes give payout bonuses though. I definitely think that Satan’s Anvil should give a bonus. I like the random town feature, too. I think that should always be in the game, or at least for events to make it easier to earn currency.

  29. I’ve been playing this solidly since the update and only have 3000 gold? I see neighbours with 14k+ and I have no idea how?! These currency gathering updates are usually fine for me, I get a good amount of the prizes, this one just seems to be ticking up so slowly with hardly and gold/elixir coming my way!

    • It is much slower for some players. There are lots of strategy ideas in some of the other post comments. If you don’t have a solid group of neighbors who visit regularly, your best payout is going to be sending 1 nerd per building to random towns. Castles pay off the best. There’s still lots of time in this event and it did seem like my payouts got better as I progressed. You’ll also earn more nerds later.

    • I’m with you Ruth. I’m absolutely perplexed how people have the gold numbers they do. I have 4K gold and play multiple times per day. When I log in and you get the message stating how much gold and elixir earned since last play, It’s rarely over 50 for either.

  30. Wow, I’m a whole week behind! Fortunately I am only interested in the marge skin – anything beyond that is negligible for me. Here’s hoping I can get there 🙂

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