Wednesday Is Elixir Day!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in to let you all know that in your game for today only (well and every Wednesday until the event is over) you can purchase MORE elixir for donuts.  Something new EA is trying with this event…and you can only purchase currency 1 day a week (remember Elixir is required to purchase things AND level up your castles BUT it will not unlock prizes for you…only Gold can unlock prizes)…and that day is Wednesday.

Elixir will be available for purchase in your store from 0800GMT on a Wednesday and run for 24hrs (until 0800GMT Thursday morning).   More details below the fold…

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When you logged into your games this morning you should have seen some dialog pop up between Homer, the Barbarian and the barflies at Moe’s….

Homer: Oh man, I’m jonesin’ for some elixir.  I just can’t get over its non-addictive great taste
Lenny: Plus you can use it to upgrade stuff, if I understand this nonsense correctly
Moe: Well, it just so happens that I got a line on some of that so-called elixir myself.
Homer: *glug* *glug* *glug*  Man, that’s some good purple!  Where did you get it?
Moe: Well, not by extracting it from what people who’ve been drinking it leave behind in the urinal, if that’s what you’re implying.
Homer: I wasn’t implying that.
Moe: Although, I’m not a hundred percent rulin’ that out either as where I got it.
Homer: Understood.  The thing is, when you love something as much (as) I love purple elixir, it doesn’t matter what it was extracted from.  I’ll take as much as you can “make”.  *winks*
Moe: *winks*

At this point you can now buy the elixir in the store…for donuts.

2014-08-20 13.03.24


You have 24hrs to make a purchase, if you want any, and then it will be locked up again until next week.

Today’s Elixir Sale Opened at 0800GMT (8/20) and closes at 0800GMT on 8/21.  The “Elixir Store” will be opened again next Wednesday 🙂

Did YOU purchase any elixir?  Still trying to get things straight in this update?  Wondering where all our help posts are?  Well…they’re coming 🙂  We just finished working through the update so we FINALLY have all of the ins and outs down and will be bringing you more info ASAP!   🙂

31 responses to “Wednesday Is Elixir Day!

  1. I did a little bit of math on the value of these elixirs, for 100 donut (D) you can get 4000 elixir (E), or 40 E : 1 D.
    But you can also get 20 nerds (N) for 4 donuts, or a rate of 5 N : 1 D.
    Now if you visit random towns and seige only towers, even if defended you are guaranteed 10 E : 1N, thus you’ll get 50 E : 1D by going the Nerds route.

    Pros of Nerds:
    More Elixir Return
    More Scalable by buying with 4D a pop vs 100D (best E return)
    Can be bought Mon-Sun vs elixirs only on Weds
    May result in a much greater return than 10 E : 1 N if undefended

    Cons of Nerds:
    More effort spent placing exclusively on towers
    Time delayed elixir return vs instantaneous for elixir purchase

    It’s not like we don’t have an abundance of time in this event, for the return per donut spent I would honestly choose nerds over straight purchases of elixir.

  2. the elixer option never turned on for me yesterday?
    anyone else?

  3. Is there anyway to get free dounghts

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    • Lots of ways to get free donuts….

      BUT there’s also something in the event about 15 free donuts…we’re still digging into it to see just how you can get them 🙂

      • I just got the donuts, I didn’t do anything except I’d entered an exited the game a few times in about 10 minutes, and then a pop up came up saying something along the lines of “Thanks for playing. Here’s 15 free donuts for being one of the first people to play Clash of Clones”.
        i didn’t take a screenshot because I didn’t think of it!

        • It’s ok. It is part of the odd Notifications we have been seeing since the event launched. It looks like the update today triggered them to payout. 😉

      • I thought it was likely due to the update as well, but I wasn’t sure if these donuts were ones that you didn’t have to do anything for and they just gave them to you or if, like in the Stonecutters update, you had to tap the screen a few times when Homer was singing the stonecutter song to get the donuts.

        Also I never seem to get those notifications saying there’s an update or event, I get other notifications when tasks are finished etc, just not those ones.

  4. Has the update been crashing for anyone else? I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app, restarting my ipad, and deleting other apps to make more room. Upon launching, it just crashes within two seconds. It was fine before the update? Haven’t been able to play the event yet! 🙁

  5. The Elixir was in the shop all day, but I just now got the dialogue between Homer and Moe when the task came up to level up Barbarian Homer. Doesn’t seem to be connected to the sale in my game.
    Btw. what does change when I level up Homer?

  6. The best way to capitalise on this event for free is to send one nerd to ten different random castles. We get the most from random castles even if there defended. Also any one you attack would be pretty dumb to not defend there castle seeing how if it get gets destroyed there nerd production gets stopped until they repair it
    I’m a cheapium player am I only speed up the first castle an I already have the first 4 prizes by playing this way. That’s a guaranteed 250 gold every two hours an more if they don’t defend. An alot of exlier as well.Granted its not the most neighborly but definitely the best way to play. An this event has the random attack opinion for a reason. My advice use it have fun. Hope this helps happy tapping

    • I had come to the same realization that you get the most bang out of your buck… err… nerd by using the ‘Attack’ feature which puts you in a random Springfield to attack. I discovered the rewards are always higher than going to a neighbor (at least with my neighbors of which who have begun this event).

    • TechnoTrousers0

      Thank you for posting this–it was just what I was looking for. I think my biggest annoyance with this update is how obscure it is to figure out a good strategy to earn elixir and gold. I couldn’t figure out if I should attack with lots of nerds at once so the other person doesn’t have a chance to sign in and defend, or what? It just isn’t clear which actions are earning the best because of the disconnect between action and reward. This helps tremendously.

  7. Weird I missed this I have played every single day since december however not long after the end of the stonecutters event my game started crashing every 10seconds, and would not start most of the time so I finally quit 2 days ago, and then this new event happens

  8. Susan C. (Suski33)

    More importantly: did YOU purchase any elixir?😸
    Should I? Shouldn’t I? The mind reels. 😳 Clock is ticking…

    Oh heavens, I hope I grasp the essentials of this update before Bunny’s next birthday rolls around! Meanwhile, I have bookmarked your update thread (as I always do), and will treat it as sacred text. What would I ever do without you folks – perish the thought.

  9. I bought 1000 Elixir, just to level up a few times with…..sending nerds to attack every couple of hours literally takes about 2 minutes…..

    I think with this event, if you are willing to get into the game 8-10 times a day, just for a few minutes each time, all prizes will be achievable without spending donuts (or minimal spending of donuts).

    While I’m not thrilled about the Clash of Clans theme of the event, I do like the depth and reward system of the event. As I did Stonecutter. Halloween and Christmas updates are going to be great with this new format versus the spinning wheel..

  10. I bought some elixir, but it sure went quick! I’m glad it only shows up on Wednesday so I can keep a tiny bit of self-control.

  11. I didn’t buy any Elixir, but I probably will at some point. I’m still trying to figure out how all of this works. (If I should let my buildings get destroyed? or defend them?) I was able to get a few tips from the replies you left on other comments. I look forward to the updates! Thanks for all of your hard work. This website makes the game more fun.

  12. I saw it the store, but I never got that dialogue with Homer, Lenny, and Moe about it. I also had no idea that it was to be available for only 24 hours, one day a week. I didn’t buy any because it seems a bit pricey. Thanks for the information about it. I still think it’s expensive, so I’m not sure if I will buy it, but it is something I’ll give a second thought about now knowing it’s only here for the day.

  13. Do you know how many levels can I upgrade the castle?

    • 20 total levels that will actually do something. After that upgrades are “meaningless” and expensive (elixir). But you can earn more castle components via upgrades over 20.

  14. I bought some of the Elixer, but the best part of this update so far has been the dialogue, especially the dialogue for part 7. I’m also a big fan of Renaissance festivals (my geekdom runs deep) so I am super happy with this update and all the new stuff it’s bringing! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. looking fwd to the future posts! 🙂

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