Clash of Clones Glitch Report

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bunny here bouncing on by to help out with glitches and issues that seem to be trending right now. So batten down the hatches and let’s dive on in.

Addict Tech Support

First up, the 20 sided die or Cheaters as the game calls them.

In order to be able to use these, regardless if you have won them or not, you need to have reached 800 Gold and unlocked the Free Bag of Cheaters. To use them, you need to go to a neighbors/random town that has buildings/castles to destroy. Or Buildings in your town that need to be repaired and/or defended.

In your town you will see the Shield with a Die on it along with the amount of die you have left to use. In a neighbor/random building, you will see the option in the pop up menu under the Nerds you want to attack to instead will have the option to “Wreck this building immediately” for 1 die.

Now what should happen is when you use the die in your town, a flash occurs and all the items are repaired/defended. This is not happening for many players and the task is not clearing.

There are others in the EA forums stating the same issue. My suggestion right now is to alert EA if it is not registering for you right away as well as posting your info on the forum to raise awareness to the problem.


Odd Notifications.
I have to say this one has got me confused. With the new update came a lot of new notifications popping up on our devices. Even some really strange ones that make no sense.

Our awesome reader Harry B. Sent this in to us.

I just noticed that when I got the message again about Hidden Tickets generating, I did a slow look at everything, and discovered that those Wine Cups were available to Buy!
I think the glitch has been Accidentally alerting me each time somthing new is available to buy in the game!

I’ll keep a close watch and see if it happens again.. This could actualy be a good thing 🙂

Glitch notification Ticket Error

This very well could be a Notification on the “special” events that occur (like elixr sales). Just a language mix up. Looks like some of the NPC type Spuckler Kids are in on it too.

Glitch notification Dubya Error

My suggestion on this too is to alert EA. Obviously some wording is missing and needs to be resolved. So contact them and open a ticket as well as post on the EA forums to bring attention to it. If a Notification is wrong, it impacts all players.




UPDATE: The items were as I originally thought, pop ups that should not have shown. They are essentially coding for the characters tasks completing and should not have triggered a notification to your device. Like if something completed in Krustyland and you can go collect tickets or if Dubya (Brandine’s Kid) finished collecting money and was ready to be tapped. 


Items disappearing when visiting Krustyland.
Players are stating that bizarre things happen and go missing when you leave Springfield and the game hasn’t had a chance to sync up. Things like the shields you just defended your town with. Or Elixr you just bought. For some a trip to a Neighbor helps to sync it back up and restore. For others, items are lost for good.

If this is happening to you, alert EA right away as you definitely don’t want to be losing items during this event. Also, post on the forum to bring attention. Try to sync up in the mean time by hopping in and out of a few neighbors to see if it helps restore what you lost.



We are still in the process of looking in to this one. We have seen it and the dialog. We will update once we find out more.

Glitch notification 15 Free Donuts


UPDATE: A patch sent through by EA corrected this issue and players were able to get a pop up and awarded their 15 free donuts. If you did not or had any troubles in them disappearing, please alert EA.


So there you have a few things we are noticing more and more. Let us know if anything else strange is going on. Info to contact EA is HERE. Let us know if this helped you or if you alerted EA already and got a response.


226 responses to “Clash of Clones Glitch Report

  1. I lost my notes on adding friends. When I go to the Origin website, TSTO game is not recognized and I don’t know why. This is an awkward way for me to add friends. Can you help? 🙂

    • You do it via the game. You click on the icon of Milhouse and Bart and that takes you to your neighbors screen. From there tap on the same icon (milhouse and bart) and it’ll bring up your list. Click find origin friends (or find friends in origin, something like that) and just add the name you want.

  2. During the last two updates my town shifted causing havoc. I blew my town up and rebuilt it after the first one. If I have to do it again I will delete the game. I have been playing for a long time & really don’t want to delete the app. Please help me fix my town.

  3. It says I have 20 cheaters in my inventory but there locked, how do I get them?

  4. I have unlocked wizard Marge but she isn’t showing up anywhere!

  5. Am i the only one seeing notifications in a different language?
    Specifically the “An invader is raiding your town”
    The “An invader” part is sometimes English, sometimes German or French.
    It’s a minor thing but, kind of weird.

  6. Hello. I have boxingham palace built and upgraded and still cannot make goblin bart loot. Do I need to build his Tree House to use him? When I try to send goblin bart looting it takes me to the buildings buy page and his Tree House is high lighted but still not unlocked.
    Thank you!

  7. HELP! I am ABSOLUTELY DESPERATE!! For four days now, CAN’T CONNECT to the game! Tried everything I could think of, even wrote twice reporting that game STOPPED WORKING. I am level 43 and very serious and in love with my town. Now ALL is ruined because even if I can connect again, can’t recuperate the time lost. Time goes on, so are the quest lines and me… not with it! As well, before disaster striked, I was to the maximum level of nerds released, but… NEVER actually had them all. Was hoping to appear sometimes. And last thing. Had as a prize the dice and used it. But…Received again twice the dice while tapping on my attacked buildings and find them in my inventory with a note: “not to be used”. ?!?!
    THANK YOU for your good work and dedication to us all in need. :))
    PLEASE HELP me to get back in my only favorite game!

  8. Hi, i had the recycle castle in My inventory but after i got the request to build it, it was gone. And now i don’t get any requests, it’s like the hole game of Clash and clones has been paused or something… The only things i can do is attack others castle and houses. Please help me, this is my favoruite game !

  9. Can someone help me? I got a quest where I have to upgrade and lvl up stuff, I have to lvl up lisa to lvl 7 but I already had lvl 7 lisa when I started the quest and in the quest she is shown as lvl 2… anyone can assist me?

  10. Hi all,

    Hope you can help 🙂

    I have reached 5000 coins in the Clash of The Clones event and received the dialog telling me that I have unlocked Wizard Marge but the skin is not in my inventory 🙁

    The Power of Upgrades Pt2 has triggered asking me to make Wizard Marge throw fireballs but I cannot do it because the skin is nowhere to be found.

    Has anyone else suffered this?

    Thanks very much

  11. I can’t seem to get past the cheaters die mission. It won’t register when I’ve defended my town. Its annoying 🙁

    • It’s a known glitch. EA’s working on it, but still report your case in so they know you’re impacted too. Details on how to report it are in the post above.

      The good news is the task will not hinder your progress on the event itself. You can still move through the whole update despite that task not clearing…so it’s just a matter of it removing from your task bar (which is what EA will do when you report it) since you’ve already completed it.

  12. Earned the elixir bundle prize, got the pop up notification but it didn’t add to my elixir total and isn’t in my inventory.

  13. My current issue is that my barbarian hasn’t come back since the task ‘make homer hide unconscious barbarian in brown house’. Have only just noticed so haven’t contacted EA yet, any suggestions before I do? Thanks!

  14. Oh, so the bug is when I enter Krustyland! I haven’t figured out the reason. I even sent EA a question 2 days ago. I guess Krusty will need to wait the end of the clans….

  15. I reached the Elixir Bundle personal prize level and the window popped to to notify me. However the 4000 elixir never appeared in my elixir total?

  16. I got the disappearing shields after Krustyland this morning 🙁 I finally decided to be nice and give my neighboreenos a little extra time to get the big payout. Wrong move – lost all the shields plus a few burnt buildings. I did report it – they get you to download and reinstall the game (total waste of time), and then say they will look into it. So probably not worth reporting unless you have 45 mins spare while waiting for your nerds to regenerate 🙂 Unfortunately this means that it’s safest to defend to your buildings while you have the chance (or remember to not go to Krustyland)

  17. Finally narrowed it down. Anytime I go to Krustyland I lose any and all attacks and shields

  18. So I’ve read that when you rebuild buildings or defend them there is supposed to be little funny things that they say like “_____ made us do it!” And “We die for the _____ empire!” But I have yet to see those in my town. I already have a ticket open with EA for the disappearing shields glitch. I’m pretty sure I have the notifications glitch too (I get notifications that “Birthday has finished ERROR”) but since that really doesn’t impact my gameplay as much I haven’t reported it. But I’m wondering if them not saying the funny things is connected to the notification glitch or the disappearing shield glitch.

    • This is the first I’ve seen where someone isn’t seeing the words after tapping shields. They are pretty funny. Maybe you can update your ticket to let EA know you don’t see that too. It may be connected. I’m not a techie so really can’t say.

    • You do have to watch for it pretty closely. It’s not a pop-up like quest dialog. It’s faint white letters that will float up like the white numbers that flat up as money and other stuff is collected.

  19. I got a glitch in my neighbours place where there were half filled barbarian castles ( and all other castles ) all over the place. Some were even on top of other buildings! Think it had something to do with the field of brown houses they had right next to their 3 castles. Never happened to me when I did it though. Maybe you can only see it in your neighbours place. 🙂 🙁 😉 ;(

    • Sounds like a unique texture glitch where items are replaced by others. This happens in heavily decorated towns. My fountains and fences used to routinely become other things including characters. Does that neighbor have a ton of decorations?

  20. Not sure if this is a glitch… My houses will be under attack and I let them go to help my neighbors out…then return a few hours later and the shields are gone…but no rubble left in place, nothing to rebuild. Sorry if this was addressed already.

  21. Is it right that even when you are awarded castle walls and recycled castle walls and successfully place them they are still locked? Do I need to do the final upgrades on each castle to unlock them? I’m not happy with 1/8 of a wall. Apologies if you have answered this question a zillion times! Thanks again, your guides are amazing.

    • Not a problem at all. Still working on some ins n outs of each item. For the start, you can only use the ones you unlock at the levels. I want more walls for all mine in my A game too. LOL.

  22. help! i just deleted about 10 friends who haven’t played in weeks, but now when i go back in to add new friends (that i found on one of your threads) ALL of my friends are gone It’s completely blank. Not even ‘other springfield’ is there, or the ‘add friend’ spot. what can i do?

  23. I have used multiple 20 cheaters in my city but it does not recognize them. Still have ” use a cheaters 20 to defend your town” in the task

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