Addicts 1 Year Blogiversary Q & A Part 2

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A few weeks ago we celebrated our 1 year Blogiversary!!  And as part of the celebration we gave you guys the opportunity to ask us anything you’d like with the promise that we’d answer your questions (or as many as we could).  And boy did you guys come through big time for us!

Because it’s our 1 year Blogiversary….we wanted to do something extra special to answer the questions for you which lead to the creation of this fun little video!  Here you’ll get a peek inside our world…and get to see some of craziness that goes on whenever Bunny, Wookiee and I get together!  It was so much crazy that we had to break it into too parts!  (Part 1 can be viewed here) So here’s the long awaited part 2…. #warningitsevenlonger


Well what do YOU think?  Now that you’ve seen over an hr of us…still want to stick around?  Any other questions you wished we’d answered?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

22 responses to “Addicts 1 Year Blogiversary Q & A Part 2

  1. Alissa thanks for the link on XP Farming ! I just bought/sold over 100 Bloodmobiles ! However, they cost me 10x what was posted (mebbe price went up since Level 41 ?) I have another question — i have Bonus % Items all over the place, is there an easy way to SEE what my Total Bonus % is at ?

  2. Good stuff. Thanks guys.

  3. Don’t really have anything to say but wanted to be a part of this. lol so hi everyone.

  4. These video’s were awesome!! I really enjoyed kicking back and listening to the three of you sharing your crazyness. After all this time, it’s really odd hearing you speak, cool though.

    As always, you guys rule! Here’s to the next year!

  5. Watched both parts last night – I can’t think of a better way to spend 1.5 hours (although what that says about me, I’m not sure!). Just wanted to say thanks for doing this, it was really interesting to see the enthusiasm that comes across on the site in the video. It looks like you are all having fun with the site, long may it continue! Cheers!

  6. Thanks for answering my questions, I was impressed with your answers about putting the money from the blog, back into the blog. That’s really cool of you guys. As for the spirit animals thing, I only recently found mine out after seeing Megan Fox talk about it on Conan. Bunny’s is an Orca, a.k.a Killer Whale, Alyssa’s is a Coyote, and Wookie’s is an Ostrich, just like myself. This is all according to some website called Primal Astrology, I think it’s called.

    • No worries… hopefully you could see how much fun we all have goofing off together. As for spirit animals, I guess I’ll go mope in the corner and bury my head in the sand. I’m claiming I was born under different stars so mine is really a Rancor. Figures Bunny would get the sea panda and Alissa the munchers of kittens. Thanks for sharing.

      • Ha, no problem, I find it kinda interesting. I don’t blame you for wanting a different spirit animal, I too would rather have something cooler like maybe a wolf or something.

  7. Alissa the Amazing
    Bunny the Beautiful
    Wookiee the Wonderful

  8. Umm I’ve always wanted to ask this question who’s mark b I didn’t follow you during that time but it shows him as an addict.

    • Mark is one of the Original Creators of the Addicts site. Him and Alissa started it. His job took him too far away and he was no longer able to help and support the blog as he would have liked. Now it is Alissa, Myself, and Wookiee. He still has some posts many utilize for help, so we have not removed his information.

  9. Addicts meet up 2015! Alissa, you should set up a poll to get an idea of how many people would seriously attend and where they’d prefer to go.
    Bunny you’re very elusive about your jobs. I’m beginning to think you ARE a spy hahaha!

  10. Lol irk abd someone is going to die on the Simpson its start with K its so sad 😩

  11. Ya’ll are too funny and adorable!! Congrats–best wishes for continued success and many thanks again!

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