Sunday Night Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

How are my favorite Addicted Tappers this evening?  How was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?  I’m making the most out of the last few weeks of summer by spending the next few days down at the Jersey Shore, soaking in as much of the sand, sun & surf as I can!

Anyway enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  No it’s not time for that wonderful Duff! (although that’d be nice 😉 )  Nope it’s time for another Sunday Night Open Thread!  (this is very quickly becoming our favorite time of the week by the way!  You guys have some AWESOME things to say!)

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Sunday Night Open Thread.  Every.Simpsons. EVER. is airing on FXX, are YOU watching?  Enjoying the old episodes?  Catching all of the items that are in TSTO?  The Clash of Clones update dropped on us this week, are you enjoying the update so far?  Still a little confused on it all?  Sunday Night Baseball features the Angles vs. Athletics…will you be checking it out?  NFL Preseason Football features the Bengals vs the Cardinals…are you ready for some football?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Clash of Clones, MLB, NFL or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


102 responses to “Sunday Night Open Thread

  1. This event has me completely baffled. I thought Easter was heck to keep up with. Ugh.They are taking the worst ideas from another game, not cool. 2 hours is just not enough time for me to able to check the castle regularly. Especially when people are rewarded for attacking it. I feel like a jerk defending it all the time, but I need my own nerds to be able to do anything. Wish it could store up nerds if you can’t tap it frequently.

    Been watching Every Simpsons Ever every chance I get. Very cool. Wish they would keep it up. Just run them forever.

    Go Patriots and Ravens! One more AFC championship match up please.

    SPOILER ALERT True Blood finale

    Highly disliked the True Blood final. Bill’s logic makes no freaking sense at all. He died so Sookie could live a “normal” life, but had no issue with Hoyt wasting his “life” with Jessica.
    On a show where just about every couple has broken up in a week, all of the couples are together 4 years later?
    Bill ended up helping Sookie stake him, why didn’t he just do that himself? Why put her through that if he loved her so much?
    Sookie came off rather heartless this season. Alcide died saving her life, she is so torn up she sleeps in his jacket. Less than 2 days later she is sleeping with Bill again? Considering everything going on Alcide probably has not even been buried yet. Wow. Loved the show early on, but it took some nasty turns some where along the way.

    • There are both things I like and are meh about this event. The marathon is just about the perfect thing. Too bad school starts today and will make me miss hrs of it. Stupid education, who needs a degree when I’m so SMRT. As for True Blood, the spoilers have my head spinning. I haven’t seen the last 2 seasons so I can’t really speak to it.

      • I would not go out of your way to see it. It booked a first class ticket on the crazy train years ago. This season felt like they had ideas for 4 episodes and stretched it to 12. Shame since up until book 10 or so the novels were great.

        • I’ve read most of the books and enjoyed the heck out of them. Stopped TB when I lost HBO. I did catch up with Season 5 courtesy of some dogsitting but still behind. I’m sure I’ll see them some time but appreciate the heads up. Such a shame.

  2. Hi
    I have a quick question: Do the houses have to remain uptapped in order for my neighbours to be able to tapped on them, or can I tapped then and earn cash?

    • The Attacks and normal 3 neighbor taps are split. So your neighbors can do both. Up to you if you wish to still clear them. 😉

      • Many apologies, I did not make myself clear: Can the house that are under attack be cleared and still allow my neigbours to attack them (Like in the Stonecutters event?) I leave most of the other buidling untapped for the normal 3 daily taps. Thanks

        • Lol. I knew what you meant. Answer is still the same. Yes. The two are separate. So they can still do both and one will not impact the other. So it won’t matter whether you have the $ on there or not, the attacks will still happen.

      • Many thanks! 😉

  3. Went to see Wings and Wheels on Sunday which is an air and car show in the UK. Had a great time. Fantastic displays from the Red Arrows, Battle of Britain memorial flight (2 Lancasters, Spitfire and Hurricane), WW1 acrobatic team and many other greats. My son bough a nano drone at the stalls. He got it home and had great fun with it. His younger sister then wanted a go. Well, it shot up into the air and drifted way over other houses never to be seen again. Not a happy boy!

  4. O ya omost forgot theirs a special starwars robot chiken on tonight wookie!!

  5. Ok ill twiddle my thumbs an hum a happy tune 🙂

  6. I noteice lots of lower level Springfields when attacking randomly. Is this event really pulling so many new gamers into TSTO?

  7. Thanks woolies it would be really cool to see what you guys come up with. An just do the best you can after all I’m sure no other forum could do it as good you all an I bet no one else would even dare attempt it. Just think every Mr Burns as villian instance since the game started ( or the best you guys can all recollect). That will be epic. Thanks again happy tapping

  8. The Simpsons Marathon has been great, but i wish there would be breaks so we can sleep and do other stuff. I have had miss some episodes for sleep and to watch other things i wanted to watch. But I have been going to bed a lot later than i normally do. Also, it is kinda cool to see the episodes that are related to the goings on in Tapped out.
    As for the new raiding going on, I like that a lot too. It has made for a lot more things to do in game and has made it a lot more interesting. Also I want to thank you all at TSTO Addicts for all the helpful info! Keep up the great work guys!!

    • Yeah… it’s definitely effecting my sleep. Stayed up late last night for myriad reasons and found myself delaying by 30 minutes because the George HW Bush episode came on. Lots of fun though.

  9. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the Simpsons marathon. My 7 year old son is starting to get into the show some (although we do have to censor some shows, since he’s 7), and my 2 year old son loves to dance to the theme song. So I got to thinking about something. I blew off the dust that had gathered on the PlayStation 2, and dug out the game The Simpsons: Hit and Run, and introduced my older son to it. I think it’s been a hit!! WOO HOO!!

  10. Ok guys a serious question for you all or rather a request with a BIG PLEASE in it. Would you, will you guys please do a post that’s up to date meaning from this event an from before showing all an listing all the different ways Mr Burns has been the villian,culprit in level quest an events? Pleassssseeeeeeee

    • I’ll write down the request but I can’t promise when or if I’ll be able to get to it. Biggest hang-up I can think of is not having all the dialogue from level 1 to present saved.

  11. Random….102 degrees outside. 3 days in a row.

  12. Or atleast a double cross on Mr Burns where we think it’s him but then come yo find out someone else one up d him. Anyone else it could be a funzo for all I care just so long as its not him.

  13. Anyone out there having insanely severe crashing issues? I’ve crashed every time I’ve tried to leave my Springfield, including krustyland. It even crashes when I go for a regular scratch-r. I’ve done every trouble shoot know to man and have opened a ticket with EA. Nothing fixed so far. I just want to know how alone am I in this. I don’t see anyone really complaining about this in the last few days, which is when it started for me.

    • Definitely not alone. Although I’m seeing a mix of insane amounts of crashing to almsot none at all. Apparently not related to the device uses nor to what I’m doing in the game.

  14. Is it really to much to ask the writers of this game to stop opting out an give us a new villian for event an level up quest besides Mr Burns? Its.getting pretty old an it just makes them look lazy feeling

  15. Ha! Wookie is working Haunt (aka Knott’s Scary Farm)
    I’ve been working there going on ten years this season! Small world.

  16. Hello pillagers and looters! I’m still getting donuts from friend actions, woo hoo! My only complaint about this event is that I can’t play on my iPad. Log in, crash almost instantly. So I’m stuck playing on my teensy tiny phone screen. Oh well, at least I’m getting to play. Im obsessing over the marathon and it’s only day four! I was wondering if anyone else had this thought: When Homer is talking about upgrading the stuff you already have to make it better I kinda got the feeling that it was a little foreshadowing of what they plan on doing with the game to keep more players interested. Anyone else pick up on that?

  17. I love love this event it’s taking up a lot of my time as I erm have three towns slightly addicted I know it was getting confusing where I had got to on my friends and nerds as I have max friends on two of my towns but sorted that now the fact that I’m tapping at 3am I’m an addict right 😉

    I think you guys deserve a huge shout-out as well you work tirelessly to bring us all the info even more so during events and I find I get much more sense out of you rather than EA!!!!

    It’s a public holiday here tomorrow so even more time for tapping!!!!!

  18. Anybody see the trailer for the season premier Family Guy/Simpsons crossover?

    Stewie having a conversation with Bart…

    • So funny. Other than the FG Star Wars episodes, this is the first I’ve been super excited for. We’ve all been waiting for this meeting.

      • Seriously.

        I thought the Lego episode would be good, but it just felt like a long commercial. I hope they wont be afraid to make fun of themselves for the “shark jumping” in the “mash up”.

  19. I’m super happy with this event, and I think the reason some people aren’t having a great time is they don’t understand strategy games – tsto attracts the casual gamer, so the concepts are foreign.

    Why is there a bonus for attacking non-friends? Because in war games friends are allies -and you don’t attack allies. The more random invaders you attack, the more revenge attempts you get. But mainly, this event let’s active players hunt out weaker (less active) players without worrying about damaging friend relationships. The point is to get players that don’t friend others to interact socially to participate in the larger game space socially. If you only attack random the result is more people realizing there is a social aspect to the game.

    • Sound thoughts.

      • What I love about this game is the devs taking chances like this. The game will die if they don’t find new ways to get people talking about it. If you look at any game decision, it’s about how to increase market share.

    • Agree. I get it totally. But if I wanted to play Clash of Clans, then I would. Ah well. Only 42 more days to go.

      • The designers obviously wanted to both try their hand at it and also lampoon the other game. Hopefully a level update or more pops up in the middle of this for tappers not so keen on the strategy stuff.

    • Interesting! I didnt even realize there was a bonus for attacking random instead of attacking friends. I’ve been mainly attacking neighbors because then I can do the 3 actions and attack. What is the advantage of attacking random?

      • Higher payouts but I stick to neighbors because I know they’ll return the favor. Ultimately, I think the payouts average higher from friends as long as they reciprocate.

  20. Go Angels! Early in the game but awesome to see them ahead, It would be great to see them take this game!!

  21. I wasn’t so interested in the Medieval Banners you buy for 950 elixir until I realized they work well with the Stonecutters building and banquet table.

    Visiting the Springfields of random strangers is great, and I wonder if they were experimenting with this earlier this year when I (and many others) got a lot of notifications of visits from people that had never been neighbors.

  22. EA makes the rules and break them.

    So EA has decided I should stop visiting my Krustyland or force my friends to loose their attacks on me if I go develop my Krustyland. I’ll leave my Sprindfield to develop my Krustland with several shields out and when I return all the shields are gone.

    This is happening on iOS and Android devices. I give up. I can’t play a game where the rules of play are this poorly implemented. This problem has been mentioned in several posts since the latest event started and EA has refused to address it.

    In the meantime, I’m going to put everyone on continual 24 hour tasks and stop playing this event. It’s not worth my time or donuts to play when the rules don’t apply.

    • Unfortunately, every event comes with glitches. You can solve this by making sure you tap shields before doing anything else. Leaving buildings to be destroyed really doesn’t help your neighbors any more than just attacking them 5 times. The rewards are from neighbors attacking you frequently. I completely understand your frustration and if the game isn’t fun, it might be time to take a break. I do know from talking to an EA rep that they’re working on all the glitches. Hopefully when you come back, the game is fun again for you.

  23. Any idea what the benefits of upgrading the castles and skins are?

    • Upgrading the castle increases nerd production/capacity. We’ll have a post dropping this week on them. The skin upgrades increase elixir payouts. There also free considering you just have to be a certain gold collected marks so why not?

  24. Hello everyone. Hope y’all are have fun with this new update. IM LOVING IT!! even though it takes up a lot of time lately. I still love it.
    Just really popping in here to let my neighbors know that if I don’t get to them in a day or two please don’t drop me. My daughter had a baby and I’m loving every minute of being with her.
    I’ll try to make it in my Springfield everyday if I can.
    Also did I say I LOVE THIS UPDATE.

    • Congrats on the grandbaby! Babies and kiddos always come first.

    • Congrats on new grand baby…my daughter-in-law started her contractions last night but they stopped 3 am this morning…so here’s hoping she goes to full time and I get a birthday baby in 2 weeks time!! Lol.
      Loving this barbarian game….wrecking havoc is my favourite thing to do!! Lol
      I wonder if EA remembers that the Simpsons visited Australia once upon a time? Bart brought in an illegal bullfrog from wot I remember….how cool if EA does something for Australia Day…January 26th, and gives us Aussies a koala or kangaroo, or drop bear or slouch hat or cool stuff but not bullfrogs!! Lol
      Cheers, Julie…nonnajay

    • Congrats! Enjoy your family time, life’s important too.

  25. I feel like this event wasn’t supposed to drop this week and was supposed to land the week before and that pushed back Level 44 to this week possibily?

    • I think it may have been planned earlier also. The Gil Deals felt like placeholders. I suspect we will certainly get a Level update during this event. That basically happens during most events. Also hoping EA has more medieval shenanigans planned.

  26. For me, the Barbarian thing doesn’t thrill. Maybe EA waited too long before an upgrade,or what’s actually going on in real life? Don’t know my problem. I just lost interest in the game for now. Maybe later – hopefully. 🙂

  27. Hello everyone! =)

    Just a thought that crossed my mind (and I would like to know if I am the only one that would like something like this)…but now that there is a “visit a random unknown player” as part of this Clash of Clones event…wouldn’t it be cool to get a “visit randomly one of your neighbours” option for the game?

    Some days I don’t have time to visit everyone…so the ones at the beginning of the list or at the end of it get visited more often than the ones in the middle of it as they are easier to access…

    Spreading out the joy a bit more randomly between my neighbours would be nice I think…

    • It would be neat to still be able to see random towns. Maybe EA has something like this planned for the future.

    • Don’t know about you, snow kiwi, but I love eyeballing the random towns to see all the fascinating things people are doing in designs! It’s as much fun as sending in the nerds! There are many, many creative people out there in Simpsonville.

      • Yeah…I really like seeing random towns…although I am not the most creative player out there for sure, it is very inspiring for my own to see different ones than my usual neighbours…

        I have been playing for a year now and my town basically expanded organically over time without too much thought on the overall design…but a nuclear bomb will be coming soon…I already started with Krustyland for now…;o)

        As Wookie said…hopefully they have some kind of plan to keep that in after the event ends…it would be very cool…add some kind of way for random neighbours visits which would also be very useful…and you get an awesome neighbours feature in the game! =)

        P.S. Julie, I would be keen to see your Simpsonsville…you can add me as a neighbour if you like (I need to replace a few inactive ones anyway so that would serve a double purpose as well)…snowkiwi78 is my Origins user name…;o)

    • Hi Snowkiwi. I just sent you an invite too (a Aussie tapper from across the way). Hope you don’t mind

  28. Hey quick questions for you guys. I put Barbarian in inventory by mistake. When I put him back, his Barbarian-Homer skin was gone. Any idea how to fix it before I contact EA?

  29. Just got done watching the 1,000 hour long Q & A video part 2. Alissa, I was the one hiding in the bushes stalking you. You said to let you know. 😛

    Rams QB Sam Bradford is out for the season. My NFL season was JUST about to start… I waited all year long but now all of a sudden it’s pretty much over! Curse this cruel world!!!

    The new Clash of Clones event is pretty cool. Something a little different which is a nice change, I just hope it doesn’t get old quick. There’s not even that much stuff you can buy. I would really like for them to add more stuff as the event goes along but I don’t think they have ever done that during an event.

    • I’m really hoping they take a page from another game and have updates planned during this event. Hopefully the video was worth the hour of your time. For each one, comfort yourself knowing we spent three times as long lol. SOrry to hear about your QB. I’m just hoping for a good Chargers season.

      • I really hope they do updates too Wookiee. Not enough items to spend elixir on right now, so no desire later on to build up more. How much fun is it really going to be doing the same thing raiding houses 40 days from now, long after unlocking all the prizes and nothing to spend elixir on? Adding content with updates during the event will make it much better overall and keep things interesting.

        Chargers should be pretty good like last year. And just like last year, it’s that Peyton Manning guy you got to be worried about. I really like what rookie WR Keenan Allen did for the Chargers.

        • Being a Bolts fan is always a roller coaster. I’ll stick with them though. I actually used to be an LA Rams fan and switched to the Chargers in 1994 when they moved. I was young and am still a loyal Cali guy.

  30. I think I found a great glitch. When I logged into my Springfield on my iPad, I received the message that I had earned 15,000 gold and was awarded the balloon prize so I immediately placed it in the courtyard of my barbarian castle. A few minutes later, I switched over to my iPhone and received the same message again that I had earned the balloon. When I went to my inventory, low and behold, I had a second balloon that I was able to place in my Springfield!!

    • Congrats. Not sure if every one can benefit from this. Always nice to hear good glitches among the rest.

    • I sometimes go from one device to another (iPhone and iPad) and because of that I suspect I have multiples of some skins which were offered as rewards (non-purchased skins) due to this same glitch. I don’t know what to do with the extras. They remain in my inventory taking up space. Skins can only be used one at a time, so having multiples of the same skin really doesn’t do me any good.

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