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So you got yourself tossed back into some Medieval Times Clash of Clones war. You need somewhere to stay, right? So why not build a Castle…or Three. Lol.

In this post I will be going over the basics of building the Castles and what it means to “Level Up” each one.


First off, as you can see there are 3 Castles total. The Main one is the Barbarian Castle that you will be prompted to build at the first of the Event. Prince and the Premise Part 2.


The Next Castle you will be able to build will be the Recycled Castle you would have earned at 400 Gold Coins and would have been tucked into your inventory locked until you reach the unlock point. It will kick off after Prince and the Premise Part 9. Lisa will then launch into Eco Castle Part 1.



The Last Castle you will be able to build is Boxingham Castle. This one you would have earned at Gold and would have been tucked into your inventory locked until you reach the unlock point. It will kick off after Eco Castle Part 1 when Lisa completes building her Recycled Castle. It will then launch into Boxed In Part 1.



As you progress in the game, you get the chance to Level Up these 3 Castles. So how does it work? What benefit do you get from leveling up? Well, let’s break it down. (This list is the same for each Castle, the only difference is the Walls, Towers, and Gate will go with the one you Level Up.)

Castle Level  Upgrade Elixr Cost  Bonus
1  * Start with 5 Troop Generation
2 200 Troop Generation +5 Increase Nerd Production
3 350 Max Troops +5Increase Max Nerds
4 600 Castle Walls +4
5 800 Defense +1 HrDefend Level Up Shield
6 1000 Castle Tower +2
7 1300 Troop Generation +5 Increase Nerd Production
8 1600 Castle Walls +4
9 2000 Max Troops +5 Increase Max Nerds
10 2400 Castle Gate +1
11 2900 Defense +1 HrDefend Level Up Shield
12 3400 Troop Generation +5 Increase Nerd Production
13 4000 Max Troops +5Increase Max Nerds
14 4600 Defense +1 HrDefend Level Up Shield
15 5300 Troop Generation +5 Increase Nerd Production
16 6000 Max Troops +5 Increase Max Nerds
17 6800 Defense +1 HrDefend Level Up Shield
18 7600 Troop Generation +5 Increase Nerd Production
19 8500 Max Troops +10 Increase Max Nerds
20 9400 Defense +1 HrDefend Level Up Shield
Additional Level Level 21 – 10,500Price increases by 1,000 each additional level Castle Wall +1

So as you can see, Leveling Up is quite beneficial to you as it will allow your Castles to create MORE Nerds to send into battle for you. It will increase the MAX amount of Nerds you can have at once. It will add 1 Hour each time to your Defense on all your Castles and buildings, making it harder for a Neighbor or Random Invader to destroy it. Not to mention it will help you to build each Castle to make it look a lot cooler. This is also why the walls stay locked in your Menu. You have to wait until you unlock them at the Levels.

You will need 68,750 Elixr for each Castle to reach Level 20. Now, do not fret on that amount. You earn a LOT of Elixr just by completing each task in the questlines, of which there are a ton. You also have the option to Level Up Characters to earn more too. (More details on that in the Character Level Up post.) There will be MANY ways to reach these goals. Of course if you prefer, you can always invest in the Elixr Sales every Wednesday during the Event.

So let’s add up the totals you can get if you MAX to Level 20:

barbariancastlewall_menubarbariancastletower_menu barbariancastlegate_menu


For the Barbarian Castle you will earn a total of 8 Walls, 2 Towers, and 1 Gate

recycledcastlewall_menurecycledcastletower_menu  recycledcastlegate_menu


For the Recycled Castle you will earn a total of 8 Walls, 2 Towers, and 1 Gate

boxinghampalacewall_menuboxinghampalacetower_menu boxinghampalacegate_menu

For the Boxingham Castle you will earn a total of 8 Walls, 2 Towers, and 1 Gate



Defend Level Up Shield


For your town you can earn +5 Hours total per Castle. Giving you +15 Hours all together for Level 20 on all 3 Castles.

Increase Max Nerds


For your town you can earn +30 MAX Troops per Castle. Giving you +90 MAX Troops for Level 20 on all 3 Castles. Add to that the 40 you start with and that is 130 MAX Nerds total.

Increase Nerd Production


For your town you can earn +25  Troops Production every 2 hours per Castle. Giving you +75 Troops Production for Level 20 on all 3 Castles on top of the 5 that are already producing at Level 1. That is 90 Nerds Produced every 2 hrs.


There you have it. 3 Castles you can earn pretty easily and quick that will help you overall in the games events. The more you Level them up, the more they will help you out. Did this post help you out? What Levels are YOU on? What Castles do YOU have? Any suggestions to others on how you are Leveling Up? Feel free to add your thoughts below.


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  1. Just wondered if any other tappers have managed to get 4 towers for Boxingham & Castle Recyle without spending donuts. I definately have 4 of each and haven’t spent donuts. Have I benefitted from a glitch as people are still saying they only have 3 towers through gameplay.

  2. I have all three castles and also have gotten all of the prizes. Now I have 40,000 elixir left over. What am I supposed to do with all of this elixir? Buy more castle walls? Because now at this point there is no reason for me to keep inviting other peoples towns.I could upgrade the castles but the only reason for that is to earn more gold and elixir which I don’t need anymore of.

  3. Does anyone know how someone can get 4 castles instead of three? I attacked a town today and they had an extra Eco. Castle how can that be? It even showed you could earn 150 points like normal for castles.

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