Clash of Clones Glitch Report Take 3: Today’s Update, Elixir, Marge, Depleted Payouts and More…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Another day another set of glitches, this update seems to be full of some odd ones!  So let’s get straight to the latest report…

Addict Tech Support

So I spent a good chunk of my afternoon on the phone with EA tech support to address (and hopefully resolve) a lot of issues we’re seeing popup over an over in the comments.  I had a wonderful EA Rep named Luke (Hi Luke!), who plays TSTO and was all too willing to listen and try to help resolve as many of the glitches we see as possible.  (some Clash of Clones related, some not)  Here’s the result…

First…..we got a nice little in-game update today.  This appears to just be glitch fixes (should fix cheaters and possibly shields glitch).  more details below…

Elixir Truck Prize

So many of you are reporting either not getting Elixir OR only getting 1,000 Elixir when you reach and unlock that prize level (at 9,500 Gold).  Here’s the deal…you’re only supposed to get 1,000 Elixir.  And today’s update fixed the confusion.

Initially it showed the image of the Truck (which represents 4,000 Elixir), but it SAYS Elixir Bundle (which represents 1,000 Elixir), today’s update fixed the image so now the wording and the image both match 1,000 Elixir.  So now it looks like this:

2014-08-27 19.04.43

If you’re sill experiencing an issue where you’re not getting ANY Elixir…contact EA as they’ll have to go in and award it for you.

Missing Marge Skin

Some of you are reporting that you’ll win Marge AND get to The Power of Upgrades quest and Wizard Marge will disappear (Marge will still be there but her skin won’t).  As of right now, it’s been reported BUT there’s no fix for it just yet.  They’re advising everyone that’s experiencing this glitch to report it on the EA Answers forum.  The link for this thread can be found here:

Reduced Payouts

Some of you are reporting depleted defending payouts (they’ve been cut in half or more in some cases).  This is another one where, as of right now, it’s been reported BUT there’s no fix for it just yet.  Again, EA is advising everyone that’s experiencing this glitch to report it on the EA Answers forum.  The link for this thread can be found here:

However, I think this is intentional.  I think they realized people were earning gold WAY to fast and this is their attempt to slow the earning rate down.  But that’s just my theory, we’ll have to wait to see if a patch comes out for it our not.

Shields/Roll With It Glitches

If you’re missing shields and/or experiencing the Roll with the glitch with the cheaters (the task won’t clear when you defend your town)….EA’s working on the patch for this, and it looks like that’s what hit with today’s update.  The initial patch looks like it fixed it for about half of you…today’s update should attempt to restore it for everyone else.  Hopefully this will also resolve the shield glitch many of you are experiencing as well.

The Shield Glitch is STILL here for most players. So for now, keep clearing them. 


Finally..reports of not getting items EA Customer Support Promised You:

Anytime EA support promises you they’ll restore Elixir and/or offer you donuts it’s noted in your case file.  In the case of donuts it has to be approved by a supervisor before they can give them to you, and that’s all noted on your case file.  So if you get into a situation where EA says they’ll provide you with compensation and they don’t, immediately call back/chat back and say you were promised and you just want to know what happened.

Also, to avoid ANY issues…if they say they’ll award them to you, ask (nicely) if they can do it right then and there.  In most cases they should be able to.  If they say they can’t award them right then and there, verify with them that they’ve made the the notation in your case file.  Ask them for a copy of your case number AND their name.  This way if you have a problem you can refer back to both.

So that’s it for this glitch report/update post.  Have YOU noticed any other glitches regarding Clash of Clones?  Or do most of the issues seems squared away by now?  Have you gotten your problem resolved?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

132 responses to “Clash of Clones Glitch Report Take 3: Today’s Update, Elixir, Marge, Depleted Payouts and More…

  1. Hey Bunny my husband plays this game and is having trouble getting past the tasks. When the task is finished it just says done but does not go onto the next part of the task when he clicks on it. That is happening for all his tasks new and old so he is basically stuck and can’t play any missions now. Any suggestions on what he can do to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  2. I FIXED MINE!! I had marge in the 12 hour church job, I put mo’s tavern into storage, it asked something like ‘are you sure? marge and moe will go into storage too” i clicked yes …. then went back to the game, opened storage and reput moe’s tavern where i had it and out popped marge and mo! you also have to have “barbarian homer” free to give her the cloak and fireball ability.

    Let me know if it helps!!


  3. Any update on the amount of COC decorations that can be stored??

  4. Not sure if this is the right spot for it, but it is a kinda sorta glitch. I found a wile ago on my iPod that if you hold off on updating, you can continue to collect event currency and prizes for a few days at most. I did it when I didn’t want to update after either Halloween or Whacking Day. Don’t know if it would work to get more elixir, or if anyone would even want to prolong CoC, but it could be something to try after Halloween. Personally though, I’m torn. I want to buy more with elixir, but I already gave up on the quests. Any thoughts on this?

    • Only to a certain point. Usually after a day or so you’re forced to update. It happens with every event, there’s usually a few holding off on updating, but after a day or so you’re forced to update..

  5. Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

    I have been trying to stock up on the clash of clones decorations before they are gone. The problem is that they keep disappearing from my inventory. I opened a ticket with EA and they reimbursed me the elixer but it just keeps happening over and over again. My elixer amount goes down when I purchase the decorations but then they disappear. Is anyone else having this problem??

    Thanks for the help

    • I had heard others state there are limits on them. Like you can only get 20 or so and they stop adding. I am checking this with EA as well, but please also ask them the same when you contact them next.

  6. I have what I believe to be a glitch. I’m currently in the pointless yet compulsive quest line part 3, and I have Lisa at level 13, yet the quest progression only shows 10/13, is that normal or a bug?

  7. Just wondering if the disappearing shield glitches are gone. I’ve got nearly all the prizes now, so wouldn’t mind to let my buildings get destroyed.

    • I’m still seeing reports of it from a few readers, however others are reporting it’s gone for them. So basically…it’s still up in the air. You can give it a try and see if it’s still happening to you..

  8. I’ve had what seems to be a major glitch wherein I had sent nearly all of my characters on the same job, part of Database’s questline, which took them to a Brown House. It seems that overnight, the building got sacked by an invader, but the jobs should also have finished. Now the smoking wreck is just sitting there with neither a check icon for repair or thumbs up icons for the jobs. I can’t store the building, but it does give me the option to sell it, although I’d rather not chance it just yet. I’ve tried just waiting a while, and also going to invade other towns and visiting friends, but the wreck just sits there, unable to be tapped.

    • Ah, never mind. It turns out the line of thumb icons was so huge that it made the check icon for repair appear way off the map (brown house was almost near the top of the map), and all the thumbs themselves disappeared.

  9. I reached the level where you get wizard Margie but when I look at my inventory it isn’t unlocked and it always tells me to upgrade her but I don’t have her unlocked

  10. Thanks 🙂

  11. Do you need Marge to have Wizard Marge???

  12. Does everyone get a new strip of land with CoC? I never did and I can’t find a glitch report on it.

    On the plus(?) side, I finished all the quest lines over a week ago, my castles are a total of 5 upgrades shy of 21 on all 3, and my characters are upgraded to a combined level 120! I have also gotten the 1,000 elixir award 3x. This is with more than a month left, so I hope something new shows up, otherwise it will be just a month of pointless churning.

    Woo Hoo?

  13. I get frequent glitches as well (usually around 3 each 10-15 minute period I play).

    In addition, when initially upgrading my barbarian castle I was not given the 4 walls I was supposed to get. Game said they were in my inventory, then crashed, and now over a week later they still haven’t shown up.

    Also, my barbarian castle and recycle castle are level 9, but my quests/tasks is stuck recognizing them at level 8, and they’re both stuck on producing 15 nerds instead of 20 like they should be.

    I’ve contacted EA and even though I included my device type, OS version, game version, and all that other applicable info they just send me back a form asking for that and a bunch of ridiculous questions about my device like how many apps I have and how space is allocated. I have ample amount of space on my device, and not a ridiculous amount of apps, that should be all that matters. I’m waiting for them to ask for my high school report card and social security number next.

    I work with a lot of people who used to work for EA, including my senior manager who managed the customer support for EA for a long time. No wonder people are leaving in droves with how horrible their customer support is.

    • Try another method to reach them if the one you are using does not work. Ask for a supervisor or manager. Get a call to trigger. Etc. See if that helps.

  14. I had about 8000 elixir saved up. I clicked on the castle gate. After clicking it I decided I would wait till 10 days before the event finishes to purchase any walls or gates. I clicked the red X and it said that the item had been placed in my inventory. I thought I struck and awesome glitch. Then I ran out of elixir. Just a heads up.

  15. My Bart and Marge skins are not working. My third castle is not accessible. Help please ?

    • You have to complete Castle Recycle Pt 1 for Boxingham palace and bart to start. For Marge you have to reach Prince and the premise pt 17 for that to start (the Power of Upgrades is her questline)

  16. hi i just found a bug/glitch/hack i dont know what is but when i was looking for people to raid their towns i notice a town with 5 barbarian castle i have the screenshot but i dont know where to send it.

  17. Wookiee, or anyone else but I’ve been venting to him mostly it seems, I’ve encountered something very strange. I’ve been having SERIOUS crashing issues since the most recent patch, about 10 days ago. Done every normal troubleshoot, more uninstall reinstalls than I can count. I opened a ticket with EA. The only thing they could advise was to log in from a second device, clear my town, head to a neighbor, do my neighbor actions, return to the friend screen and log out. I don’t have (or so I thought…) a 2nd device so I was able to get a good friend to do it remotely. It worked like a charm – for about 3 days. Neither of the 2 people I’d trust to remotely log into my town were available last night. Now, my phone is horrible, old, and cheap but I checked the play store and to my surprise TSTO is actually compatible with said POS. When I started downloading it I was very confused and nervous that it was only a 160.2 mb file. On my tablet it’s 342+ mb. 2 hours later when it’s finally done downloading it actually opens, albeit laggy as all heck. I performed all the steps the EA person instructed me to do, and that my friend did with sucess, but when I went back to my tablet it had fixed nothing. I even did yet another uninstall reinstall to be sure. Nope. Still crashes if I try to leave town at all. So what’s the deal here? Are there 2 different versions of TSTO out there? Based on file size alone it would seem so but I do not understand why that troubleshoot wouldn’t work for me when I did exactly what I was supposed to do. My tab and my phone are both android. My friend used a Kindle but according to EA it’s irrelevant which platform the second device is. So aggravating! Grrr

    Yes I reported this on my still open ticket to EA and am waiting for a reply but do you wise folks out there in addict land have any advice or knowledge on any of this?

    Additionally, I’ve noticed a pattern. It seems the extreme instability I’m experiencing, and that I’ve heard about happening to others, seems to be mostly on Samsung devices. Idk what if anything that means. Just an observation.

    • The step EA told you to do is their last ditch effort before they realize they have to do more to fix your town. WHen I had my game unplayable, they suggested the same thing. You did the right thing by letting them now it didn’t work. Hopefully now they will get off their duffs and fix your town. When all is well in your game, remember to ask about anything you missed while you were down. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Having been locked out of my game on two different occassions for 3 week periods, I certainly sympathize. My best success was just being polite and the squeakiest wheel possible.

      • What do you make of the two different size files?

        I try to always be polite even when they send form letter type emails that pretty much prove they never even read what I wrote in the first place. Lol it’s all good though. I appreciate that they actually reply.

        • Not too sure. I never paid attention to the file sizes between by tablet and phone. As a tech simpleton, I’d have thought they’d be the same. Sometimes I can tell they read what I wrote and others not so much. Definitely felt they auto-replied the last time I sent something but I got free donuts so it’s all good.

  18. I’ve completed prince and premise part 18 but quest book still shows Lisa at level 6 so won’t gimme my reward or move to next quest. Any thoughts?

  19. I’ve been experiencing a texture problem when I load up my game certain buildings, mostly brown houses, when you look at the house it looks like a carnival mirror of buildings close to it.
    Here’s a link to the pic
    Thank you

    • This is what we call a texture glitch. They’re harmless but often happen when towns start to accumulate lots of decorations, usually after the 4500 decoration warning. These have been in the game for forever and sometimes can be really funny when items become characters or seem to be exploded.

  20. How much is the reduced payout (glitch or not) of castles and buildings that you attack but are defended?

    • I’ve seen a bunch of different amounts. A lot with a 50% reduction, some saying only 2 elixir and 1 gold when entering their town. EA is supposed to be working on a fix but I’m not sure how high a priority it has.

  21. Idk if u would call this a glitch or something else as of yesterday its been happening and has not stoped but every time I tap on my kwikimarts a strange message pops up and it read(doh a connection problem occurred the action has failed) or somethin like that all I wanted was to buy a golden scratcher and now its not letting me keeps repeating the same msg what could b wrong

    • That’s a strange glitch. You could try storing and replacing the KEMs to see if it fixes it.

    • That happened to me before. EA told me to make sure my accounts were synced. In my case it just so happened that my app hadn’t synced to EA/Google play store for over a week. You should be able to sync under your settings under accounts. Of course I’m sure this may vary by device. Worth a shot and if it doesn’t work all you did was snyc.

  22. Simpsons tapped out, I’ve have been playing for a years. And I love the game, but the (unfortunately the Simpsons tapped out has stopped) is enough to drive a saint crazy, I have spent a good deal of money on this game, I have the fastest internet speed available both through T-Mobile, and Time Warner at home and in my office.
    And now when I am trying to get the new quests done, the screen jumps and looks like its pixilated, sometimes it will clear up on its own but most times I have to go out of the game at least once to get it working right. And its not my phone, I have a note3 its a couple months old, I have no problems with t other games, and use my phone more than my PC. The issues are on EAs end. Please fix

  23. My game has become so unstable that it crashed whenever I want to visit a friend or attack a random one. It seemed to be more frequent as nerds harvasting increases. For the last twelve hours I could not harvast my nerds as I have not clear my existing pool of nerds. My next prize will be the 22000 gold. I wonder if this is deliberate attempt to slow me down?

    • I don’t think EA ever wants games to crash frequently. I hope it’s just an isolated incidence and your game gets back to normal. If not, certainly contact EA.

  24. I really thought the shield glitch had been fixed. For the last day, the shields have remained after I left my town and returned and there were even some houses that were destroyed over time. However, now it seems that the glitch is back! The shields that were still in my town are gone and the houses that had been destroyed have returned to normal without my tapping on them.

    I had already notified EA and been told that they were aware of the problem and I should post on the forums. Is anyone else still having problems with this particular glitch?

  25. TBH, I hate this event. It has nothing to do with the Simpsons and is just an attempt by EA to get us to download and make in-app purchases for another game. I understand that they are a for-profit company but that type of crass commercialism usually turns off customers. I don’t find it remotely fun or interesting and I am kind of bored by the whole thing. I am still plagued by the Shield glitch and EA’s response has been horrendous. I sent them this email today: “Yeah, this wasn’t really helpful and I find it disturbing that the response from EA is basically, “this is happening to a lot of people.” Not exactly a great example of customer service, but that is your problem and not mine. Since your program hasn’t been fixed and the only advice I have gotten is to clear out all shields before traveling within the game, I have decided to not travel within the game. I have also cut back on the amount of time I play this game and have been so bored that I will probably stop altogether before the Clash of Clones event is complete.” That should get a response from them!

    • There’s good and bad with it. I certainly get people not liking the strategy stuff and the glitches are frustrating. I am happy EA tried something new. Hopefully you get a better response.

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