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For the first time that I can remember an event has TWO types of currency associated with it!  The Clash of Clones Event uses both Elixir and Gold to advance in the event, so what’s the difference between each one?  What do they each do?  Let’s break it all down….

ico_stor_medievaltimes_duffcrate        Gold

Let’s start with Elixir….

Elixir is the true CURRENCY of this event.  It’s what you’ll use to purchase limited-time event items (donuts will work too of course).  Your Elixir count will go up or down as you earn and spend it.

How do you earn Elixir?
Elixir is earned by attacking neighbors (or random towns), defending your town, through completing the main questline for Clash of Clones & sending Barbarian Homer, Archer Lisa, Goblin Bart and Wizard Marge on various tasks associated with their event characters.  It’s earned at a fairly decent rate.

You can also purchase more Elixir every Wednesday during the event for donuts.  More details on that here.

What can I spend Elixir on?
You can spend Elixir on several items.  One of the post important is Castle Level ups.  In addition to leveling up your castle you can spend Elixir on exclusive shop items, such as:

medievalbanner01_menuMedieval Banner- 950 Elixir

haycart_menuHay Cart- 200 Elixir

thestocks_menuStock- 475 Elixir

barbariancastlewall_menuBarbarian Castle Wall- 100 Elixir (Must reach Barbarian Castle Level 10 before you can purchase through the store)

barbariancastletower_menuBarbarian Castle Tower- 750 Elixir (Must reach Barbarian Castle Level 10 before you can purchase through the store)

barbariancastlegate_menuBarbarian Castle Gate- 1,500 Elixir (Must reach Barbarian Castle Level 10 before you can purchase through the store)

Now let’s talk about Gold….

Gold is more a collectible than a currency.  Gold is what you’ll use to unlock exclusive prizes for the event, however your Gold balance will only increase…it will never decrease.

How do you earn Gold?
You can only earn Gold by attacking neighbors (or random people) or defending/rebuilding your town.  Gold is earned at a slower rate than Elixir.

You cannot purchase more Gold directly, even with donuts.  It must be earned.

What can you use Gold For?
Gold is used to unlock the exclusive prizes of the event.  Once you reach the required amount of Gold for a certain prize it will unlock, but your Gold count will not decrease.
2014-08-19 13.24.15Gold is also used to level up your characters for Clash of Clones.  You can level up Barbarian Homer, Archer Lisa, Goblin Bart & Wizard Marge by having enough Gold on Hand to reach their next Level.  Again, your Gold will not decrease, even when you level up your characters.

So now that we have the key basics down for each item let’s recap and compare:

-Your Elixir count will increase AND decrease as you earn it and make purchases.  But your Gold count will only increase as you earn it.  It will never decrease, even after you’ve won prizes and leveled up characters.

-You can use Elixir to buy exclusive event items in the shop.  Gold can only be used to unlock exclusive prizes, you cannot purchase anything directly with it.

-You an purchase more Elixir every Wednesday with donuts via the in game store.  You can only earn Gold, you will not be able to purchase it directly from the store.  (ALTHOUGH…if you use donuts to collect the prizes it will add gold to your total.  So say you spend 100 donuts to unlock Barbarian Homer and Homer Barbarian, it will add 200 Gold Coins to your total)

-Castle Level Ups cost Elixir.  Character Level ups require Gold.

-Elixir is earned at a much faster rate than Gold.

So, that’s it my friends…the complete rundown on Elixir vs. Gold in this event.  How are YOUR Elixir and Gold counts right now?  Are you earning each at a fairly steady pace?  Are you using up your Elixir to decorate your Springfield?  Which prizes have you unlocked so far?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

52 responses to “Elixir vs. Gold

  1. what will happen to elixir points when game ends.

  2. I see people saying they have thousands (or even tens of) thousands of elixir “left over” and wanting to know what to do with it. I have been attacking with fairly regular rates (several times a day, though admittedly not every 2 hours as I could be) and I have two castles at level 17 and one at level 14. With something like 2 weeks left in the event, I am not sure I’ll even get my castles to level 20 let alone have elixir left over to buy extra walls and things to make my castles more complete (I’ve been avoiding buying items with elixir in favour of upgrading – is there a point to keep upgrading the castles now?) I know it’ll up my nerd production a bit, but with two weeks left in the event, and I’m already maxed on gold to get all the rewards, I dunno if there’s any point in upgrading my castles any more rather than buying decor that will last beyond the event…

  3. There have been a few times when I’ve spent elixir on castle upgrades that were supposed to unlock more nerd production, but I didn’t receive my new nerds. Did this happen to anyone else? Anyone know of a solution?


  4. I can’t see the hot air balloon in my inventory even though I unlocked it? Please help.

  5. I got ripped off II unlocked the hot air balloon it says it was placed in my inventory but says I have to pay 55 doughnuts for it what the heck,anyone have a fix or run into the same problem? My brother got the hot air balloon why cant i ??

  6. I had to stop usin coins because the counter went down when I used coins. Is there a way to fix it?

  7. I so appreciate all the comments. I have been using all my nerds on the castles. Now I going to randomly use one per house instead of using all my nerds on my neighbors.

  8. I just passed the 38k gold mark without much problem. Many probably had this strategy but for those who dont…I only attacked random towns that would allow for one nerd to destroy a building in 10 hours or less. Also timed my last attack of the night so that I would send out two sets of maxed out nerds around 10 pm est. When I woke up the last three nights I had 5k, 7k and 7k in gold waiting for me.

  9. My gold amount decreases when I upgrade castles and characters. Does that affect the rate of unlocking personal prizes? Because if that’s the case, I should have unlocked Marge a few days ago.

  10. Okay everyone is complaining about not getting gold fast, but I’m a freemium player I don’t spend donuts on tasks and I have 32,000 gold. My husband is only at 18,000 and plays more than me.

  11. Earning elixir is taking me FOREVER. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m playing all the time and still only have 3000 gold and earn anywhere from 100-300 elixir a day. I have two accounts, so to test out my theory that there’s a glitch in the system, I sent nerds to attack from one account. I let them finish and didn’t defend and I only earned 18 elixir when the house should have earned 70 elixir.

    Am I doing it all wrong? What am
    I missing ?

    • There are lots of strategy ideas in some of the other post comments. If you don’t have a solid group of neighbors who visit regularly, your best payout is going to be sending 1 nerd per building to random towns. Castles pay off the best. There’s still lots of time in this event and it did seem like my payouts got better as I progressed. You’ll also earn more nerds later.

  12. I’ve noticed people with 10 000 gold, how are people already getting up there? I’m struggling so much to gain gold. I’m only in the 3000s somewhere, i dont even think im close to getting marge. I send out nerds as much as i possibly can.

    I know people are going to be like you have to play your game every hour but thats just not physically possible when im at work.

    and my other thing was, can someone direct me to where to go to add friends. I was on TSTO facebook page but it looks like it hasnt gotten any action in a while and maybe i just don’t have any friends that are actually coming to my town. I don’t get very many castles that i have to defend :/


    • It just depends on how you play and how actively you play. I just claimed the Hot Air Balloon this morning with out a single donut spent. But keep in mind it’s a REALLY long event…it doesn’t end until October 7th, so you have plenty of time 🙂

      And to add friends you can check out this post 🙂


    • I’ve been doing surprisingly well in this event, like Alyssa I unlocked my hot air balloon today.

      Here are a few things I’ve noticed;
      – Attacking a random invader instead of one of your neighbours nets more gold (an invaders castle pays 50 gold and a neighbours is 18 I think)
      The amount of time it takes to destroy a building (and therefore earn the full value) is dependent on how much a player has levelled up. I try not to use my nerds on more than one building over 14 hrs per Springfield visited)
      – it’s best to spread your attacks around as many Springfields as possible. If you use 45 nerds in 9 Springfields (the maximum 5 attacks per town) and all if those players defend their town within 3 or 4 hours your not going to earn much. One castle gets you 50 gold so if you hit 45 castles in 45 towns and a third of those got through the attack without being defended there’s 750 gold from one attack cycle.
      Lastly, I use one nerd per building. If it gets defended I’ve still got attacks available.

      So in summary, shun your neghbourinos, no multiple nerd attacks, spray and pray!

      Hope this helps, happy tappin!

  13. I realize this sounds like me griping about the gift horse that keeps giving me glue, but I think I have a glitch in my game. I realize I have been playing a good amount for the past week (with 60 nerds being awarded every two hours recently). But I am curious about my glitch (if it is a glitch in all reality). I woke up this morning to my normal 1000 gold from overnight adventures, I sent out 70 nerds before work, logged in to my game a couple hours later and had 500 gold awarded and lost data connection due to there being poor reception. I log back in and find that I am awarded 450 gold after only like 30 minutes of waiting. And it’s all adding and just unlocked my 3 towers prize. Not sure if other people have noticed this, or if this is just a result of the amount of nerds I am sending out daily.

    Also, I noticed that between the quest line and this achievement, in order to get the 4th pillar to each castle you have to use elixer for the Barbarian one, and donuts to complete the other two castles (just me being OCD on having a symmetric castle with 4 towers).

    • Understand that it does take a bit for the payouts and prizes to sync up to your game after getting cleared out of your neighbors. Not to mention you have no idea what time they clear it, whether the building is destroyed or if it was defended. All will play a factor in your game. Just let it keep on adding.

  14. It looks like the most recent update affected the 9500 gold prize changing from the truck of elixir (4000 elixir) to the bottles (1000 elixir). Kind of a bummer for anyone who hadn’t gotten there yet. 3000 is a huge difference!

  15. I am curious if other people are getting random tasks pop up (Flanders to condemn science, Lisa to read to old people…) this was happening before and I didn’t mind but today it is send both Bart and Millhouse on a sleepover, and I need goblin Bart to collect elixir. So now I get to stare at him in my task book until October 🙁

  16. only 3 more prize’s left to get, after that I won’t be playing as much as there is no incentive to carry on as much as I have been doing

  17. Actually you can buy gold with donuts, just access the “Personal Prizes” menu and use the “Get it now?” button to buy the next prize with donuts, your gold count will increase to the level needed to achieve that prize when you buy it.

  18. Gold – 31500. All castles level 15. Homer level 25 Lisa 17 Bart 13 Marge 9. Completed all the quests just 1 gold prize to go.

  19. Taking a break from tapping to check in. Elixir so fluid in my game that I spend it almost as fast as it comes in. I am currently focusing on maxing out all 3 castles, Barbarian at Level 18, Recycle at 16 and Boxingham at 15 currently. Guess that means 88500 Elixir to go to max out all 3. As for gold, already got all prizes and halfway to Elixir bonus. Was wondering if there is a way for you guys to show off your castle configs, always curious in a random attack if I hit Wookie, Bunny or Yourself.

  20. I wonder HOW exactly Elixir and Gold are earned. From recent Events I know that if my neigbor discovers my visit, earnings will be shared.

    If he/ she does NOT discover me, I will get the WHOLR reward.

    How ist it with the Barbarian Event? Is it better to send many nerds at once or better divide them into very small Groups?


    • Personally what I’m doing is spreading the nerds around…1 per building/castle. odds are your neighbor (or random town) will defend against it before it is destroyed….and you still get the same payout for a building being destroyed whether you put 1 nerd or 10 nerds there. So in theory…it’s better to spread your nerds around and get a return on 10 from 10 different houses, instead of putting 10 on 1 house and getting the same payout if your neighbor defends against it. At least that’s my chain of thought…

    • one nerd per building. except at night. on the theory that no one will defend while they sleep, i attack with enough nerds to destroy a building by morning. i’ve gotten as much as 4,000 elixir overnight.

  21. Correction police.. Think u meant to put defending your town not down lol. I received the balloon 2 days ago, im sitting ar around 19,500 gold at the moment aaaand im freemium so think thats pretty good!

  22. Will there be donuts after claiming all the prizes? As long as I can think of, there was always donuts in the end. At the moment I am not earning many, because I’m totally annoyed that when you visit a neighbor it zooms to the next target that can be attacked, no matter if you have nerds or not. Together with the reduce of targets you can tap for money, the time needed to tap through my neighbors has increased by more than ten minutes a day…three-quarters of an hour I am willing to spend only any other day… 🙁

    • This time…no. What i’m seeing in my B game is earn 8,000 Gold and get more Elixir (After you’ve completed all the prizes). Trying to get there myself to see what the payout is….

      But from what I can see, no donuts after the prize track is complete

    • there was a 15 donut payout at the end of part 23 of Prince and the premise!

    • *sigh* well…now that’s a set-back. If you ask me, I think the event is running for a too long period then… 🙁 But thanks for the replies.

    • I’ve been wondering about this…

      The dialogue in the “Make Mr Burns Blow Lisas Mind” task says something about raiding other Springfields for their premium currency. It’s probably just a throwaway joke but seems to suggest that at some point gold may be exchangeable for a more sprinkle kind of treasure. I for one intend to continue raiding after I’ve earned the prizes just in case.

      Either way, the 15 donuts given away earlier in the event added to the massive 30(!!!) pink wonders I got in my daily play mystery box yesterday Ive had a very productive couple of weeks! I’m a hardcore freemium player and I’m starting to get close to my dream of owning Barney 🙂

  23. I just want to say big thanks to all my NO SHOW neighboroonies out there….
    I cant get anyone to come to my game except unknown invaders. I just paid donuts for the hot air balloon because its the only way i’m gonna get it.

    • Remember….this is a LONG event. We’re only 1 week into it…and it goes until October 7th. You’ve got A TON of time to earn the rest of the prizes…

    • YUP! still 39 days to go- that is a loooong time. Problem will be (like someone up there in the comments said) they are done with this event now, and will likely lose interest and not log in.

      I think that is far more unfair to neighbors, than the people whining for us to all leave the buildings un-defended- so they can presumably finish faster? If you want to add me- do go ahead, I will visit, I will attack 5 buildings (castles if you got ’em) I DO expect you to defend them- please! finish your game first, don’t worry about me 😉 I will give you 3 friendship clicks (in case you still need those FS points and I will take case of SideShow if I see him.

      it is a weirdness with this game, people race to the end and try to figure out how to get it all done in the quickest way possible, then are BORED and disinterested for a month or more. Once you get all the stuff yourself- that is the time to help your neighbors. Log in, attack, know how long til your buildings are destroyed and re-build. Help those at lower levels, and those without as much time to play as you have.

      in fact- weird as it sounds, I have 5 ppl on my neighbor rounds who clearly play everyday- checked the last log on. And have things to tap as a friend, but have not built that castle- so nothing to attack, zero gold on the neighbor screen- I STILL go and do my 3 clicks. I think the donuts have gone up for that- I received 15 donuts from friend visits since this update 😉 It takes me nearly an hour to get all of them (5 attacks and 3 taps) but I do it, because I value all of them. Whether or not they directly help me or how often they visit my town.

    • You are better off doing random attacks instead of attacking your friends since the pay out is worth twice as much. I do attack the Other Springfield every day since it is guaranteed to go undefended. By using those two strategies, I am already at 21k gold.

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