TSTO Gold Prizes: The First Prizes Homer Barbarian & Barbarian Homer

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re nearing the end of the second week of the Clash of Clones event, and by now everyone should have unlocked (at least) the first Personal Prize!  If you need some guidance on the personal prizes, and how fast you should be earning Gold..check out Bunny’s Gold Calendar here.

Once you reach 200 Gold collected you’ll unlock the 1st free personal prize(s) in the Clash of Clones Event…Homer Barbarian and Barbarian Homer!  (a two for 1 deal!)  These are new skins for Homer and the Barbarian and each new skin comes with a whole new set of tasks!

2014-08-20 01.24.43

Let’s take a closer look at Homer Barbarian and Barbarian Homer and just what happens when they enter YOUR Springfield…

WARNING…Dialogue and task spoilers below

 Homer Barbarian Commanding Troops Barbarian Fake Homer Chase Nelson

At 200 Gold Emblems Barbarian Homer & Homer Barbarian will automatically be awarded to you.  Once you’ve hit the unlock number you’ll see this message popup:

2014-08-20 01.24.24


However, you won’t FULLY unlock them (ie be able to use them in your town) until you’ve reached part 8 of Prince and the Premise questline.

If you’re not currently at that part in the questline they’ll automatically be placed in your inventory (and locked) until you reach that part.

2014-08-20 01.24.32 2014-08-20 01.24.27

Otherwise, Homer and the Barbarian will automatically switch places and become Barbarian Homer and Homer Barbarian:

2014-08-20 01.24.482014-08-20 01.25.37

They’re both part of the Clash of Clones Character Collection Sets:

2014-08-29 14.20.10

The premise behind the skins is that the Barbarian wishes he had Homer’s life and Homer wishes he had the Barbarian’s life…so they decide to switch places (since they look so much alike).  Here’s a little more of the dialogue:

From Pt. 7 of Prince and the Premise

Barbarian: Can me tell you something?
Homer: Anything, Pal.
Barbarian: Me am jealous — of you!
Homer: *spit-take*
Barbarian: Me tried of kill kill kill, pillage pillage pillage, grunt grunt grunt.  Sometimes, me just want put feet by fire and drink from skill of enemy with someone me love.  Me want do Sunday crossword puzzle in bed then go to brunch, not slaughter castle full of archers and wizards.
Homer: See, I would love to bathe in wizard blood.
Barbarian: Me would love stay home watch “The Bachelor” eating low calorie popcorn.
Homer: I guess each of us would love to have the other guy’s life.
Barbarian: Yes, that am situation.
Moe: Hey guys, did you know that when the Barbarian here takes off his helmet, he looks just like Homer.
Homer: OMG — Oh my God!  It’s true!
Barbarian: OMC — Oh my Crom!  Us am twins!
Moe: You guys should switch places and live each other’s lives, just like that classic piece of literature: “Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties”.
Barbarian: Switch places?  That sounds hacky.
Homer: No, no it’s cool  The same happened to Bart in one of the episodes of the TV show this whole thing is based on.
Barbarian: Us game not based on TV show.  Am original IP.
Moe: Must be nice.
Homer: So it’s agreed.  I’ll live the life of a Barbarian, and you’ll live the life of a family man!
Barbarian: Me still think this am hacky, but am worth it.

So now that you know WHY they switch places.  Let’s take a look at what happens when they do…

As mentioned above these new skins for Homer and the Barbarian come with a whole new set of tasks & fun things to make them do.  Let’s take a look at these new tasks…

Barbarian Homer’s Tasks:

Task Length Elixir at Level 1
Raid Flanders House 1hr 1
Admire his Barbaric Physique 4hrs 4
Pillage the Brown House 8hrs 8
Express his Rage Aganinst Noobs 12hrs 10
Confront Gold Farmers 16hrs 16
Go on an Exlixir Bender 24hrs 24

Remember Barbarian Homer earns more Elixir as you level him up.  To see how much more you earn at each level check out this post. 

Homer Barbarian’s Tasks:

Task Length Earns
Eat Stale Donuts 5m $15,5xp
Take Lisa Out for Veggie Pizza 1hr $140.34xp
Chase Bully with an Axe 4hrs $350,90xp
Pretend to Be a Sticom Dad 8hrs $275,70xp
Express his Rage Against Noobs 12hrs $420,100xp
Fix Applicances with Axe 16hrs $500,125xp
Browse the Internet 24hrs $600,150xp

Have YOU unlocked Barbarian Homer and Homer Barbarian yet?  What do you think of them?  What are your thoughts on the update so far?  How about the premise of them switching places?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

10 responses to “TSTO Gold Prizes: The First Prizes Homer Barbarian & Barbarian Homer

  1. xXxDivineUserxXx

    After playing this game for awhile and missing out on the Stonecutter last prize items and having a busy work schedule, I finally broke down and spent money to buy donuts. I just snapped and bought all of the prizes. Lol. Money well spent though.

  2. I found an Invader level 43 while attacking with nerds. He has 3 Castle Recycle, 4 Boxingham Palace and 14 Barbarian Castle….. Is it normal? His houses can be defended up to 4 DAYS and 11 HOURS!?!? Is it a known glitch?hack?bug? I’m not even sure i should be jealous or furious .__.

  3. I may have gone too fast. i already have over 41,000 gold :p

    • howhowhow x_x

      I’ve only gotten to 5000.
      I just wanna know the secret to getting so much gold so fast.
      I don’t wanna miss anything this update 🙁

      • There are quite a few strategy suggestions in the comments of different posts from this event. Here’s my thoughts: If your neighbors aren’t attacking regularly. I’d suggest sending one nerd per building to random towns. Lots of tappers have been claiming big payouts doing this. If you’re sending nerds at a time most people are sleeping, you can send more to try and destroy buildings.

      • All I did was send one need out to one land by using the random. And I made sure I stayed on top of it every 2 hours except when I slept. It’s a long process but it worked for me.

      • humm okay,
        thanks for the tips guys 🙂 I’ll see what I can do.
        I just found out today about the random invader button so, I’l start doing that instead?
        Or i guess mix it with my friends and just put one nerd per castle and do like 2-3 per town of randoms and friends ahahha

  4. Neverpayforwhatisfree...ever

    Just saw the episode featuring Barts cardboard castle…. Rome-old and Juli-eh

  5. Neverpayforwhatisfree...ever

    The best part of this entire update is the dialogue, hands down.
    All the talk of freemium vs premium…. How ones own time is spent…and the fact that once it’s gone… It’s gone.
    EA finally admitting that this is the best scam ever (Lisa says this) … And very openly saying people who actually pay for donuts are clearly dumb. This dialogue rocks.

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