Clash of Clones Stuff (A Special Where Did THOSE Come From)

Attack! Defend! Destroy! Maim!  Invade!  Nerds!

Phew… way too much war in this Wookiee’s blood.  I keep waiting for someone to yell “MEDIC!” so I can go help them.  Wowza… we’re about 2 weeks into the Clash of Clones event and I figured it was time to start some WDTCF goodness for my favorite tappers.  Of course, a lot doesn’t even come from The Simpsons.  So, my thoughts on this whole thing are that EA decided somewhere in the writers/creative team offices that it’d be fun to turn the tables and do something different.  Additionally, one or two of them might have a grudge against a certain strategy game that is #1 in mobile apps.  The result of course is the current shenanigans we find ourselves in right now.

Of course, to lampoon something properly, you have to emulate it and I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at that.  First up, we have to know a bit more about the original item being made fun of.

Clash of Clans

The creators of Clash of Clans (Supercell) bill it as “An epic combat strategy game.  Build and defend your village.  Dominate the Realm.  Battle with thousands of players across the world.”  To their credit, it is the top grossing iPad game in 122 countries.  There’s really not much more to the game.  You build your area, get troops and attack/defend your Clan.  Sound familiar to anything going on in your neck of the woods lately?

The first item EA took a jab at was the troops of Clash of Clans (CoC).  There are three tiers of troops.  The Tier 1 Troops are Barbarians, Archers and Goblins.

CoC Barbarian Barbarian Play Clash of CastlesCoC Archer unlock_lisa_archerCoC Goblinunlock_bart_goblin

Among the Tier 2 Troops are wizards.  They also have giants, wall breakers and balloons.  COC also has some Tier 3 troops but I don’t want to depress anyone by mentioning we didn’t get a dragon.  Oh crap… ummm… these are not the droids you are looking for.  LOOK… another picture!

CoC WizardMarge throw Fireballs

Some may point out that CoC also has balloons among their Tier 2 troops but I really don’t see much resemblance.  Also… the WDTCF for this item is coming later.

CoC Balloonhotairballoon_menu

In CoC, Tier 1 and Tier 2 troops receive a major graphic change at level 3, and another at both levels 5 and 6, if applicable. In TSTO, they joke about these minor updates with the funny screens we read every time a character is upgraded.

Barbarian Homer Level 10

As for the castles, EA did look at their designs because the Barbarian Castle and Lisa’s tower definitely drew inspiration from CoC’s Clan Castle and Archer Towers.  Of course, I say inspiration because the TSTO version look much different.

CoC Clan CastleDefend Barbarian Castle CoC Archer Towerrecycledcastletower_menu

I think it is really rad that EA’s designers took the time to give us unique castles of our own.  Sure they don’t fit in to our towns completely but I know we’ll figure out how to make sense of them in the future.  Honestly, the one building I saw from CoC I wish EA had simpsonized is the barracks building.  I think it looks super cool.

CoC Barracks

The last little thing similar to the game it parodies that I’ll mention is the Mighty Statue.  I perused the forums for CoC and basically what I found is that it’s a useless statue that costs a lot of premium currency.  I guess EA decided the “ultimate prize” for enduring the Clash of Clones event would be a Homer version.  I don’t know why but I find this hilarious.  It also needs to be said that our version can be earned for free.  In CoC, some consider this statue a “badge of honor”.  Why do I think ours will be more like a battle scar?

CoC Mighty Statueico_medievaltimes_barbarianstatue_md

Special thanks to the CoC Wiki for pics and info.  Jebus knows I don’t play that game.  I hope you enjoyed the comparisons and that just a little bit more of this strange event makes sense.  Sound off if there’s a comparison between the two I didn’t mention you feel has to be shared and/or with your opinions.  Happy war-fighting, etc.!

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. A player bookmark my clan and use to send request and in req he use to to abuse … and go ..what should I do … Plzz clash of clan help me .. I my clan there is my younger and elder brother … Plzz help

  2. If you spend coins on upgrades does it take away from reaching the final prize for gold? I don’t want to waste all my coins to get them upgraded if I will never get to the final prize???? Help??? Thanks!!

    • Nope coins do not disappear….even when you upgrade characters. It’s a running total 🙂 Upgrade all you want your Gold Coin total will never drop…

  3. How do you get the Homer Barbarian Statue? I’ve seen it in other’s towns and have completed the quest line, but don’t know how to get this. Thanks for your help, love the site!

  4. Hi again! I need some help to understand WHY?? I am at “The Prince and the Prremise Pt.18”, just finishing. Is Wednesday again, and… AGAIN can’t buy Elixir from the store!! Pictures are on the “grey zone” and can’t do nothing!! WHY?? Please, can help? Thank you.

  5. Did anyone lose Itchy and Scratchy Studio along with Roger. I don’t know how long it’s been gone but I don’t have it anymore.

  6. Its not where do Nerds come from its where do they go?
    Apart from running NerdAid despite the in difference from many……anyone else looking at the recent land grab and itching to build?

    My town needs terraced housing but if I fill the Space what happens with next upgrade are we definitely getting more land?

  7. Clash of Clan update is getting boring. All personal rewards are achieved and there is still a month remaining for the event to complete. Also we are not earning any premium currency (donuts) but only temporary currency (elixir) as rewards for any new tasks.

  8. Thanks once again, Wookiee. Having never heard of ‘Clash of Clans’ before this TSTO event, let alone having played it, there were elements of the event that baffled me a little. Though not enough to stop me from getting into the swing of things. Your insights are enlightening as always.

  9. Hi!
    Has anyone else been having a sloooooooooow Springfield running on your devices, or is it just mine?

  10. I’ve never played COC (In fact the only ‘COC’ I’ve ever been privy to is Corrosion of Conformity), but I like the fact that their ultra-premium statue says ‘Super Steve’. That makes the game great by default.

  11. Too bad we won’t being seeing a hog riding Carl… :/ I play both games and love the humor EA has put into this! I’d love to see if supercell shoots back with something similar!! (They might have kinda sort of did… They recently started a wizard apreshation event and there are a couple of short vids and images that go with it. Anyway, when the wizard takes off his hood he has a massive head of hair, kinda reminds me of Marge here, although the wizard has more of a giant afro, so I might be grasping at straws here!!! LOL)

  12. The box castle was from an episode you know you could of included that

  13. Sorry, Wookiee — i am relatively new to this party — please explain what WDTCF stands for ?

    • Where did that come from. A term I came up with after writing a bunch of these. Lol.

      • Thankx Bunny ! Having been a Tech. Writer for NASA, i can share tons of tales about the use/abuse/mis-use of pesky Acronyms that once created, no one could explain what they stood for, after having become ‘standard’ !

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