Simpsons News: Every. Simpsons. Ever. FOREVER

So I have good news and bad news.  Bad is that it’s The Simpsons marathon is over.  Sad face.  I suppose I have to let other people in the house pick the channels now.  The good news though is apparently FOX plans to use it’s sister channels to play Every. Simpsons. Ever. FOREVER.  Ok ok, I’ll be the first to admit that people and places say forever in the wrong context (like when kids say but that’ll take forever) but I thought I’d pop in and share the news.

Simpsons on FXX

At the risk of this site seeming like an ad agency for the FXX Network, I was watching the Simpsons Marathon and noticed a new commercial.  Like a lot of us suspected, FXX will now air The Simpsons every week.  Their ad literally said “binge binge binge rest binge binge rest repeat” and announced FXX will be showing Every Simpsons Ever FOREVER starting today, Tuesday September 2nd. Seems Wednesdays and Sundays are official rest days now.

Figured it’d be fun to share a couple images from the ads for y’all.

FXX Simpsons Forever

The basic are there will be Simpsons block parties Sun-Tues and Thur-Fri.  I checked my programming guide and it looks like this means 4 hour blocks from 5-9 PM.  I’m sure other local channels in the US show The Simpsons but this might be the most that’s shown at one time that is available.  Granted it’s cable but still pretty amazing.  Another commercial also announced the marathon continues on FXNow which is their on demand video service.

What are your thoughts?  Excited?  Anhedonic?  Still recovering from the 12 day marathon and feeling dead like a butterfly’s life expectancy?  Sound off below.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

11 responses to “Simpsons News: Every. Simpsons. Ever. FOREVER

  1. They started showing episodes tonight from the beginning, but for some strange reason they skipped the first episode, and went straight to S1 E2, any idea why?

  2. I’m essentially a “cord-cutter” so I don’t have access to FXX. I was excited about the new upcoming app until I learned it is going to be one of those apps that has to verify you’re a subscriber to the cable channel for it to unlock its contents. I guess I can’t pay-per-view episodes with donuts? I did hear that the app will present the older episodes in the correct aspect ratio unlike FXX itself. There’s a local channel by me playing syndicated episodes of The Simpsons, but unfortunately they do not play the older ones in their correct aspect ratio. It’s quite annoying and my complaints to the station have fallen on deaf ears (without any response whatsoever).

    Is it true that no other streaming service has the complete catalog of episodes? If so, it sure is a shame that this new app will not offer an option for non-subscribers of FXX to purchase and view content from it.

  3. I do not get, nor intend to, Cable — that said, THIS would be my Only Incentive to do so ! (*sigh*) Meanwhile, it gets harder to watch on Broadcast stations, to rub it in !

  4. Really hoping the app is global, or fox roll out FXX to sky in UK.

  5. I’m pumped for the app! From what I read, you can stream any Simpsons episode whenever you want. Also, they are planning some extras like following along with the scripts and making a playlist of your favorite scenes. It’ll be great for my baby Maggie, who was mesmerized by the marathon.

  6. That day after the marathon ends is my first day of school

  7. No such thing as too much simpsons programming. EA should use these and come up with a new many quests every other week. Hint hint.

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