Showoff Reminder: Pillage and Plunder

Hey there Hoppereenos. I am BORED! Seriously. I need someone to amuse me. Or…I can make some attempts to amuse you too. Let’s see…hmmmmmm….DESIGN STUFF!!!

So here goes. I have been playing around in my A game with the new Castles and designs using the limited items they give us but more so what is already in my inventory or laying around my Springfield to purchase. I will show more on it in a later post, but for now here is a sneak peek on it. There is still a LOT of tweaking needed and I am still working on Boxingham.

Bunny Castles


Now it is YOU turn. SHOW ME YOUR CASTLES!!! I want to see what you did with the landscape, town, decorations, w/e. Just SHOW ME!!! I will post the results late this Saturday afternoon (September 6th), so hop to it.

boxinghampalace_menu recycledcastle_menu barbariancastle_menu

Do you want to be featured on the next Springfield Showoff?  Post your images to the Addicts Flickr, share them in the Comments below, share your images on our Facebook Page, Link them to our Twitter feed, or email us your screenshots at We can’t wait to see YOUR designs! (Need help with images, just ask.) 


46 responses to “Showoff Reminder: Pillage and Plunder

  1. Here’s mine on my main account

  2. Any Zelda fans on here? Here’s my Castle designs with some of me rambling on about what on earth I was thinking..

    Anywho, Bunny, for the showoff’s purposes, you can just use the 1st, 3rd and 4th images if you choose to use mine..=)

  3. I’ll add a screenshot from a couple of days ago, but with all the new decorations it needs reworking. Sadly, I don’t have the space for three castle complexes, so I built a sort of patchwork castle instead.

  4. Not really enjoying this event. I’m only playing maybe twice a day (once in the morning, once before I go to bed) and I’m way ahead on the gold calendar (27800). The act of sending out nerds to attack is getting very tedious now that I’m producing 60 nerds at a time. I think if I had to bother collecting and sending them out every 2 hours I’d be a mindless zombie – it’s dull enough twice a day.

    I’m also wondering if I should even bother upgrading my castles. They’re all at Level 14 now, but what is the point of upgrading them when the event is progressing fine as it it? I’m thinking I should maybe spend the elixir instead on buying extra walls and things to make them look better. At the moment I just have the pieces that were given to me as rewards. What are your opinions? Is there any point to saving the elixir just to upgrade castles to the maximum?

  5. Beautiful! Wish I had more time (and your brain to borrow)

  6. I would love to enter this, I’ve really been thinking hard about my castle designs, and devoting all my new land purchases to expanding them.. but, I have NO idea how to do a screen shot on an ipad1.. or whatever ancient apple tablet thingy it is im playing on, its circa 2010. Any ideas?

  7. Is it ok to send in 2-3 screenshots without stitching. Way beyond my mental capacity or patience level!!!!

  8. I decided to make the main castle look like a tourist attraction. It was pretty easy, some benches, a peanut stand and some trash cans and stuff. It looks like someplace you would take your family on a long car ride. For Bart’s castle, I just put the Lemon Tree in there. Obviously, after Shelbyville stole it they would want to protect it, so this seemed like a pretty cool idea. Still not sure what to do with Lisa’s castle. I put some playground stuff in there but I still haven’t found a nice theme yet. Any ideas?

    • We had the same thought with Bart’s castle. For Lisa… think hippy/recycling… also take a look at what her castle parts are made of.

      • Thanks for the advice! I decided to buy a butterfly tent to put in there! Looks great! Maybe in a future update there will be something that would work better in there.

  9. Uploaded my meanium image onflickr still working on other design great ideas here especiay you bunny

  10. Very Clever!! Love what you’ve done!

  11. Thankfully today’s patch added a lot of extra cool items for even better design options

  12. At least we now have a few more decorations we can buy with our excess elixir. Although do I seem bloodthirsty for wishing that the guillotine was animated?

  13. WOW, those are really fun!!

  14. Not quite sure how to embed an image, so I’ve uploaded it to the web:

    This was from last weekend before I expanded/completed the main castle. Bart’s and Lisa’s castles are guarding the approach to Castle Mount. I tried to build a drawbridge out of wooden rail fence parts… I suppose I have to be happy with the result, though it’s really difficult to figure out how to do that with the items we have at our disposal. I’ll let y’all be the judge.

    I wish parts for Lisa’s and Bart’s castles didn’t cost donuts. I’d really like to expand both of them. As it is, they’re defending the approaches to the big castle. And I even put a few hay carts out to block the bridges to their island, though all those pesky invading nerds seem to figure out a way around.

  15. Oh I cant wait to see all of the creative castle designs! 😀
    Anyways, here is mine!!!

  16. Awesome use of the training walls! I’m gunna “borrow” that idea!
    Of the three castles, the Barbarian is the one I’m most likely to keep post COC.
    I’m thining of incorporating Boxingham (or parts of it) with the Retirement Castle (as I think there is similar colouring with the merloned sign).
    I don’t see much use for Castle Recycle; however, unless it ends up with a bonus % or consumerism boost after the event.

  17. Is there going to be anything new for krusty land ? Have a lot of land and nothing to put on it. KL needs an update. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything

  18. I’m working on a really COOL design for my castles. Problem is I may not be finished in time for this showcase but I really would like to share so as soon as it’s ready I will share. In the meantime, Alissa, Bunny, and Wookiee…. you three could always add me as a neighbor, *hint, hint* 😉

  19. Ooooo! I love it! Really cool way to use he training walls. Makes it look so regal! And the “bridge is up” look really sweet! Super creative as always! =D

  20. At first i loved yours. I’d like to show mine, but i don’t know how to put the hole image in an simple screenshot .. Can i send more than one?

    • Send all the images you want. I may help you stitch them. 🙂

      Just make sure you overlap and keep the screen the same size. Like don’t take one pic then zoom in and take another.

  21. I love the incorporation of the water fall – fits in perfectly!!

  22. I was thinking of doing it but there is no way I can’t beat that though I have to say the the stonecutter table makes a great medieval feast table.

  23. Bunny!! Those look great! Smart use of the training walls, I love it. Mine are so boring, can’t wait to see the submissions and get some inspiration. Especially for Boxingham, that one is stumping me.

  24. I’d like to show my three humble abodes, but am looking for an autostitch program to help me compile a big overview. I know one was mentioned a while ago, but I can’t seem to find it anymore!

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