Where Did THAT Come From – Catapult

Step 1… place undesirable object or destructive apparatus in the bowl-shaped bucket of the catapult.

Step 2… aim at area where object needs to be sent.

Step 3… pull lever and go get dinner.

Step 4… make sure dinner isn’t what you just catapulted.

Hello there fellow warfighters!  Wookiee popping by with even more Where Did THAT Come From info for your reading enjoyment.  For this edition of WDTCF, I thought we’d take a look at our newest item which is a medieval version of a siege weapon originally created by the Ancient Greeks… the Catapult.


Nothing says medieval warfare like archaic weapons. Of course, some dark age weapons are cooler than others but in the Clash of Clones event… we got one of the cool ones as our 9th personal prize.  Nothing says I want to destroy your fortress than a ballista, springald, mangonel, onager, trebuchet or couillard.  Did you know Leonardo DaVinci actually designed what he felt was the perfect catapult?

Anywho… when I first saw this beauty, I immediately thought of the episode it came from… “Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment” (S8:E18) aka the Rex Banner episode.

I wrote about this episode in detail a while back but the ending involves a great scene with the catapult. Spirituous beverages are prohibited in Springfield under penalty of catapult (well, they were at one point) and since Homer admitted to being the Beer Baron, it’s off to the wild blue yonder for him.



Rex insists the town tests the centuries old device and they use a cat hence the funny animation in TSTO.  I love this silly animation.  I’m allergic to cats so catapulting them is strangely gratifying.  Of course, fans know Banner also gets ‘pulted by the device. Makes me pine for a new animation for Rex in our game. Also have to point out the non-green Android’s Dungeon in the background… weird.

Catapult 2

My opinion is this is an epic decoration for old-school fans. It could fit right in with a nicely designed town square with a wooden platform. Just for fun, I thought I’d point out a few other episodes which include catapults. In “A Tale of Two Springfields” (S12:E2), Springfield is literally divided because of a new area code. When Homer steals Old Springfield’s rock performance by The Who, the townsfolk decide to riot and apparently you can rent a catapult.

Catapult 3

One of the funniest moments involving a catapult if the couch gag for “The Heartbroke Kid” (S16:E17).

Catapult 4

Much more recently, there was a catapult in Season 25, Episode 7: “Luca$”. This was one of the many gifts Snake Jailbird stole for Bart after Bart didn’t snitch on him.

Catapult 5

Wouldn’t it have been cool to have a joint task for Bart and Milhouse in the armor? I’d also have liked the Springfield Museum of Medieval Armaments.

Well my friends, there’s your origin for the Clash of Clones decoration and some other catapult goodness.  Hope your looting and plundering are fairing well.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

16 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Catapult

  1. When I had placed the catapult in my Springfield there was some dialog between Krusty and Sideshow Mel. I wasn’t paying full attention (I think I had just woken up at the time), but Krusty said something to the effect that he has a new job for Sideshow Mel. Since one of the jobs/tasks Sideshow Mel has is shooting himself out of the cannon, I thought he may be able to launch himself with the catapult too. Though after placing it, there were no new tasks added to Sideshow Mel. No biggie. I enjoy launching cats with it. Like Wookiee, I’m allergic to them.

    • And it’s a Simpsons scene in an episode and a lot of fun. Like some, I just wish they launched further lol. I haven’t earned the catapult yet but I’ll keep an eye out for the dialogue.

  2. Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I logged on earlier and got the last 12 hours worth of gold earning me three towers and catapult. I’d assumed they’d be in my inventory but they’re no-where to be found! Any ideas?? Should I open up a ticket with EA or have I missed something? Thanks

  3. Was wondering wat is the fastest strategy for earning elixer and gold because it seems to me I’m not earning enough and I’m afraid I won’t b able to earn all the prizes every time I send nerds out to do their deeds majority of the Tim I only get a pay out of 25 to 50 gold and anyweres from 18 to 150 elixer I have all my castles upgraded to 10 any ideas would b great

    • Just keep going. The more you send out, the more you will get back. I am sticking to the 1 nerd 1 building to progress in mine. Leveling up the Castles gives you more nerds to send out. So I always try to zero them out and send out everyone I can every 2 hours.

      • OK I thought about trying that too didn’t think it Would work but if the master bunny says she does it then it must b a good way to go thanks again

  4. As the world’s biggest Who fan, it was a waste to have them in that episode.
    Overall, it was NOT a very good episode.
    Worst use of guest stars, EVER !!!

  5. There also WAS an Update, this morning ! … (For what ?)

  6. Hi there, somewhat unrelated, but I checked my Springfield at about 9:48am (Pacific Time) on Thursday, and I received the “Troop Replenishment” notification along with a full army. It would have been nice to know, so that I could have spent my nerds beforehand, but I know there have been a number of glitches with this update. Anyone else get a notification today?

  7. Grrrr. I pretty much always send my nerds out right away, but this morning I didn’t have time. I log in at lunch to do it, and out of nowhere, the troop replenishment happens with some dialogue, but, of course, I didn’t have full room so I missed out on some free nerds.

  8. Oh I so want to see a task for Rex Banner to be put in the catapult lol

  9. imgame! UPDATE update!!


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