Game Crashing Issues

Hey there Hoppereenos, just bouncing by with a lil update of sorts. I was able to speak with EA today on the phone in regards to all the crashing happening after the update hit. It seems this is a known bug they are still working on and it is impacting many players on all platforms. Seemed to just increase for many Android with the “patch”.

Addict Tech Support

For now all they can do is credit you for any lost items during the crash and continue to report the players impacted to their tech department. They are working on a perm fix and keep sending patches to do so.

So if you lost items, donuts, elixr, w/e due to the constant crashes…contact EA and let them know so you can get credit for the items. (I always suggest a phone call response if the option is there.).

Hang in there in the meantime while they work on a fix.



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  1. I don’t know what’s going on but ever since the Halloween event hit, I’m crashing at least a dozen times a day. It’s getting really frustrating considering it’s a timed event. Is any one else experiencing a lot of crashes?

  2. I am on level thirteen but I don’t have Bart or Martin.

    • There are a few factors that are in play here. There is a GAME level and an XP level you have to follow. XP is just the number at the bottom of your screen that gives you the option to unlock items along the way. However, it is the GAME play level you have to watch when wanting certain characters in the game to unlock. Game Play Levels are basically how many walkthroughs you have completed. THOSE will determine what characters show up to buy. For instance, your XP could be really high, but you may have only completed the Walkthroughs to get your Game Play to level 11.

      The best thing I can suggest is that you verify with our Walkthrough page where you are in your Game Play Level and we can go from there on troubleshooting.

      Here is the basic Walkthrough page… (all this is in the menus on our home page)

      Here is the one for level 11-16…

  3. I am on level thirteen but I don’t have Bart or Martin!

    • Sometimes your XP level is behind your game play level. You still have to complete the quests in order to unlock them. What tasks do you currently have open in your task book?

      • Bart Crusoe part one, extreme castle makeover part four and eco castle part three. If I’m right I will get Bart in six hours

  4. Maybe it’s just me but with level 44 I’m seeing less crashes. Thx EA.

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