Random Changes with Level 45

EA decided to sneak in another Level Update not so long after the previous one hit. So it looks like I need to go back to see what changed…again. Lol.


First off, with another new level comes more new pricing. This means all items on previous levels will move down in cost. WOOHOO!! Following are the new price changes for the current Buildings in the town. The Base price of the building is in red. The multipliers for the Level will be next to them. You can see how they decrease as a new level hits. 4X, 4X, 3X, 2X, 1.6X, 1.4X, 1.3X, 1.3X,

UPDATE: As there are many players NOT seeing the lower pricing, I have contacted EA and waiting for a response back. They’re checking with tech to see if a theory I have is correct. I believe that due to Level 43 was ONLY Krustyland, the multiplier skipped a level. Therefor impacting the pricing multipliers for all buildings underneath it. I will update once my contacts there are done testing the theory. 

If you want an overall on ALL the pricing, check out our Realty Guide Page (please be patient as it takes a bit to update it all on the main pages).

Level 37 


Bachelor Arms Building $84,500



Office of Unemployment $103,500


Level 38 (x1.3)

Springfield Courthouse

Courthouse ($106,500) $138,450



Springfield Grocery Store ($87,000) $113,100


Level 39 (x1.3) 


Sanjay’s House ($146,000) $189,800


Level 40 (x1.4)


Ah Fudge! Factory ($150,000) $210,000


Level 41 (x1.6)


Vulgari Jewelry Store ($200,000) $320,000


Level 42 (x2)

Itchy & Scratchy

Itchy & Scratchy Studios ($200,000) $400,000


Level 43 (X3) 
(Only items released were for Krustyland)


Level 44 (X4) 

honest johns

Honest John’s Computers ($264,500) $1,058,000



Bloaters at the Squidport ($162,500)  $650,000


Level 45 (X4) 

Fortress of Choclitude

Fortress of Choclitude (Aspriational) $10,000,000

(Aspriational buildings will NOT change in pricing. They are a set price.)




Indoor Tennis Courts ($129,000)  $516,000




ZiffCorp Office Building ($254,000)  $1,016,000


Fortress of Choclitude (Aspirational)


madamechaos_menu1It looks like EA listened and fixed Madame Chaos back to a regular size. Good, it was WAY to funny looking.


EA is also still playing round with the Groupings, so you will notice Characters and Buildings being swapped around some more


donut-loadingAnd of course, your constant reminder (as we ALWAYS get comments on this) Check that Confirm Donut Spend. NO ONE wants to lose donuts on accidental sped up tasks or purchases.


Confirm Donut Notification and Sound Volume



Confirm Donut Spend


Got the typical “ROLLBACK” glitch that occurs with some updates. Try the usual Basic Troubleshooting, and if need more help…contact EA.

So there are a few random changes. I am still looking to see if anything more pops ups. I will update this post if I do. What do you think of the new stuff? Any changes you see that we have not listed? Let us know.


46 responses to “Random Changes with Level 45

  1. I don’t understand the pricing thing.

    I am at Level 41 and have been asked to buy Vulgari’s. It costs $400,000.
    Your guide above says “Vulgari Jewelry Store ($200,000) $320,000”

    What do these numbers mean? If I level up does the price go down? I don’t understand.

    • That’s exactly what it means. For anyone who hadn’t purchased it, the cost went down at Level 45 to 200K. Level 44 took it to 320K. Until those levels are reached, the price will stay at 400K.

  2. I noticed the business social ‘ s club is smaller

  3. Hey folks, I’ve noticed that since the L45 update I haven’t been able to get any “bonus” donuts from visiting neighbours. Is it just me, or has EA eased back on the giving. Has anyone else noticed the fact that you’re not getting the odd donut from being *ahem* neighbourly?

  4. Why don’t EA change fudge factory to be bigger? It is not much of a factory at its current size. No wonder cocoa beenie is always getting beaten up outside it :p

  5. This is in the wrong place, I believe, but I am curious to know if Grandpa Simpson’s 24 hour task, “Walk around like it’s 1940…*something*”, ever had an outdoor animation. When I started the game, I thought I saw Grandpa strutting around in a Zoot Suit.

    Maybe it’s for one of his other skins, but it seemed to match the description of his regular 24hr task.

    OR, was I just seeing something else?

    • He has his Gorgeous Grampa skin you might be thinking of. But yah, that other one is the retirement house. Basically he is nuts and lost it and wandering the place. Lol.

  6. If anything should be increased in size it should be the Stonecutters table. And then we could add a few more Stonecutters to it for a proper sing along. Too many Stonecutters take a 12 hour nap instead. Think about it..Number 1 doesn’t sing at the table, he naps. Really?

    • It is a coding thing. Too make a character go to that item and complete a task takes some work. Especially with others there too. If there are more than the 4 that perform already, it may cause glitching to the game. My thoughts anyway. Instead of at the table, It would be cool if they went elsewhere. As for the naps, if you watched the episode or read the dialog during the event, you would get most these guys are OLD. Therefor they need their daily naps. LOL.

  7. Where can I check that Confirm Donut Spend?

    Awesome work as always you guys

  8. Im on level 44
    What would be the reason I do not have the option to buy Springfield Grocery Store ?
    It is not to be found in my buildings tab

  9. hmm … for me the “Ah, Fudge! Factory” is still priced at 240.000 and not 210.000

    • Have you hit XP Level 45 yet?

      • Yes, I am. 66% more and I will be max again. Questing I’m only at Chocolate Pain Pt.2 where I have to build the factory.

        • I am looking into something that I am awaiting word back on EA from.

          This is my thoughts, Level 43 was ONLY Krustyland items…due to this…the multipliers may have skipped that level multiplier. Also, there is a known issue at EA that it can take a couple days for the pricing to correct itself after a Level Update. So for now, until I can get confirmation…hang in there and wait to buy the lower level items.

      • I see. I kind of makes sense what you are saying 😀
        Thanks for your reply 🙂
        I’ll probably focus on buying land extensions 😀

      • Seems that it just took some days but the price is now 210k and not 240k.
        I do not know when the price went normal as i’ve been focused on getting money for expansions and didn’t pay attention to the building it’s self (plus being distracted by all the other stuff that’s been going on :)) )

  10. William Bergheimer

    I notice the up up and buffet now has a menu symbol when its time to cash on rather than a cash symbol now.

  11. You guys might want to fix your article – itchy and scratchy is still $600k. Y’all got me excited because I’ve been saving for it…

  12. Cool about Madame Chao’s. Still wish Helter Shelter wasn’t the same size as the Krustyland Shuttle.

  13. Is there an easy way other than reviewing your friend list through the game to review the activity or lack of activity of your friends? Maybe through Origin? I want to clean my friend list but do not want to do it through the game as it is long and tedious.

      • Thanks. This will help. Do you know if there is a way using this tool to tell when a friend last played TSTO similar to clicking on your friend’s profile in game?

      • Bunny – I find that doesn’t work for me on the desktop manager. Not sure why, but 90% of the time it says something like “not available” (haven’t checked in awhile so forget the exact wording) when you try to see when someone last logged in. I have to quite tediously make notes on the worst offenders with nothing to click or who never update into an event, and then delete them. My rule of thumb now is that I rarely delete anyone between events and if you still haven’t updated 1-2 weeks into an event, you’re gone.

        • It all depends on their Origin settings too on what you can and can’t see on their profiles. Nothing you can do about that. Also some players just don’t register and it says unavailable or unknown in the game too. For me, I watch items in the town. Buildings going up, crops, items from events…etc. Keep in mind right now that the items available to tap on are limited as the attack shields take over a LOT of the main buildings that players use to tap on. They are the fastest regenerating. So the other buildings take longer to regenerate and you may have to check a few times before being able to tap on them.

          For this event, you also can visit random unknown neighbors and they can visit you. So you are also combating against even MORE people in the towns attacking the buildings. In the end, it really does not leave much for anyone. It gets too tiring to micro manage neighbors. Especially in events like these. Just because someone does not tap your town, does not mean they are not active. They may be going to those random towns to get MORE elixr as it pays more.

          In the end it is up to you how you manage your neighbors. 😉

  14. I have the same kind of question. I (like a lot of people) don’t understand the multiplier thing. For instance: My XP is level 43. Itchy and Scratchy is still listed at $600k for me. What will the price be if I wait until I’m at level 44?

    • When released I & S studios started at $800,000.


      Here’s how the multiplier works. It takes 9 Level updates for a building to reach it’s base price (which is in Red). The first level update after it hits, there’s no change to the price. Each update after that the price starts to drop. It has nothing to do with what level you are on, and has everything to do with what the current max level of the game is.

      So here’s an example of how it would work with the new Level 45 buildings. When level 46 hits the game and becomes the new max level…the Level 45 buildings will stay at their same price. That’s step 1. Then when level 47 hits (As the max level of the game) the price for Level 45 buildings will start to drop, and so on. Make sense? So 9 Levels from Level 45, Level 54, that’s when the stuff released with Level 45 will hit their base price. And again it’s when the game max level available hits that point, not when you’re at that level.

      • That’s not what Bunny said above. She stated the complete opposite… That it can’t give you that discounted price till you reach that level. I’m confused… Are Bunny & Alissa both admins?

        • Yes, we both are. I meant you won’t see the new pricing for that particular building until you hit that level and unlock all the items with the level itself. The price just changed again with the tie in update, so I will be posting new pricing again really soon.

  15. Madame Chao’s seems to be back to it’s original size..yay! On the other hand, the Itchy and Scratchy Studio is still 600,000 in my game:-(

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