Weekend Update: September 14th – 20th

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?!

Yes! WOO-HOO!  It’s the weekend!  Time to break out the Bunny Water!

Weekend Update Addicts

 SATURDAY: After last week’s update Alissa popped in with a little preview of The Simpsons Take the Bowl.

And now for this week’s fun…

SUNDAY: The morning kicked off the with Alissa bringing us the quick quick walkthrough for the newest premium character to arriving in our Tappin’ Devices (at that time at least)…Turbo Tappin’ Akira.  She was back later that night to get the conversation going with our Sunday Night Open Thread!

MONDAY: Alissa got the week started off right, with a little humor in this week’s Caption This!  She then popped back in to let us know if the Freakshow Tent is worth YOUR precious donuts (spoiler alert…it’s not!)

Wookie then took us on a trip down memorylane with another awesme Where did THAT come from, this time on Honest John’s Computers

TUESDAY: Morning started off with Alissa letting us know what to do if you’re Missing Bonsai from Akira’s tasks.  She then broke down all the premium  Clash of Clones Decorations to let you know if they’re worth investing your deep fried currency on.

WEDNESDAY: Wookiee got things going on Wednesday with a look at the who/what/where /when/why of Unlocking Mr. Teeny, one of our newest Friendship prizes.


Alissa helped us navigate all the ins and outs of the goodies Level 45 brought us with the  Level 45 rundown.

Bunny was back later that night to let us know about all Random Changes Level 45 brought us.  (Spoiler Alert…Madame Chao’s is back to it’s original size!)

THURSDAY:  Kicked off with Alissa bringing us the quick walkthrough for level 45, are you Turbo Tappin’ Artie Ziff?  She then came back to show us how all the Level 44 stuff impacted our Conform-o-meters.

Wookiee gave us a look at just where in the Simpsons World Boxingham Palace came from.

Bunny rounded out the day with giving us a look at where everyone’s favorite rainbow puking Two-nicorn came from.

FRIDAY: The week ended similar to how it started, with Alissa giving us a look at the super quick walkthrough of the latest premium character to hit our games (with level 45)….are you Turbo Tapping Uter?

Bunny showed us just why it’s called Fort Sensible with her awesome Where Did THAT Come from.

And everyone’s favorite Fuzzball, Wookiee, rounded out the week with giving us a look at just where the newest building for Squidport, Bloaters came from…as well as a TON of other Squidport buildings, decorations and characters!

SATURDAY:  What do we have in store for you today?  Well you’ll have to keep your eyes on Addicts to find out!  

Remember…it’s Troop Replenishment Saturday!  Which means at 2pm EDT your Nerds will be Maxed out! So be sure to clear them out before you miss out on free Nerds!

Also…this weekend is Elixir weekend!  So if you’re looking to purchase Elixir (I wouldn’t spend donuts on it personally), be sure to do it this weekend or you’ll have to wait another week for it to come back! 🙂

And that about does it for this week here at TSTO Addicts. What did YOU think of this weeks posts? Any favorites? Any that helped you out the most? Something specific you would like to see written about or added to? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

17 responses to “Weekend Update: September 14th – 20th

  1. I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any perks to continue with the event if you’ve already gotten all of the prizes and leveled all of your castles to level 20. I’ve also already bought everything I wanted to that cost elixir, I was hoping for a special donut prize along the way but it’s looking like just more elixir rewarded after you reach a certain amount of gold over and over.

  2. As I waited for Kristy to finish singing the stonecutter song so he could take Mr Teeney for a walk I noticed stampy had been hidden in the simpsons home or wandering aimlessly by as Bart loots…..I thought apart from gub gub all these animals and zombies all need a partner task…..hawk with the chief, snowball with Lisa, flying bunny with Barney…. Who do you think partner up……one last thing what happens to Rev Lovejoy’s dog? Does he stay in the church? Where does the reverand live. Or keeps his train?…..oh and Nerdaid still going just

  3. I think they should have one day a month where all the characters earn donuts instead of cash!

  4. Very helpful posts as usual.
    Would love some Halloween speculation for this year. As we know this main event finishes on the 7th October.
    Tapped out are not usually quick on taking down events either, so when do you think Halloween could start?
    The day after?
    Would be a very quick turn around!
    What does everybody think?

    • I’m hoping the event will be a quick turnaround. I’d love for this one to end and go right into the next. As for speculation… my gears have been turning on that front.

  5. Hi everybody! loved mr. Teeny!

  6. Pass the dutchie…

  7. While all the above listed were truly fun, most fun for me was finally having my landlord get me internet yesterday nearly 2.5 months after moving from Toronto to Windsor on July 6th.

    Just like Sideshow Bob nearly every season, I’m back!!!

    Thanks to all my neighbours who kept me around this whole time. I did take my iPad to Tim Hortons and the gym most days to use their free wifi and make sure you had houses to tap for the event and buildings to click for FP.

    While I was only able to visit you a few times when I went back to Toronto for the weekends, I am now able to visit my neighbours again everyday. I just visited all of you now, and unlocked Tetherball Marge. Next up, Mr Teeny.

    I can also now try to get more elixir and gold for my castles, though I’ve done quite well already using free wifi. Unlocked all prizes, got my castles at level 20 (Barbarian), 23 (Recycle), and 24 (Cardboard). Homer is level 74, Lisa 46, Bart 34, and Marge 24.

    While I was an extreme addict in Toronto checking in at least 16 times a day whilst unemployed, I am working full time in Windsor so I’ll only be able to check in once in the morning, once when I come home for lunch, and about four times in the evening. Missed all my friends and reading all the posts and comments. Thrilled to be back!!!

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