In-Game Update: Shadow Knight (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like we’ve received a little in game update on our Tapping Devices this morning…one last stand for Clash of Clones before it’s gone…

2014-10-02 14.00.11

Think of this like a Gil deal…with out Gil.  Homer will kick things off with a little dialogue between him and Bart…

Here’s the deal…

Here’s how Homer and Bart start things off….and this will only start if you’ve reached Level 5..

Homer: I love this medieval life!  You get to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their Flanderses.  I’m going to miss it when it’s gone.  And the elixir.  Oh God, how I’m going to miss that sweet purple, purple, purple elixir!   Purple.
Bart: I just wish I’d gone with a different character.  Skulking in the shadows as a goblin thief has been fun and all, but it takes me an hour every day to get into makeup.  I want to spend an hour every day getting into armor!
2014-10-02 14.03.57

You have until the event ends to decide if YOU want to take them up on this deal.  For 200 donuts, the deal includes the Shadow Knight Throne and a Knight costume for Bart.

If you don’t take the deal this pops up..
Bart: Aw, come on!  How am I supposed to stomp noobs without the newest, overpowered store item?

If you take the deal this dialogue starts…

Bart: Man, this outfit comes with everything! It’s got a flaming sword, a throme with a beer stein, and it makes me three feet taller!  Today, I am a man.  A towering, scary man!

And at that point it will appear in your inventory.  So remember you’ll have to go into your inventory to pull it out.

Shadow Knights Throne Shadow Knight’s Throne: Premium bonus adds 2.75% to all cash and XP.  4×4 in size.  This is used by the Shadow Knight…

Bart Shadow KnightThe Shadow Knight: DOES come with a questline…we’ll have a full walkthrough on it later 🙂

So what do YOU think of the Shadow Knight?  Will you be taking the deal?  Or are you saving those precious donuts for Halloween?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

148 responses to “In-Game Update: Shadow Knight (Updated and Complete)

  1. Yesterday it said I had 1 day 15 hours left to buy the Shadow Knight. After today’s update he’s gone. I wanted to buy it but now I can’t. Where is my 1 day 15 hours?

  2. My nerds and shadow knight are not in the list to purchase anymore. Thought I had thru today to decide, what happened?

  3. I switched to this game after EA got too much cash out of me for playing Plants vs. Zombies. But I have to stay on a budget for TSTO too! EA gets more than a bit greedy…

  4. Must buy chained down Blue Mage Nerd… Must buy chained down Red Mage Nerd.

  5. 35 donuts for a nerd tied to a pole???

  6. There’s a nerd deal thing to buy them as decorations but don’t know if I should don’t know what they do yet is there an info on this Bart and Milhouse kick it off plz help me would hate to miss out on anything I bought the knight but il props only use it this once

  7. They added where you could buy nerds as permanent decorations now. Most cost donuts, but you can get the Mage’s for in game cash. Maybe they will be adding something new everyday till the event ends???

  8. More stuff now…chained nerds.

  9. I loved the episode with the dark knight, but it’s way too expensive for a skin. He costs as much as ryan cranston! And cranston was a new character who helps with new events. Skins almost never do anything in events in tsto.

    Now today EA has a new offer: chained nerds. You can get the female nerd for game bucks (not elixir) but all the others cost doughnuts. Really? Why would i spend more money to have lingering reminders of this horrible event? I just spent a bunch of elixir to upgrade bart’s castle but only made it to level 17 before i ran out.

    I’ve player tsto since day one and spent over $150 in the past. Ever since easter it’s gone downhill, including the gold house and krusty’s mansion. All the recent storylines revolve around why we should spend more real money and stop complaining. By comparison, tinyco has been listening to players, offers lots of new things both freemium and premium. I just discovered i had $20 in gameplay money due to expire so i spent it; guess on which game? (Hint: not tsto, even though i havent watched FG in years). Earning my trust and respect also earns other rewards. Ah, well….maybe halloween will be worth playing again…

  10. Now you can buy nerds!…. with cash

  11. They gave us a little extra… You can now buy the nerds…chained down! 😂😂😂 Only the mages can be bought with cash. All of the rest cost donuts. 🙈 I already bought a bunch of mages, and hid their chains! Now I need to stock up on them for my inventory… 🙊

    Given I somehow accidentally clicked on the Shadow Knight combo – while sleepily pressing outside of the window – I’m going to have to restock on donuts for Halloween, and possibly the nerds! 😓

  12. Looks like we are getting daily incremental offers. Now it is chained nerds.

  13. I actually spent money again to get this, looks awesome!

  14. And now we got to hoard our own army of chained up nerds! >:)

  15. Nerd decorations are now available, 6 for donuts and 2 for in-game cash (although I would have thought Elixir would be a better option than cash)

  16. Tbh when I purchased the throne and skin for bart I wasn’t sure what to expect but honestly I didn’t know where to put the throne so i dumped it back in the inventory and besides that the skins pretty cool I can’t lie it makes bart look a bit older and taller hehe // sucky update though still waiting for something huge to happen !!

  17. That would have been cool if it was (a parody of) the Iron Throne. Or if there were other GoT parody items. Missed opportunity…

    I’m on the fence, too. I have the donuts, but I’m not sure I love it enough to buy. I would have been more likely to buy it if the Shadow Knight was a separate character.

  18. I don’t get it, I purchased the throne earlier today and placed it in my world, and nothing, Bart was on a four hour task so I paid 12 donuts to complete, because I’m crazy, and nothing. I thought maybe Homer has something to do with the quest, paid again to free him up and nothing. Waited until Milhouse was free, because I’m now broke and starting to second guess my earlier decisions, and still no task or nothing. So for $20.00 bucks I have a throne and that’s it? I’ve tried restarting, cussing and praying to no avail. Anybody want to buy a slightly damaged Kindle?

  19. Like the Gold Mansion a couple of months ago (for 250 donuts), this limited time special offering is just too pricey for my donut wallet. 200 donuts? I am assuming the skin will give out premium pay when worn and the decoration percentage is decent, but still. On the cusp of the Halloween Event, I’m being a little cautious with my donuts now (and I have a strong feeling I will need more once that event rolls in). While I enjoy a good renaissance faire, and it’s what I will imagine the castle area in my Springfield to be once this event is over, I just can’t justify the 200 donuts for it at the moment.

  20. Meh. And here I was kicking myself for forgetting once again that updates show up on Thursdays too. Not anymore. Sleep on Bart and Milhouse, sleep on and get me that 50 extra XP instead.

  21. What if I do not have the money or the donuts to get the black night

  22. I am tempted the added XP is decent and I love the questlines, but that’s a step price. I’ll probably sit this one out.

    Perhaps they should have teased Halloween andmade the Black Knight a Halloween costume Bart could use in the next event.

  23. I doubt any of you will believe me on this, but I actually think there will be ONE more Clash Of Clones update either Friday or Saturday. EA listens. They know what we want, and my guess is that they will release the 4 (or is it 3?) nerds as NPCs (Non Playable Characters) for 10 thousand elixir each. I think that EA wants to keep everybody happy and tranquil before Treehouse Of Horror (which I am guessing will come out on the 7th). The best way to keep those Freemium players happy, and let those decreasing Premium players save up their sprinkles for Halloween, is to make ONE last cry out from the Barbarian, and release 4 NPCs. This is pure speculation, and I have no evidence that this will happen, but if I was EA, this is what I would do. I hope I’m right…

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