What To Do With All That Elixr

Hey there Hoppereenos. How goes this really different and out of the ordinary event? Well it is now running down and coming to a close for us. So now the question remains, what on earth to do with all the Elixr we have been acquiring? Well I am here to help out a bit on that front. From the point of view of designing. Bunny Castles

Now to start off…I just wanted to toss these in as they are in game cash, but still cool.

Red Nerd MageBlue Nerd Mage Chained Nerds (Blue Mage$ 35,000, Red Mage $50,000): These lil guys make me giggle. Just think about it. My very own Nerds, all locked up, can’t run away from me…errrr…I mean… they can be used to guard your Castles long after the event is done with. Or for you chess enthusiasts, they really do make great “pawns” for your chess sets I have seen and made myself.


Now on to the Elixr stuffs.

windmill_menuWindmill (2000): This adds an interesting element in an area by the top of a created 3D hill. Maybe with Springfield Falls running down from it. Or compliments a farm look. I also think it looks kinda cool next to the Hungry Hun.

twostoreyouthouse_menuTwo-Story Outhouse (3000): This one just makes me giggle. It doesn’t necessarily need to be an “outhouse” per say. You can have it be kind of an addition to Fort Sensible or a place for the kids to play in the backyard, like in place of a tree house.

medievaltent_menuMedieval Tent (300): This one can be used to add to a “circus” theme with the Freakshow tent. It can look cook as an accent to Kamp Krusty as run down tents for the kids. Or just a campground anywhere with fire pits nearby.

guillotine_menuGuillotine (5000): This one for me just adds to the Medieval theme all around. I wish there was a lil more animation with it, but it still may work as an accent piece to an Itchy & Scratchy themed area. Complete with their balloons. I even thought one with a chicken coop or reindeer coop outside of Krusty Burger would bring a laugh.

medievalbanner01_menuMedieval Banner (950): These can go outside the Duff Stadium or Springfield Downs to add some cool elements to a sports park area.


haycart_menuHay Cart (200): This looks cool on any farm setting of course. It also adds to the appeal of Halloween when tossed into a pumpkin patch setting. Hay rides for the kids. It even works next to Abe’s Cabin.

barbariancastlegate_menuCastle Gates (1500): This is more one to get to create your own Castle or building structure.

barbariancastletower_menuCastle Tower (750): This also can be utilized in creating and expanding a cool looking castle structure.

barbariancastlewall_menuCastle Wall (100): Walls are pretty much interchangeable around Springfield. They can be used to surround the Penitentiary, to make a tall 3D building structure, make a parking garage with, or to build a massive water retaining wall.


There are a few thought and ideas from me on what to do with these items. Now I am curious what YOU think? Any locations you found these items to really add to? Any design suggestions you may have? Let your fellow readers know. We LOVE to hear from you.

(You are also more than welcome to share pictures of your thoughts and ideas in the comments below too.)


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  1. Please help how do u get the new update to start I have build the work shop and put Lisa on a 8hr task what else do I do cause it’s not letting do anything on my friends city’s like collect money and stuff

  2. I had enough elixir for about 810 wall elements left. But tapping one by one to buy them just took so long that it was really annoying, so in the end the Halloween update was quicker than me. Too bad – it seems like I am particularly unlucky whenever there is some special limited time content…

  3. I had enough elixir left for about 810 wall elements which I wanted to stock up on, but honestly, tapping them one by one would have taken ages, so the Halloween update was quicker than me – too bad. It seems like there is always something going wrong whenever there is some cool limited time content – well, I guess I am just not lucky enough…

  4. Before i update, I wanted to make sure. ..i do want to spend all my elixir right? What about the gold?

  5. I wound up giving my Springfield a city wall. Not all the way around, but around the two boring sides. There are three huge gate complexes where the major streets reach the walls, and I incorporated the castle and the prison (which now holds all my tied-up nerds) into the walls as well.

    I also bought and stored a bunch of surplus stuff in case I want/need it later (I did this with stonecutters too). I’m not sure what happened with those of you whose storage glitched but mine seemed to work fine.

    I was a fair bit less of a fan of Boxingham and Recycle so I just bought enough pieces to finish them off, but they’re both small (four towers each and one gate, and the keep). They’re just sitting in open land near the edge of town for now but eventually I’ll probably incorporate Boxingham into the schoolyard or a playground and put Recycle in the poor part of town or near the tire yard.

  6. Built a recycle yard for Lisa……https://www.flickr.com/photos/alunited/15141263505/

    And catapult at my airport……..back up launch technology for the planes……it could go near squidport to help launch the catamaran if we get one …….ha ha

  7. I mostly bought tents, it could go nicely with camp krusty as for now, they didn’t gave us any to put here (even if they are present in the game files according to the wiki).

  8. In the spirit of a macabre Halloween, i bought 20 cash nerds, tons of stocks and guillotines. The catapult needs it’s ammo. (evil laugh)

  9. Pretty much all the items I’ve stored that I bought elixer has disappeared from my inventory. All the elixir is gone with nothing to show for it. Probably over 100 walls, dozens of everything else. What’s extra crazy is I saw x amounts of items in my inventory, went on probably my final raid and by the time I returned to my Springfield 90% of it was gone. I do not have the will or the time to deal with ea since last time I contacted thm I had an open ticket for over a month without any resolution whatsoever, and to really throw salt in the wound, some tech decided to go into my game and roll me back – despite me saying emphatically that was NOT what I wanted since they readily admitted it might not fix anything – which it didn’t. Halloween better be the best anything ever cuz I’m pretty close to just giving up, and I’m a true Simpsons addict. The aggravation this game is causing is barely worth it anymore.

  10. Flicks finger across the screen. Stop. Building a wall. Flicks finger across the screen. Stop. Building a windmill. Flicks finger across the screen. Stop. Building a tent. Good flick finger, that was a long one. Tries to store all this stuff. Whammy. You lose. Oh well, I was tired of collecting Blam! anyway. 🙂 Sucks but I looked to see how many walls I’d bought because I plan on using them around my park and saw that they weren’t storing. I think they stop storing after they stop being able to be built tandem. Not sure though but it seems that’s what happened for me.

    I’m not too broken up about it because there really wasn’t much to offer anyway, but I can see why other players would be upset after spending all that time. It’s a glitch though and the best thing to do is just spam EA in game and let them know. Who knows maybe they’ll give us a few doughnuts. But really I don’t care. I’m just glad it’s finally over. Bring on Halloween and better, evil things!

    • Hmm… If you mean you bought a ton of stuff to find that some of them did not have the storage option? I’ve had this happen on many occasions like with the castle walls… I would place walls I’d already been using with the ones missing the storage option but eventually the storage option appears.

  11. 300,000 of elixir to spend. Bought multiples of tens (or hundreds) of everything. Stored it in inventory because it took up 3-4squares of land I bought to have room to put things I was buying. Half the stuff doesn’t show up in inventory. Crummy that there was no box or exchange but worse yet, after spending tons of time buying one at a time, I didn’t get the things I bought. :(. Not like I needed 30 guillotines, but it’s the principal of the thing.

    • Let EA know. It’s the only way to recoop lost items.

      • I did let them know…the rep said that it is a known glitch and purchased items will be restored. I’m a bit skeptical but he said it would be before the next update and would show up soon.

      • It’s a glitch. After a certain amount of items, you then need to place each item individually and exit the buy/place option. If you place more than one, storing the additional items will only register one in inventory. Very big hassle but it’s the only solution I found.

    • Still didn’t have the items showing up in my inventory and I ended up buying more hay stacks, walls, etc…Apparently, it was registered somewhere that I had already bought a bunch (even though not in inventory) and let me place a bunch of items at a time and only cost me one unit…I got the XP points all over again…did this about 2 or 3 times for extra XP. Looks like that glitch is up…but I think I have (roughly) the right amount of items and a bunch of extra XP.

  12. Well-read Addict

    My husband and I are both trying to spend our elixir on walls etc, but it’s only letting us purchase one at a time, unlike when you can normally just keep checking to build a row of fencing. This is happening with all elixir items: tents, gates, windmills, etc. Money-based purchases don’t seem to be affected. Anyone else having this problem or know a fix? I have over 150,000 elixir to spend =(

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