Should I Spend Donuts on the Rigellian Hunting License?

Hey Howdy Hey Alien Squishing Tappers!

Halloween has arrived in Springfield!!!! WOO-HOO!  And, as usual, EA doesn’t disappoint!  We’ve got ourselves a fun update full of twists, turns, prizes and ALIENS!  And the best news?  Not a wheel or mystery box in sight!  Now, with all the new Premium Halloween Items it can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide what you should add to your Springfield and what you should save your donuts on…but have no fear!  That’s where we come in, to tell you what’s worth your donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Rigellian Hunting License to YOUR Springfield?  Or even just what the heck the hunting license event does…  Well before you hit that confirm button (or lack their of) let’s break down it all down…


Item: Rigellian Hunting License
Donut Price: 90 Donuts
What Does it Do?: So, basically this hunting licenses helps you earn MORE game currency when squishing Aliens in your neighbors towns.  With out the license you’ll earn 1 Probe (Or Ray Gun or Protein String..when they hit) per squished Alien, or 3 per town.  With the license you’ll earn 2 Probes (or Ray Guns or Protein Strings…when they hit) per squished alien, or 6 per town.
So basically this will double the amount of game currency you get from visiting friends.  Currently it caps at 90 actions, so with out the license that’s 90 Probes (or the other currencies when they hit).  But WITH the license it’s 180 Probes (or the other currencies…).
This does NOT impact the amount you earn when squishing in your own town.

-Earns double game currency when tapping Rigellians in your neighbors towns.

-Not an actual item so once the event is over, it’s gone.

Final Thought:
Personally, I’m leaning towards purchasing this one.  It seems to add a great benefit throughout the entire event.  And this will earn you MORE currency throughout the event than the Portal will.  (90/day with the license, Portal MAX if you get it every 8hrs is 54/day).  However, I’m not 100% sold on it just yet and I will be making a decision in the next day or so.  With these types of items, in order for it to be worth it, you really have to buy within the first couple of days of the event.  This way you can get the full potential out of the extra currency.
Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do, and this is one leaning in favor of buying it (95% sure I’ll be getting it).   Whatever you decide just remember, this is a Limited-time item…so if you’re thinking about it make sure you make your decision prior to the Halloween Event Leaving our games on November 12th! (Also…if you’re thinking about it…honestly try to make a decision on it by the weekend.  This way you really get the most bang for your buck 🙂 )

When you do purchase it some funny little dialogue pops up with Kang…here’s what it looks like:

2014-10-08 01.44.23

Kang: Stop!  You are in violation of Fair Space War practices!  You shall be reprimanded by representatives of the Rigellian Space War Counsel.  On closer inspection, I see that this puddle of squished space goo is the Rigellian Space War Counsel.  Carry on!  I shall withdraw my complaint and run far away.

And that’s it my friends…the full rundown and pros and cons of the Rigellian Hunting License!

What do YOU think of the Rigellian Hunting License?  Are you still thinking about purchasing it or are you like me and wanting to see how the event pans out the next couple of days before you make a decision?  Thoughts on squishing those little Rigellians?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

99 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Rigellian Hunting License?

  1. Does anyone know how can I buy the mapple store?

  2. Just got the license, and the probes getting for each alien in my town went from 3 to.. 3!
    Is there something wrong just with me or what??

    • The license is not for you…but for your neighbors town. When you go hunting in a neighbors…THOSE will double. So you will get 2 probes a Rigellian Squish instead of one. 😉

  3. There is (yet another) game glitch, this one involving the hunting license. I purchased it, then noticed it was available again a couple of days later, and I didn’t hesitate to purchase it again… before I realized I shouldn’t have had to. I contacted EA because I WANT MY 90 DONUTS BACK (!!!). Initially they said they would have to back my game up to pre-purchase in order to get my donuts back (meaning I would lose all progress I’d made over the past week), which nearly stopped my heart, but then they looked into it further and discovered a few others have reported the same glitch. I have yet to see my donuts, but they have promised to correct it. Beware the glitch, don’t repurchase if you know you’ve purchased the license already, contact EA instead.

  4. once you’ve bought it is it valid next year should you need it or would you have to purchase another?

  5. Hello-

    I am trying to gain more friends/neighbors on the game, but I do not personally know anyone that plays. Is there anyway I can request people. Maybe you? Will you be my friend?? Lol


  6. I love the leaderboard!

  7. This is great. I got scared when I first tapped after buying because it Saud I still only get one rather than two, but I got the second one. Thanks for this post. So worth it.

  8. The real question is what does the Rigellian Hunting License say?
    Time to find my Futurama Alphabet decoder.

    • I tried to decode it last night but it appears that the letters are modified versions of the letters from the Alienese language. I’m curious to ask EA about it.

    • I tried to decode it last night but it seems that the letters are modified from the original Alienese language and appears to be gibberish. I’m curious to email EA and ask.

  9. Will you be creating a calendar for the number of probes needed to collect everything in the list of goodies? I always find those helpful! Plus it answers the question of if I need to purchase an item to increase my take – ie the hunting license. Thanks!

  10. One thing to keep in mind when deciding on the license is to keep in mind that it will only give you more probes. However, the Portal to Rigel gives you the cute lil fellas to squish, while you won’t get as many probes, you can get other treats like Candy bags, eggs, etc.

    In addition, I for one like something tangiable with my purchase. The fact that the license will go away after the event was not appealing to me.

    Plus the Portal looks and is awesome. So I went with it.

  11. This is great so far. Wish there was a notice telling you when you reach 90 max friend actions. I thought it was a glitch & wasted a bunch trying to figure out. I hope this update brings back some non-active players. Many of my neighbors stopped playing before or during Clash of Clones. Still trying to chop the dead wood and refill my friend list.

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