Visiting Friends Halloween Style

Hey there Hoppereenos. Jumpin on in here to give some clarification and direction for the game. So let’s hop right on in to the neighbor visits.

Halloween Icon

Following is a breakdown of the goings on in your neighbors. First and foremost, if you or your neighbor have NOT completely upgraded and unlocked Halloween, you neighbor visits will be limited until you BOTH do. (This means getting past Free Hugs Part 4, AFTER the Make A Thing, and AFTER you build the “weapon” to get ability to squish aliens and have probes count.

I will be touching base on information for when you go to a neighbors only here. Things going on in your own town with the aliens and probes will be in a separate post.

Now on with the show…


As in previous events, you are limited on just how many times you can get the event item in a 24 hour period. For this event, it is a total of 90 actions per 24hrs and 1 Probe per action. This means if your 24 hour clock has reset, the first 90 taps you make will count towards these actions so make them count. Go for the Rigellian Aliens first. If you waste them on tapping buildings, you lose that many more Probes. (If you buy the Rigellian Hunting License, you will get TWO Probes for each action instead of one. Doubling your collection during the 90 taps.)

Neighbor Actions Halloween 1



If you go to your main neighbor screen (Bart and Milhouse) you will see icons on the lower left side with the Halloween items. Tap on the lil italic “i” icon and it will tell you how many actions you have left for that day.

Neighbor Actions Halloween


There is a 25% chance you will see a Rigellian UFO in a neighbors town when you visit. In order to shoot it down, you will need to have acquired ammo from the Candy Bags. (As well as the Ray Gun.)

If you see the Rigellian UFO in a neighbors town and have ammo, just tap on the Rigellian UFO and it will blow up and award you prizes. The prizes will vary from treat bags to donuts.

Rigellian UFO


This UFO is not to be confused with KODOS’ UFO that you need to buy the Ray Gun to shoot down and only in YOUR town will it work. (Cletus triggers that dialog, more later.)



There are two separate types of aliens in your town and the neighbors towns. The first are the hundreds of lil ones that spawn right away. These are the Rigellian ones that you can get only 90 actions a day from. They look like mini lil Kang and Kodos Aliens.


Now these lil guys will also be in Krustyland, but more for only looks and getting you tickets (just like the Park Visitors did, only they took their place). So no squishing the Krustyland Rigellians in your neighbors towns.

Rigellian Krustyland 2


The second type of Alien you will see speeds REALLY FAST through the town on all fours instead of tentacles, has a tail, and the head that is similar to Mr. Burns bald head. These only appear after a GremAlien egg is dropped in the town. You can ONLY tap these in your own town if you see them and NOT neighbors. More detailed info on the GremAliens and the eggs they hatch from in a later post.




Basically they are a fun way to compete for the top spot with your neighbors on GremAlien destruction.I will touch more on this in a separate post. Stay tuned.




Hope this helps you out a bit to understand more what is going on in this event. Again, a few items require more attention so will come with more details in a separate post.

How are you doing so far on the neighbor taps? Have you shot down any UFO’s yet? If so, how many? Are you liking the event so far? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Hello, I was hoping someone can answer my questions. I am fairly new so forgive me if this has been answered somewhere else.

    I started playing a few days before Halloween and the only time I have seen a dollar sign above a building in a friends town was during the tutorial. I have almost 100 friends and the only thing I am able to click on is the aliens and ufos. So my question is, are you not able to click on buildings or rides during the Halloween horror event, or is there some bug I’m experiencing.

    My other question is relating to friends vising my town. I have intentionally placed lots of brown houses and make an effort not to click on them so that my neighbors have things to click on, because I would rather squish all of the aliens myself. If a friend visits my town, and I have already squished the aliens, will they be able to click on the houses? I have never seen the symbol for the handshake above any of my buildings which I guess means that no one can see or click on the dollar signs?

    • During events, there is usually something special going on to interact with neighbors. This time around you just tap on aliens instead of Houses. 😉

      Due to this is an alien only event, your neighbors will not be able to tap any houses. Only aliens too. After the event it will go back to houses again. So go ahead and collect all your money for now.

  2. I know this thread is probably dead now but it seems like the best place to ask this question. Is anybody else finding that while they are visiting their friends, the aliens are not spawning every five mins like they should?? I was doing my nightly neighbour visit expecting there to be at least 4 aliens to squish when I got back to my Springfield, but there were none!! Any ideas?

  3. This might be slightly off topic, or not posted in the right area, but is there anywhere I can get a text tone of the sound that happens on my phone (iphone) when the notification pops up and tells me it’s been 4 hours since I released my gremaliens and I should log in and check on them? Lol I just think it would make a great text tone! 🙂

    • hmm…that’s a good one. Honestly I don’t know, aside from going in the files and pulling it.

      • Do you know how I might go about doing something like that? I’m not overly “tech-savvy” haha >.>

        • Honestly I’m not sure exactly what sound it is (since my notification noise is turned off) but just quickly looking in the files I don’t see the noise in the usual places. But you can try extracting it from your phone directly…

    • I don’t know that sound (maybe because I don’t play on a smartphones), but the sound notification I get when someone squishes a gremalien that I dropped off in their town always startles the heck out of me! lol

  4. Yeah, this whole ufo thing sucks, this squishing thing is bogus. Ilogin 4 or more times a day, wasn’t even close to getting the donut torture thing. I won’t make it to the final prize in phase 2. These damned ufos never show up when I have ammo, which is even more of a rare occurance. When I got ammo, not a damned ufo in sight. I got no ammo, every springfield I go to has them flying by. This whole event is really sucking. I love this game, but I refuse to pay a hefty price to get buildings and characters. This event may actually turn me away from this game. Completely unbalanced prize/loot ratios. That’s the end of my rant.

  5. Hello! 🙂
    When you visit some neighbours at 1 o’ clock p.m. and at 3 o’ clock the remaining neighbours, can you continue getting probes from neighours next day 1 or 3 o’clock?
    Does the 24 hour timer count per town or is the timer for all towns reset each time one visits (taps something) in any town.
    And can one visit Krustyland or Springfield 2 without reseting the timer?

    • The probe timer will reset at the time when you first visited a neighbor. However, it’s still a full 24hrs to visit…so the answer is both.

  6. Are there any guides on where I should be on collecting stuff? I thought I was doing well as I earned the prizes at a good rate, but then there was a MASSIVE leap in the number of probes I need for the last one (the donut machine). So I’ve gone from looking good to needing to collect over 3000 probes in less than two days. I’ve been sending gremlins when I have them, and shooting the ships until I have no ammo left. Is this going to be doable without spending donuts? Was it ever doable without a real cash spend?

  7. Ahhh!! My game keeps resetting to the beginning. I was doing so goods in the Halloween event and was level 45 and bought lots of premium stuff. Please help. It says lvl 45 when i log in but it starts the whole game over.

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