Halloween How-To: Grem-Aliens

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

How are my favorite Alien-Invasion stoppers doing today?  Everyone collecting plenty of Probes to give those Aliens a taste of their own medicine?

Well….unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that Halloween has arrived in Springfield!  A dark haze has over taken the streets of Springfield and Aliens are on the attack!  As we’re all busy squishing and stopping those aliens dead in their tracks…we’ve been getting several questions in the comment section about Grem-Aliens and just what the heck they are!  A lot of you also want to know when to tap them in your town and if it hurts or helps your neighbors to tap them. So let’s go over some of the Grem-alien basics!

Gremalien 2

What the Heck is a Grem-Alien?  And What do I Do With Them?

Grem-Aliens are a hybrid of a Gremlin and an Alien.  And you drop them in neighbors towns to earn more game currency!  To better explain it let’s turn to Homer and Professor Frink…

Grem-Alien Egg: *bloop*
Homer: Hey, that looks like one of those Gremlin thingies from last year.  Or maybe it’s one of those cool rendering glitches like the time I had a hedge made out of Lennys.
Frink: Ahey-vun, it looks to me to be a hybrid of a Gremlin and some unknown alien species.  A Grem-Alien, if you will.  And I know you will.  I should like to take this back to my lab and analyze it with the dissecting and the labelling and the displaying on a card table at the fair-hoiven.
Homer: No way, I’m the one who found it and I say we toss it in some other dude’s Springfield and see what happens.
Frink:  That’s highly unethical and widely irresponsible.  But it does sound fun!  And I’ve never been a stickler for ethics, as evidence by my ill-fated milk-cow/cookie monster hybrid.
After you release one in a neighbor’s town…
Homer:  *sniff* if you love something, let it go.  If it comes back to you…it brings you dozens of stolen goodies.  Or it better not come back at all!

2014-10-08 01.36.53

How Do I Get Grem-Aliens to Leave in my Neighbors towns?

Grem-Aliens come from Grem-Alien eggs.  You can earn these eggs from squishing Rigellians or from treat bags!


How Do I Know How Many Grem-Aliens I Currently Have?

Your total Grem-Aliens on hand can be found on the bottom left of your screen.  Above your conform-0-meter rating…

2014-10-08 01.43.32

When should you squash Grem-aliens in your town?

Well, that’s entirely up to you! If you let them run around your town for the full 4 hours your friends will earn 4 Probes (or other game currency) per Grem-alien. However, if you squash them before the 4 hours are up you’ll each receive 2 Probes (or other game currency).
My thought is when you squash them everyone wins! You get something out of it and so do your friends. Plus you can free up your town for more friends to drop Grem-aliens! More Grem-aliens=more Probes (or other game currency)!


How many Grem-aliens can be in your town at once?

10 Grem-aliens are the max that are allowed in any one Springfield at a time. When you visit a friends town there will be a Grem-alien counter in the top right corner of the screen. This tells you how many Grem-aliens you can still drop in their town.

2014-10-08 01.46.34

Note: MAX In Other Sprinfield…is 5.  

If they have too many Grem-aliens in their town a pop-up will appear on your screen saying something like, this friend has too many Grem-aliens try again later. All you have to do is wait a little while to see if you can drop some I later, or try a different friend.

Do Grem-aliens steal my Currency or create new Currency?

The good news here is that Grem-aliens don’t actually steal your currency. Instead they create new currency.  So the 4 Probes (or other game currency) yielded from the Grem- Aliens is new currency and does NOT come off of your collected (or soon to be collected) currency total!

How do I know how Grem-aliens I dropped in friends towns are doing?

Well after you’ve dropped Grem-aliens in another town, if they’ve survived or been squished you’ll receive a notification the next time you return back to your town. A little pop-up window will appear on your screen telling you just how much currency your little Grem-aliens were able to collect!

2014-10-08 14.06.52


Should I Buy Grem-Alien Eggs with Donuts?

Basically it’s up to you.  Personally, I’d save my donuts on them…especially since they earn fairly quickly during regular game play.  So personally I’d save my donuts for something better 🙂


So that should just about cover the Grem-alien basics. 

What do YOU think of the Grem-Aliens?  Are you having fun dropping them in your neighbors towns?  Earning a decent amount of probes from them?  Thoughts on Halloween 3 days in?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. I need gremaliens please!

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  2. I’m currently ahead on the probe collection phase so I decided to start hoarding grem eggs. Do we know if the grem eggs will carry over to phase 2 and then the aliens will just pick up the new currency or after phase 1 are the eggs gone?? I think they will carry over it just makes more sense logistically

  3. Has anyone experienced game crashing when visiting a friends town to crush aliens? For me it keeps crashing at every town i go after crushing 3 aliens and I would have to reload the game or each town i go to.

  4. Just wondering, if anyone has got them, what does the craft item, the Giant Pumpkin do? is it a building/house that gives money/xp? when you get Hugo is that simply another character. Of Bart that you can slide across and use? If anyone has already got Hugo what does he do.

  5. Just a couple of questions. How long does this Halloween update run for? With the craft items, how long do i have to get the items?

  6. Ive found I occasionally stun a gremalien in friends towns when they get stuck in my blast zone, my theory is this may be why they don’t disappear once in awhile after tapping them in your own town.

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