Candy Time!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I know I’m about a day late with this info…but I wanted to remind you all that the Candy Store is Open!  For a limited-time (it looks like this ends Monday 10/13 at 0800GMT) you can purchase Candy (and nails) from the store!  Of course to do so you’ll have to spend donuts, but they’re actually priced fairly well.  (At least in my opinion anyway…)

Here’s what you can get:



It looks like all the prizes from the Gold and Silver Treat bags can be purchased…which is great if you’re struggling to collect Pumpkins or Chocolates!  🙂

Remember…this should disappear on 10/13 at 0800GMT (4 am EDT)…however it looks like it will be reappearing each weekend…like the Elixir.

What do YOU think of the candy for sale?  Have you purchased any?  What items are you currently saving to craft?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

64 responses to “Candy Time!

  1. I hope the candy comes back this weekend. I havent spend money in a long time but i can really use 100 chocolate bars! Is it certain i can buy them tomorrow?

  2. Hi All from Australia! Can anyone please confirm that if you already have the pumpkin house from a previous Halloween, you get a second one this year & a full questline for same? I’m near both Hugo & Pumpkin in my tally board. Don’t want to craft pumpkin if a 2nd house isn’t available to me! A lot of this years event items do carry reappear from prior events. I’m a bit miffed as this penalizes long term players who’ve been in the game since it started. Also unhappy that my existing pumpkin house only earns 1 pumpkin per 24 hours for the tally! Very miserly of EA on this one! It made more money as a cash spinner on a 4 hour cycle.

  3. What do the Teleporters Alpha and Omega do? Just decorations? Worth getting?

    • It takes you from one end of your Springfield to the other…where ever you place each one it will transport you to the other. It’s pretty cool 🙂 We’ll have a full write up on it soon

  4. Do the prizes disappear once the next prizes are released?


    Did the ability to zoom further out increase? I don’t know if I’m going crazy but I looks like I can zoom out more in the game today.

  5. Just curious if Hugo and grand pumpkin are just for first (probe) phase or whole event.

  6. What are the odds of getting the 30 donut prize by tapping on space ships? I’m trying to decide if it’s worth spending donuts on ammo. I rarely get free ammo, and I’ve never received the 30 donut prize.

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