Rigellian Probe Calendar Phase 1

Hey there Hoppereenos. The long anticipated Probe Calendar is here for you amusement. So take a peek below to see where you are in your Probe Collection.


Now keep in mind that there are alternate options to getting some of the prizes BEYOND just earning them by Personal Prize goals. (More coming on this in the Treat Bags post.) For now, here is the general breakdown for the Probe Calendar starting the day after the launch and ending the night before Phase 1 ends (10/20 8GMT).

Rigellian Probe Calendar Week 1



There you go. A general breakdown of 670.8 Probes a day for 12 days to get you close to where you want to be to earn the prizes via probes. Where are YOU at? Do you like the prizes so far? Look forward to any coming up in Phase 2? Let us know below.


195 responses to “Rigellian Probe Calendar Phase 1

  1. Denise Schwartz

    With 15 min left I ended up 100 short and didn’t get the device. Lousy ufo’s never gave me probes. 🙁

  2. I am over 11,600 probes! Will be getting my 6th Prestigous Bag here quite soon before 11pm. It helps to have 100 neighbors and I have Tappereenos adding onto my site all the time!! Have my “spares” if someone isn’t playing for 3 days or more!!! Happy Tappin!! Less then 3 hrs to go, and believe me, I will be waiting!! Don’t usually fall asleep till 4 am anyways!! 🙂

  3. I am 900 behind!! ANy tips would really be appreciated!
    **** Willing to trade eggs!

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