10/16 In-Game Update: THOH Episode Tie-In

Update: Homer needs to be free.  However, some are reporting that if they go to Krustyland it’ll trigger and when they go back to Springfield they can squish to get the shirt.  So try that first if Homer’s not free in your town.  If you don’t have Krustyland and Homer’s on the Donut Torture Device….store the device.  It’ll knock him off of the task, but he’ll be free.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like we got a little THOH Update on our hands…

2014-10-16 20.29.07

This is an in-game update…and it’s a Tree House of Horrors Episode Tie-in!  Going through it all now…but for now know that it kicks off with some dialogue between Homer and Moe..and the quest to find out why Moe is naked behind the Love Tester…

More details as we pulled them 🙂

Warning Mild Spoilers ahead

As mentioned above..the update kicks off with some dialogue between Homer and Moe…

Homer: Moe?  That’s weird, he’s always in the bar.
Moe: Psst, Homer…over here.
Homer: What are you doing standing behind the love tester?
Moe: I ain’t got no clothes on.
Homer: Never mind.  I don’t want to know what you’re doing back there.
Moe: It ain’t like that.  Well actually I don’t know what it’s like.  I can’t remember what I did with my clothes.  I need you to find them.  You do this for me and I’ll give you free booze for one night.
Homer: Oh my God, do you know how much I could drink in a night?
Moe: Yeah, I know.  It’s gonna cost me.  But at least it’s infinite, I think.
Homer: I am honored by the fait you have shown by choosing me for this quest.
Moe: I actually gave this quest to Barney, but that’s him there, curled up by the wastebasket—using the Welcome mat as a teddy bear.  You were just the next person to come in the bar.
Homer: Sorry, wasn’t listening.  I was thinking about all the beer I’m going to drink.
Moe: Just go.



So you’re hunting for Moe’s Clothes.  Homer will start the next phase of this…and give you some instructions (sorta)

Clock-Work in Progress Pt. 1
Homer starts

Homer: Wow, I feel so energized and motivated and clear-headed…*shriek* Oh God, I’m sober!  I better find those clothes quick!
Squish Rigellians to Look for Moe’s Outfit- x1


Homer: Woohoo!  I found his shirt!
Lisa: How do you know that’s Moe’s shirt?
Homer: It’s monogrammed.  See? M-O and some missing letters and Moe’s name is spelled M-O and some missing letters.  Wow, look at all these spaghetti stains.  I’ve told him he needs to twirl his noodles tighter to the fork…
Lisa: I don’t think those are spaghetti stains.


So there you have the first little part to Moe’s new outfit…you’ll have to keep logging into TSTO each day to discover a new part to the outfit!

Now if you head on over to the Simpsons House and tap on it you’ll see something different in how it looks…


The Simpsons Attic!

For those that played TSTO last Halloween you’ll remember the Strongman Homer costume last year….this is the SAME thing (basically) only a different outfit.


Each day you’ll collect 1 item and it’ll all end with Trivia tied in with the episode on Sunday!

So that’s it for today….except for those that WANT to see what Moe’s new costume will look like scroll town…for those that don’t want to know skip ahead to the comments and let us know what you think about the idea of collecting items each day to unlock a new costume!

WARNING Spoiler ahead..




Moe Moog


What do YOU think of Moe’s new costume?  Curious about how it will all tie-in on Sunday?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

256 responses to “10/16 In-Game Update: THOH Episode Tie-In

  1. I’d done everything but moe’s icon doesn’t disappear? what’s wrong?

    • I am stuck clock-work in progress part 1.

      • Do you have the Moog costume? If so it’s just the icon that won’t disappear. It’s a glitch impacting a few players. You can try contacting EA and let them know what’s going on…or if you wait until Halloween is over it should disappear from your task bar.

        • Thank u Alissa, i have this costume, but there are clock-work in progress part 2, 3, or 4? Cause i think i’m still stuck in number 1, or its only my imagination hahahha

          • lol the quest is just stuck. It happens from time to time. You can contact EA and ask them to remove it…or you can wait until Halloween is over and it should be removed with the end of Halloween update.

  2. For some reason, my task book is stuck on clock-work in progress part 2. For some weird reason I all of a sudden had moog, and was able get the simpsons addict quiz. I’m going through the moog quest line, but moe is stuck on clock-work2. Does anyone have any suggestions?!

    • A few others have reported a similar issue…you can try contacting EA to get it removed…or just wait until Halloween is over..it should be removed then

      • Thx Alissa….. I think I’ve completed the moog task( ends with a naked dancing mr burns). I’ll probably just wait till there’s another update and see if it goes away. Thx again

  3. 🙁 I got the whole outfit but nothing happened 🙁 no prize no costume no house change 🙁 oh and btw, the grand pumpkin is frickin ridiculously expensive to craft!

  4. Which bunny pic? Lol

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