Episode Re-cap: Wreck of the Relationship & Super Franchise Me

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bouncing in to play a lil catch up on the past two Simpsons Episodes. My travels took me away and out of service range off n on, so providing them was difficult. Not to mention I wanted to focus on the more pressing things going on. Well, without much further ado…



Couch Gag was kinda funny. Goes to show just how different Scratchy would be if Itchy wasn’t around. I guess it is a good thing. Bad Kitty. BAD!

The episode starts off with Bart and Milhouse watching the typical “World’s Dumbest” type videos on the internet. Extremely bored, they may have to resort to going outside. Oh the humanity of it. But wait, a sponsored link. An ADULT one. No worries, all Bart has to do is enter his birth year…as 1900.


Homer walks by just as brief nudity flashes across the screen. Guess the parental blocks didn’t do much good. Homer is not too happy. Milhouse jumps out the window after the laptop while Homer yells at Bart about not cleaning up his room like he asked him to. Bart of course acts the typical kid and refuses to follow Homer’s orders.


At dinner, Bart is still acting out. Marge tells him to eat his broccoli, but Bart refuses. Homer again steps in and reminds him to eat his broccoli. Bart wants to know why. Homer tells him so he can grow up strong…like Randy Quaid. Lol. Bart says he will just drink more milk. Homer tells him milk is just for babies and old men that can’t sleep at night because of what they did in the war. So a challenge is made. Homer is determined to sit at the table until Bart eats the broccoli. So the Great Broccoli Sit Off  begins.

Not even Fantasy Football can pull Homer away. He puts Marge in charge of his Fantasy Football league, much to everyone’s shock. Bart can’t even pull away to see Martin beating up Nelson after taking Martial Arts classes. Even the other bullies are a bit scared at the fight scene going on right outside the Simpsons. Bart just can’t eat the nasty broccoli. So he misses out on it all. Bart missed out on the best fight ever and now for sure will not give in. Marge announces she just drafter Homer five kickers. Homer tells Bart he is definitely eating the broccoli now.

46 hours later, Bart n Homer are growling at one another from the table. Marge and Lisa got to put a stop to it all. It’s gone too far. Lisa makes smoothies, one with the broccoli. Tells them to just drink it. The broccoli will be gone. No one will know who won. Even tie. Of course Bart just knocks over the glasses. They then start to fight n slide all over the carpet on the spilled smoothies. So Marge resorts to more extremes. Bart and Homer are kidnapped in their sleep and taken to sea. Or is that shanghaied?

They have been tossed a board for some Therapy At Sea. So for a week they will live and eat like sailors as well as have some therapeutic things to solve Father & Son conflicts…like sailors. Because there is no better way to solve relationship ship issues….then on the Relation Ship. Lol. Bart isn’t too happy about it. The two immediately start fighting.


Back home Marge starts to see a whole nother side to the Fantasy Football Leagues. She is shocked at the trash talk. Not just in chat rooms, but everywhere. Including church. Marge is not too happy about it. She just can’t believe they would do such a thing, including Rev. Lovejoy. She flips out and tries to take out the WiFi at church.

Back on the ship, Homer seems to have picked up some scurvy. After only a day. It is more due to his lack of citrus. Homer is miserable, while Bart is thriving in the sailor ways. Moving his way up the ladder of command. Even becoming midshipman. It seems the Bart has become the adult and Homer the child. Complete role reversal. Bart can now order Homer around. Homer starts making obnoxious remarks very similar to those that Bart did back home. Like why should he swab the deck if it’s just going to get dirty again? Bart is not too happy Homer won’t listen to his command.

Back home Marge is still fuming over the way the guys act in Fantasy Football. She just has to do something about it. Her sister Selma offers some advice. All she has to do is beat one of them at the game. That will shut them up. So Marge sets her goals to beat Moe. She even starts the five kickers. She thoroughly beats Moe. 247 to 102. Proving it is all about luck.

It is time to end the trip on the Relation Ship. Bart is upset that Homer doesn’t seem to have changed. He is his typical drunk self down in the bunks. The Captain tries to intervene, but ends up joining on in. The two end up on the deck talking about eating a parrot. What they didn’t realize is the winds that help Marge win were now bringing a bad storm to the ship. The drunk Captain is completely useless. The Therapy Bears take out communications. Now it is up to the parents and kids. Bart takes the helm. Bart orders Homer to listen to him and NOT drop the anchor. He even pulls out and eats some nasty broccoli. Homer now has some respect for Bart and Bart for Homer.

Everyone is happy, except the Sea Captain. Surely the Simpsons wouldn’t have gone on a trip to the sea with out him.



I had to giggle at the opening sequence as Mr Burns Fruit Batman desperately tries to fly across the screen with a rope attached to him. Lol. Nice lil sweet opening scene…until Homer has to go and break stuff.

We begin at Flanders house. He is meticulously painting all of his “Jesus themed” mini statues. “You’re never bored painting the Lord.” Rod n Todd ask him to take a break to help them with their school project. Hunting Vampire appliances. So Flanders heads all over the house to unplug any electronics sucking up power that he can find. Even his Tom Selleck Moustache Flattener and the Rapture countdown timer. He then heads out to the Power meter and is shocked to see it spinning so much still. Of course it is due to Homer. He has strung a cord to Flanders to run the Ferris Wheel in his yard.

Flanders heads over to the Simpsons quite upset at Homer’s misuse of his power and asks him if there is anymore. Homer leads him to his…and I mean his as in Flanders, Lol…deep freezer in the garage. The Freezerino. Made in Okily Dokahama, Japan. A name befitting Flanders. Flanders dumps all the meat, takes his freezer and leaves. Homer panics it will all go to waste, so Marge gets to work cooking it all.

She was able to cook it, cut it up, and make a bunch of sandwiches. All while fattening up the dog too. The kids even ask to bring a bunch of the sandwiches to school to trade with the other kids. Flanders even feels bad and offers to let them use the freezer to store the extra sandwiches.

At school, Marge is approached by Trudy Zengler, Vice President of development for Mother Hubbard Sandwich Cupboards. She asks Marge to start her own business. Make her own Franchise so she can earn money for the family. Marge takes her up on the offer.


So with the family all in, Marge opens up a Mother Hubbards Sandwich shop to run. Her very own store. Krusty doesn’t seem too happy about it. He even tries to get Mr. Teeny to smash the place, but Marge sways him with some delicious meat slices. She did the one think Krusty couldn’t do, feed him. Mr. Teeny becomes a lil TOO happy with her place. Swimming in the salsa even.


Next up is the hiring process, even Old Gil wants to be a part of Marge’s Franchise. Marge is a lil nervous at all the jobs he has had and lost. Shauna shows up smoking looking for the job, of course she tells Marge she won’t get hired cuz she is too pretty…then threatens a lawsuit. So, of course she is hired. Professor Frink even applies, but he can’t even say the name. Marge can’t sleep that night. She is too anxious that her opening will fail. She tries to talk to Homer, but he keeps falling asleep.


The next morning, Homer shows up to see Marge at work. Things don’t seem to be going so well. Homer’s idea for drone delivery doesn’t work that well, Shauna is more interested in her manicure, and Squeaky Voice Teen in picking his nose. Marge meanwhile is worrying on how she will afford all the necessary items she is expected to purchase to run the Franchise. It’s like they don’t care if she makes money, only if THEY make money. WHO DOES THAT??!! HAHAHAHAH.

Gil steps in to point out he is the only one Marge can trust and points out Shauna stealing from the till. She tells Shauna she has to go. So Shauna leaves, taking SVT with her…via bribery. Marge doesn’t know what to do now. Luckily Homer steps in to help. WHAT THE…Did you see Gil’s legs??!!

Bart and Lisa stroll in later that night, saddened to see their parents working so hard. Marge even asks the kids if they want to help out in the place too. Bart, of course, seems a natural. Montage of the Franchise in action. CBGuy enjoying a sandwich, Mayo delivery, and even Homer perfecting his drone delivery. Even Maggie is getting in the action by running the registers and gently asking for tips. Lol. It has become quite the family business. Marge is happy…until she sees another of the same Franchise across the street.


Marge is trying to figure out who is running the place. The Spuckler’s are. They are no match for all those kids. Business is really slow as the Spuckler’s across the street are taking all their customers. Homer is bored, but quickly jumps up as Mr. Burns walks in. He proceeds to hit on one of the Mother Hubbard stands then leaves.

At home, Homer asks Marge why his pants just fall off now. She is shocked to see he is working so hard he has lost weight. She worries what it is doing to their family. So much so, she goes to Moe’s. Of course when Moe turns on the T.V. it’s a commercial for the Spuckler’s store. They’re even offering a free squirrel with a possum purchase. Marge is now even more depressed. Why do they go to him. Lenny and Carl offer some advice. Their sandwiches are Express. It’s what they need with their busy lives. Moe offers to help get her out.

The next morning Marge pleads with the V.P. She doesn’t find it fair. Homer then shows up in “costume”, Bart “accidentally” tosses some hot coffee on him, then stabs him with needles. The V.P. tries to pass the blame on Marge, but she is quick to point out that the contract shows the corporation is indeed the one to take the blame. Marge offers a settlement, for the return of her investment she will take responsibility. So the V.P. lets her out.

Now for some great moments in sandwich history, starring Homer.

So what did YOU think of the episodes? Any moments stand out at all to you? Any favorite parts? Let us know.

Now for some THOH tonight!! WOOHOO!!!



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  1. I’m having a glitch in the game so that every time I go to the Kwik-E-Mart to try to buy a golden scratch-r I purchase it but then my game crashes and I don’t get the golden scratch-r. It’s annoying because now I’ve wasted six dollars attempting to buy a scratch-r but I get nothing in return. Has anybody else had this problem and how do I fix it?!

  2. Wiggum’s one sandwich a day diet, and the franchise contract being written by “two attorneys that had to keep waking the other one up”.

  3. Is there anyway to watch the new thoh episode in the uk?

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