Moog Moe (Spoiler)

Hey there Hoppereenos. Want to find out what is in the Simpsons Addict Attic? Don’t want to wait out tonight’s THOH episode to find out? Want the answer NOW? Well here you go.

Moe Moog Looking For Some Ultra Violence


So you got all 4 pieces of clothing…

Moe's Moog Shirt Moe's Moog Cod Piece Moe's Moog Cane Moe Moog Hat and Eyelash

You got some odd lil Trivia in the Simpsons House Attic…

2014-10-19 10.16.39

But you are itching to just answer it and get your FREE DONUTS…2014-10-19 10.15.53


Well here yah go…the answer to the Trivia Question. (Remember, these are jumbled up in each players game so make sure you check on the Pretentious Modern Art answer.)

THOH XXV Trivia Answer

And just what do you get beside 10 FREE DONUTS?? Moog Moe of course.

Moog Moe Unlock Screen

He will come complete with a questline and his very own tasks (more on that later). It also looks like this is a skin you do NOT need Moe to make. It will just wait in your inventory until you build Moe’s Tavern and unlock him.

So there you have it. ENJOY!

Did you answer the question yet? Do you have Moog Moe on some tasks already? What do you think of his Character? Let us know.


73 responses to “Moog Moe (Spoiler)

  1. He is very good, because his 6seconds Task gives 35! A normal 45seconds Task gives only 3. So you can get hundred very easy, if you need them.

  2. Thank you @Alissa!!! I don’t know what or if you did anything but I have played all day again today but still nothing. once I opened an email with your reply I I tried it again & it was there. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

  3. On last Saturday I got a message that said to get the correct answers wait till the new episode comes out on Sunday. I played ALL Sunday & NEVER received a question or task!!! Does that mean I’m out of luck with getting Moog???

  4. Not sure if this is a bug because I still have the quest to find Moe’s clothes but I have already been able to access Moog and start to complete his quests. It’s rather frustrating to have Moe’s quest to find his clothes still there when the follow-up quests to that one are also happening – will Moe’s quest just permanently be there now or will it eventually go away?

  5. I got moog moe but no donuts

  6. Thanks a lot! 10 donuts!! lol

  7. Worked for me, thanks!

  8. Do we know whether Moog and his jobs are permanent? The six-second job is HUGELY profitable, almost to the extent of being a game breaker.

    • Moog is here to stay, as long as you unlock him. The tasks should all be permanent…not sure if EA will readjust any payouts after Halloween though.

  9. Its all good. I tapped on the Simpsons House, went in attic and won 10 dounuts!

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