Sunday: What’s in the Simpson’s Addict


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s a new day in Springfield…and that means it’s time to find a new piece of Moe’s clothes!  In case you missed it, Thursday’s update introduced THOH Trivia, a new challenge where each day you’ll have to have Homer find a new article of Moe’s clothing in order to unlock an all new costume for Moe!

So, let’s take a look at what’s in the Attic today….


PS..a few new items have been added to the store.  We’ll have more on these a little later 🙂

2014-10-19 10.22.42 2014-10-19 10.22.49Witch Marge in Cauldron


When you start up your game you’ll need Homer free to kick off day four.  He’ll start things off with this dialogue:

Clock-work in Progress Pt. 4
Homer starts

Homer: Wow, Moe must have had a pretty wild night.  I can’t wait to find the last object so he can tell me what happened.  And then get so wasted I forget everything he just said.
Squish Regillians to look for Moe’s Outfit- tap 1 or more Regillians until you find the next piece.
2014-10-19 10.15.47Once you’ve collected the following system messages will appear

2014-10-19 10.15.53 2014-10-19 10.16.00

Now if you head on over to the Simpson’s House and tap on it, you can check out what the trivia question is:

THOHtrivia12014-10-19 10.16.39

Remember in order to win donuts you’ll have to answer it correctly on the first try.  So check back tonight for the answer to the trivia question!

Now, for those of you asking “What happens if I missed Collecting Yesterday, or the day before?” well…. you can still collect yesterday’s (or the day before) piece today!  (Along with Today’s piece)  So even if you missed collecting, still log onto TSTO and send Homer to look for clothes (ie squish Rigellians) …any items you may have missed will still pop out so it’s not too late!

So, what are you waiting for?  Go out and find Moe’s clothes!  Homer’s counting on you to help him get drunk again!

What do YOU think of the THOH Trivia?  Are you having fun?  Have you collected all the articles of clothing yet?  Did it come right out or did you have to squish a few Regillians?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

150 responses to “Sunday: What’s in the Simpson’s Addict

  1. Never got the quest!!!! No task, no question no clothes–NOTHING.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  2. I wasn’t able to collect all of the pieces for Moog, and I have no idea why as I play everyday during the special events. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Did you tap Sunday? Episode Tie ins are limited to the Episode. If you got them all, did you go tap on the Simpsons Home, go to the Attic, and answer the Trivia?

  3. It seems the Simpsons game is rigged in some way and if that’s the case, its just sad. I have 30 pieces if ammo and when I visit my friends I rarely see a UFO to shoot down. I also play under a different log in where my game has zero pieces of ammo. When I visit my friends on that game, I see a UFO just about on every friends page. So that tells me that as long as I have plenty of ammo, I will rarely see a UFO and when I have zero ammo, I will see plenty of UFOs which forces me to buy ammo. That doesn’t sit with me very well.

    • Not something I’m experiencing at all. Just saved up and had 15 ammo shots..saw plenty of UFOs and actually ran out of Ammo before UFOs. UFO appearance is just random and sometimes you’re stuck in a bad spot of randomness.

  4. What do you do NOW with Bad Dream House, if NOBODY is using it and Raven character doesn’t appear??? I wanted to buy it cos for me is first Halloween and don’t have it. And I liked it in my neighbors Springfield. BUT… for just standing pretty… NOT worth the doughnuts!! And THANK YOU again for all your work for this excellent post! :))

    • To me..the Raven is completely useless. However, the Bad Dream house looks awesome 🙂

      Yes, no one uses it. It will only light up when there’s an action using it…it it still looks awesome

  5. Good News!!!!! I watched the new phase open up!!!!! 1 am, PDaylite Time!!!! 🙂 I had a stash of 64 treat Bags waiting to be opened ! 5 were Gold and Bronze and Silver were very close evenly split!!! Abt 3/4 or more %, had 3 of those “missles in treat bags! Get a tappin”n…:) stepingstair

  6. I got Witch Marge on my side (I’m hoping to get a few more donuts to buy it on my main) but I’m not seeing the bonus that’s supposed to come with the cauldron :/ Is anyone else having this issue?

  7. This is the first time I’ve seen them not give a specific day on their limited time items. So, I thought limited time meant until the end of the event. I was lucky and have already grabbed the stuff I really want. But, I’m just really confused why they didn’t put a date on it. Also, (sorry if this was already answered) why do they make these return items limited time? I mean, wouldn’t having them available through to the end of the event give them more of a chance for people to buy them? Is it a space issue or something else?

    Im in heaven getting all this return stuff, though. I’m so happy to have witch Marge! And I realy want to get Flanders. I hope I don’t run out of time on him!

  8. Wiki says Bad Dream House unlocks a Raven character, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere (I’ve checked all ’round my Inventory). Am I missing it, or was it just not part of this re-release?

  9. Can the bad dream house be used by anyone?

  10. the correct answer is ****

  11. What’s the answer to the quiz question?

  12. Victorian Ufo!!!
    Let me buy it ea!!

  13. I’ve wanted Bad Dream House and House of Evil in my town for so long, couldn’t resist snatching them up as soon as I saw them. I don’t think I’m going to buy any more premium items this Halloween, gotta start saving up donuts for Christmas.

  14. I wanted the mausoleum so bad…

  15. I noticed that Maude was taken out of the store. Was this always planned? I thought she was like Booberella – she was going to be around for the entire duration of the event.

    • Many items are limited time. They are not showing dates, but we are seeing them come n go within a week or weekend. So buy wisely.

    • Oh? Shucks. No! I wanted to get Maude and the fortune teller building. I too assumed it would be available throughout the duration of the event. I guess I can’t assume that any longer. Now I’m worried about these new additions (of older items) if they will be gone tomorrow or not. I already picked up the Cauldron & Marge Witch skin, but I better not chance on a few others that I am being tempted on now.

  16. How long will the new additions to the store be in it? Til the end off the event or just a few days?

  17. I want King Homer soooooo bad

  18. Any update on the timeframe for new additions ? Will. They leave withsuzanne tomorrow or stay till day before phase 3 ? Tried asking on EA to no luck.

  19. Just wondering if this Witch Marge now available will also speed up crops like the one from last year…

  20. It’s like they finally got around to offering all of the premium items I wish I’d gotten before but couldn’t. ‘Heck House and Devil Flanders.’ The Bad Dream House. And most of all: Witch Marge. Yay!

  21. What an amazing day!!! Thanks EA for the extra awesome store additions. I bought Devil Flanders, Witch Marge, King Snorky, evil Krusty Doll, and the frog prince – everything except the Twirl and Hurl was available and on my reissue list. I’m broke, but I’m lovin’ my Springfield! 😃🎃

  22. Witch Marge.
    Should have got last year but passed.
    Instant buy this year!

    • Hello! I’m theAlvinos, player from Brazil.

      I see that you purchased this CAULDRON
      but do you buy the TentaclesTree?

  23. Ive saved some treat bags for the next stage as the have the dtd. Is it wise to do so? Or will they disappear in the next stage and be wasted? I dont want my saved treat bags to go to waste and I get nothing! Thanks.

    • We do not know. There is nothing stating they will or will not. It is up to you on what you want to do.

    • You still need the items in the treat bag to craft items collecting the DTD halway through the phase assured me Ill have no issues with the nrxt phase plus you’re not allowing yourself to recieve free donuts ammo etc etc.

    • Hey man no problem. Ive earned so many donuts from treat bags I’d hate to see others lose out on the oppertunity, complete all friend actions check your town regularly currency should be no problem.

  24. I was luckey and guessed coorrectly.

    The correct answer is…… A comic character! Haha

  25. Question how is it possible for one of my neighbors to have over 15,184 on the last stage? The 2nd stage still says slow down and wait another 11 hours and the last one says 14 days but my neighbor has 15,184 on the last stage….

      • .I didn’t want to say cheater but I knew it… It makes it soooo unfair for us addicted loyal players. Oh well I have the power to us friend lol. It makes the leader board null and not competitive

      • Back during Clash of Clones when we were visiting random neighbors, I saw a couple versions of Springfield that simply could not exist. Not just a few anomalous items, but entire towns full of premium items, in multiples.

        A shame it wasn’t possible to report them…

      • Are you talking about number of probes, or leader board Points in ‘friends’ area?

      • Hi Bunny. I’m still a little confused. Chris mentioned something about someone have 15,000+ points (?), in the last stage. And you replied that they were running a hacked version of the game. What 15,000+ points is Chris talking about? Number of probes? Points on the leaderboard on the friends page?

    • Yeah I delete hackers immediately I busted my but to get my Springfield where it is, carefully deciding which premium items to purchase

      • I think they are diminishing the game for themselves. I mean if I could have any item and even have multiple items of them, even the “unique” items, I think I would eventually get bored with the game. You’re no longer working towards something. It removes the challenges.

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