Goodbye Phase 1, Hello Phase 2: Ray Guns Are Here!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The switch has happened…Probes are gone & Ray Guns have arrived!  We’ll be working through the details of the new phase and have any changes up for you soon…but the basic principle remains the same.

2014-10-20 08.02.50

Squish Regillians, stop/send Grem-Aliens, shoot down UFOs & earn Treat Bags to earn enough Ray Guns to earn all the Ray Gun Prizes!



Kang will kick off Phase 2 with a 24hr quest.  So make sure he’s free.  Homer is not needed just yet, so if you have him on the Donut Torture Device you’re ok 🙂







Ray Gun Prizes include….

4th Prize after 2 silver bags and a gold.  Requires 2,825 Ray Guns.

ico_thoh2014_crafting_hovercopterHover-Copter- Final Prize in the Ray Gun Box.  Requires 7,100 Ray Guns

Of course there will be Gold & Silver Treat Bags to win as well!

2014-10-20 08.03.25

You may notice a drop in the required number.  Since Probes you needed 8,050 for the highest prize & with Ray Guns it’s 7,100.  The drop is nice…however you’ll earn less Ray Guns per squish now.  For each squish in your own town you’ll earn 2 Ray Guns, instead of 3 like the Probes.  (Grem-Aliens still earn at the same rate)

As far as the changes to Make-A-Thing…

If you didn’t win all of the Probe Prizes, you can now craft them at Make-A-Thing!

Mutant Peacock 1 Mutant Peacock- 500 Gummy Bears, 300 Pumpkins & 500 Rotten Eggs

ico_thoh2014_crafting_donuttorturedevice Donut Torture Device- 500 Chocolate Bars, 200 Broken Fences & 500 Candy Corn.

However, beyond those 2 there is nothing new to craft, at least initially.  (I’ll let you know if anything comes up as the questline progresses)  Hugo, the Great Pumpkin, Spooky House, Pumpkin House, Test Subject & Spooky Wall are all still there for you to craft.

If you saved Treat Bags to open during phase two, they WILL contain Ray Guns!  So you’ll get a nice head start on them 🙂


Premium Items….

The ones that arrived yesterday morning (Witch Marge, Devil Flanders, Snorky, Bad Dream House etc) are still available.  However, Suzanne the Witch is now gone.

So my friends, that about covers the quick rundown for Phase 2 and the Ray Guns.  Happy squishing!


What do YOU think of the Phase 2 Changes?  Are you happy to be collecting a new item?  Are you excited for the new prizes?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

223 responses to “Goodbye Phase 1, Hello Phase 2: Ray Guns Are Here!

  1. Is anyone else have problems where you log in after 8 hours or so and you should have squished to receive 100 ray guns plus the additional 60 from the reserve bank? I noticed these past few days that I am not receiving that full amount. In addition, thanks for adding that ufo’s aim are counting towards the 90 count when visiting friends towns because I also had that issue as well.

  2. The good daughter

    Anyone know how to get to the good son Pt 5? I’ve had Hugo for awhile now, and haven’t been prompted to get to part 2 for two days. I’ve got marge, tried storing and replacing moe’s, still nothing. And I want to get the spooky house. Help?

  3. I wanted to purchase Suzanne the Witch/Gingerbread house, but I went to purchase donuts and could not get into the store(frozen) By the time I was able to she was no longer available. EA was no help with this. Hopefully she might be avail at some again at some point😡😤

  4. anyone else having errors and not recieving ray guns for squishing the regillians in a friends town? i went in about 3 towns last night and got xp and money but no guns. it also says when i click on the question mark next to the box that i will “recieve 0 ray guns for the next 0 actions”. just curious if anyone else has ran into this. ill see if its still happening in a few hours when i can try again

  5. When does the quest line (the good son) for the spooky house start?
    I have Hugo & thought that he might lead into it. But that doesn’t seem to have happened.

  6. Im not getting awarded rayguns when I squish my neighbor aliens. What do I do?

  7. I hate EA removed the other premium items so quick. I was looking forward to getting some of those when I got paid last Friday. I bought my donuts yesterday and when I went to buy they replaced them with the new premium items. I really wanted the Mr. Burns item too. Oh well.

    • Yes…I really wanted some of the Zombie/Cemetery combos, but I had to wait to put money on my itunes account. I thought they would stay at least until the probe/ray gun switch over. sigh. Outside of Booberella and Devil Flanders, The Zombies where the ones I wanted the most. Oh well…I guess theres always next Halloween. Think there is any chance EA might bring them back before the end? Also, any possibility you guys could give use sneak pea at what the Rigellian Queen will cost it Trick or Treat bag candy/items? Im deciding if I should get the Spooky House or hold off, as the Queen is the one I want the most. Thanks for everything as usual!

    • Certain items are on a timer, so keeping up with getting some items r “the Will to keep Tappin a lot!! ” Granted for all of those still in the work force, it will make it harder!! Keep checking back on these threads, and they will keep u informed!! We have several Dedicated Souls who r very dedicated to helping out!! A Big Mahalo to Alissa, Bunny and Wookie!!! 🙂

  8. I am clicking on aliens in my neighboring cities and I get money and friend points but no ray guns. Is there a limit to how many we can get or is this a glitch?

  9. I’m aware that it’s not just me anymore. But when visiting neighbours, I don’t get all 90 of my ray-guns/probes. I only get about 87 and I’m not tapping on anything else other than aliens. Is this a known glitch or should I get a hold of EA somehow(I can never find the contact info on the site).

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