Halloween Walkthrough: Moog

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Last week EA dropped a fun THOH Episode tie-in into our tapping devices as a way to bring a little THOH XXV to the Halloween Event!  By collecting different articles of clothing for Moe over the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) you unlocked a brand new costume for Moe, Moog!  Moog is a character from the Clockwork Yellow skit during THOH XXV.

So now that the weekend is over, and THOH has aired in the US let’s see just what happens when Moog enters our Springfields!

Moe Moog Looking For Some Ultra Violence             Moe Moog Looking For Some Ultra Violence 3

SPOILER WARNING- Full Dialogue Walkthrough Below…

For those that don’t want to know to full details…Moe is pretty much the only character required for this.  However, the last part you will need Mr. Burns AND Burns Manor.  So make sure Mr. Burns is free and you’ve reached Level 25 and built Burns Manor.  

Moog Pt. 1
Auto starts

Moog: Well-ee, well-ee, well well well. Moog here, back for one more night of Bananarama.  Bananarama? Wait, that sounds like something a stupid little kid would say.  I meant to say was Nogginy-Bogginy.  Geez, I better brush up on me gluggish slang.  I gotta sound authentico for my night of fisticuffery and the breaking of Leg-os.  Legos? Okay that’s not even the right episode. I better get to those lessons fast!
Reach Level 15 and Build Moe’s Tavern
Make Moog Take Glug Language Lessons- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Moog Pt. 2
Moe starts

Homer: Hey Moe, what gives?  I got your clothes back, why am I still upright? Make with the beer!
Moog: Easy there, Chum-bo! I’ll see to your befuddle-tation toot-sweet!  An extra-tall glass of Moloko Plus!  The “plus” is grain alcohol and Claritin.
Homer: *gulp gulp*  Another round for my– *snore*
Moog: Now that everything is copa-set and hunky-dor, I think I’ll head out for a night of rumble-scrap!
Make Moog Go Looking for Ultra Violence-  24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

Moog Pt. 3
Moe starts

Moog: I’ve been ferreting for a set-to all night!  My gouging thumbs are all twitchy-wicket! *sigh* Guess it’s just another night of tote-bag-snatchings, followed by the old sort and suds.
Make Moog Do Laundry at the Brown House- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp
Moog: Perhaps this is a sign that I’m getting too old for fightin’ and fracki.  Well, this and the, uh, pee-pee trouble.

Moog Pt. 4
Moe starts

Moog: Wait a minute!  I know the abso-tive sure way to cure the glug blues… A bit of the Ole In-Out!
Make Moog Go For a Bit of In-Out- x12, 6s each time. Earns $35, 1xp each time.
Moog:  Lookity-lookity! It’s Mr. Burnsy’s Manse. Having a little shindig, eh.  Ripe for a nice Home Invado! I’ve been craving a little pound and pilfer.

Moog Pt. 5
Moe starts

Mr. Burns: Welcome to my erotic masquerade. Will you be joining the orgy or just blocking the view?
Moog: Guess again, you moth-eaten Geez-O!  I’m here to cause a havoc and–
Why are you naked except for that weird mask over your hush-hush stuff?
Mr. Burns: I’m only wearing a mask on my face.
Moog: Oh. So, that’s your actual…never mind! Prepare to be clonked and burgled–I’m sorry, but that is really disturbing. Can one of the view blockers stand in front of the old guy?
Reach Level 25 and Build Burns Manor
Make Burns Host Erotic Masquerade- 36hrs, Earns $750, 200xp
Make Moog Invade Burns Mansion- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp
Moog:Whoa! Is that hummies and peetie-bread. Oh man, I’m starved.
Mr. Burns: Why don’t you grab a plate, take your clothes off and join us? If you don’t ruin my gala, I won’t have to set my dogs on you.
Moog: It’s a dealio. If I’d a known straight life was full of free chow and naked chippies, I woulda cleaned up anyos ago.
Mr. Burns: By the way, tonight’s orgy benefits adult illiteracy so get out your checkbook!
Moog: Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen.

This has a HILARIOUS animation with Mr. Burns where he looks like…well like this:

Mr Burns Host Erotic Masquerade 1From what I can tell this is a permanent task for Mr. Burns…at least during Halloween…

And here are Moog’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length  Earns Location
Go For a Bit of the Ole In-Out 6s $35,1xp Outside/Visual
Do Laundry at the Brown House 1hr $70, 17xp Brown House
Take Glug Language Lessons 4hrs $175, 45xp Springfield Library
Drink a Pint of Moloko-Plus 8hrs $275, 70xp Moe’s
Invade Burns Mansion 12hrs $420, 100xp Burns’ Mansion
Go Looking for Some Ultra Violence 24hrs $600, 150xp Outside/Visual

And that concludes Moog’s questline!  A fun little way to bring THOH XXV to TSTO!

What did YOU think of the questline?  What about Moog?  How about Mr. Burns’ task?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


55 responses to “Halloween Walkthrough: Moog

  1. Is the mr.burns thing still happening? I don’t have burns manor so I really want to Still get that task thing

  2. Once Halloween event is over…does the Moog questline end? I don’t have Mr Burns Manor yet and likely won’t get there before the event is over…wondering if I’ll be able to finish the last part of Moog quest.

  3. Pyanfar the Hani

    I’ve got Smithers’ in his Whip It task positioned next to Burns’ Exotic Masquerade. He looks happy.

  4. bart already dressed up at him before lol

  5. I have to say Moog is my favorite skin. Moe may never return in my game. 😀

  6. robin your grave

    How do.i get moe’s clockwork yellow outfite?i have all the stuff to.do

  7. i had the quest to find his clothes but never got the putfit 🙁

    • Did you go to the Simpsons Home, tap on it, go to the attic, and answer the trivia? Art.

      If so, did you check your inventory ALLLLL the way to the end for his skin?

  8. MOOG! I don’t know when Moog shows up, but you can make about $400/minute with him. Keep doing “Go for a bit of the Ole In-out” task over and over, and you can average about 9 times per minute (slight delay in between taps). The task is 6 seconds and pays $35 and 1 XP.

    • Lol i wonder how u can do the quest 9 times times per minute if the quest takes 6 seconds. But yeah, it is a great way to get some extra money. i am able to to 16000 per hour

  9. Omg I hope the exotic masquerade task sticks around forever…that made me snort laugh!

    • Me too. I laughed so hard when I saw the images for it.

    • I was unprepared for the Burns part of this quest. After their conversation and seeing Burn’s animation I was laughing all night!!! I hope it never goes away. Things like this make a never ending tapping game worth my time and some of the doughnuts I’ve used. Entertainment value is sky high this Halloween.

  10. Yaquelin torres

    I got moe’s new outfit but in my task book it keeps telling to squash the aliens to collect his outfit…? Is there more than one or what?

  11. Is it just me or does the Moog skin render Moe slightly bigger than usual? He seems bigger…

  12. Thanks for the tip to click on the Simpson house, that is where I was able to finally click the correct answer to. Get my donuts and to get Moes fancy new suit/quest

  13. I collected all parts but never got the outfit???

  14. Just a bit of trivia for ya. The reason for the costume’s name being moog, is that Wendy Carlos did the soundtrack for Clockwork Orange and is famous for using a Moog synthesizer. Check her out on Wikipedia for more info.

  15. I haven’t gotten to build Burn’s manor in my town yet and most construction is on hold, since my 5 kids are trick or treating 24/7 throughout the event, which has stopped progress for most normal quests related to new buildings. So I hope I’ll get to see Burns’ masks whenever I get to build his mansion sometime after the Halloween event and there is no time limit for this.

    • Me too… I’ve got a long list of things for the kids to do once Halloween is over… Hope I still get to see the Burns animation, sounds hilarious…

  16. Question how do you get Mr. Burns skin. Will you get it after you finish Moe quest line

  17. **** I was shocked to see simpsons house had an attic. I was hoping it would still be there with perahps some donuts lol

  18. Alissa: Thank you! Checked my Simpson House (which I didn’t know had an attic) and got my Moog!

  19. The animation for the ole’ in-out task is absolutely hilarious! When I saw him walking away from the brown house I did wonder where he was going. And it’s a pretty good pay out for only 6s, you can still do the task even after the original quest has been completed.

  20. I haven’t played long enough to unlock Moe yet, but I did collect his clothes and answer the question correctly. Since I don’t have Moe and don’t know when I’ll get him, do you know if the Moog costume and task will remain after Halloween?

  21. I meant to add earlier…Guessing Burns costume is a reference to Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”?!?!

  22. Is there any animation or tasks associated with the bad dream house?

  23. Oh that makes me giggle. 🙂 On part 2. Loving the quest so far as I’m sure all clockwork fans are. Can’t wait to see burns part. I wish I had some hummies and peetie bread…

  24. I love this quest, I am going to keep moe in this skin quite a bit… 🙂

  25. It said I collected everything but nothing with Moe ever happened. It also said I missed the Donut Torture device so now I have to make it, but I play every day.

  26. Aww! I played and collected articles of clothing last weekend, and didn’t get the outfit… Just the ad saying to watch the new show! Is it still possible to get?

  27. It’s a cool outfit! Will there be a post on the new premium items? Great blog, read it daily!

  28. I thought I’d collected all of Moe’s costume components, but I don’t think I’ve actually received the costume. Is there anything I need to do to start things off? Thanks!

    • Check your inventory just to see if he’s there. Also, double check the Simpson house to see if everything you need is listed in the attic

  29. Never got it 🙁 have been collecting the items and nothing 🙁

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