Simpsons World Is Live…And It Is AWESOME!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As many of you know, over the summer FXX aired Every. Simpsons. EVER.  and it was glorious!  And since then they’ve been airing Simpsons Block Parties 5 nights a week.  But now….they’ve taken it a step further and launched….



What is it?  What does it do?  Let’s take a further look inside… is an all new website for EVERYTHING Simpsons (except TSTO of course…) where you can find out everything that’s going on in the World Of the Simpsons…including watching EVERY. EPISODE. EVER online…FOR FREE!

Let’s explore the website shall we?



It’s got everything from Simpsons in the News, Fun Facts, Twitter feeds, photos:


And there’s a really awesome playlist feature.  Where they select shows based on a particular moment.  Like above you can see 15 Classic Ralph Moments, or the Writers’ Favorite Moments…or my favorite:


Another awesome feature is the popularity feature.  You can find this across the top of the site.  It tells you who’s viewing what and how popular it is.  Initially it shows you the popularity by season:


But once you click on a season it’ll break it down for you by Episode…


How cool is that?

So check out to watch Every. Simpsons. Ever. WHENEVER!  And get your Simpson fix on!  (You WILL need a Cable Subscription to access the streaming online.  List of providers is below)

But wait…that’s not all! 

FXX also launched Every. Simpsons. EVER on their mobile app, FXNow.  So now, you can take the Simpsons with you where ever you go!  The mobile app is also free, but it does require you to have a cable subscription….and not every service offers it at this time.

Here’s how to use the mobile app:

Find FXNow in your App/Play Store (currently the App is available for iOS, Android, Xbox, Windows 8 & Samsung Smart TV) and download.

Once on your device open it up and go to settings (on my Android it’s the menu button..that gives you more options…that brings it up):
2014-10-21 16.55.27

Once the setting menu is open select Sign In:

2014-10-21 16.55.34

From there it’ll give you a list of all the Cable Providers that offer the ability to watch from the app.  Find and select yours.  And login using your Cable sign in credentials.  Here’s a list of the providers available:

2014-10-21 16.55.43 2014-10-21 16.55.51 2014-10-21 16.56.02 2014-10-21 16.56.09

Personally…I have FiOS at home, which isn’t offered…BUT I have Xfinity at I’m able to login via Comcast 🙂

Once you sign in you’ll be taken back to the main page…from there you’ll see the Simpsons listed.  Tap on it to go to the Simpsons Page:

2014-10-21 20.30.50

That will bring up the Simpsons page…where every. Simpsons. EVER will be waiting for you.

To change the Season (starts with the most recent) just tap the drop down:

2014-10-21 20.31.02

2014-10-21 20.31.18

And now the fun begins.  Explore and have fun!

2014-10-21 20.31.26 2014-10-21 20.31.43

You can find more details behind the app here.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some streaming to do!

What do YOU think about the new Simpsons World page & App?  Are you excited to have every. episode. EVER at your fingertips?  Is your cable provider listed?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

50 responses to “Simpsons World Is Live…And It Is AWESOME!

  1. I will saw this is AWESOME, but I have FIOS 🙁 so that sucks sooo bad. I knew I should have kept xfinity…

  2. this has been my least favorite time in the history of ever to not have cable.

  3. jonathan daniels

    I don’t get why I need a cable sub. to view things online. I pay for internet I pay for Hulu+. Why do need cable? I tried to go back once but keeped missing shows because I’m used to watching on my own schedule. Cable is now just a waste of money for me with streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. For the pair I pay $20 and get more shows and movies than I will ever ne able to watch and exclusive that will never be on cable tv. Please drop the cable sub requirement to view The. Best. Show. Ever.

    • You do realize we have ZERO control over this right? We’re not Fox, EA, FXX or anything else associated with them. We’re just the Addicts 😉

  4. Question.. I downloaded the app, selected Comcast Xfinity, Logged in but it doesn’t show the “555 Full Episodes” listed.. It’s just blank? Any advise?

    • hard close and open it again…could just be a lag with it.

      • Nope. I’ve tried to hard close and open again and also tried to re-login to my Comcast Xfinity account.. I wonder if it has to do with the type of cable service that I have? I’m not sure. I’ll just try again later

      • Nevermind!! I figured it out lol.. It’s a bit more complicating for me to find out how to navigate through the Seasons than the screenshots above but I got it now 😛 😀

  5. Sucks to have Dish 🙁

  6. Can everyone download it?

  7. Not available in Canada… d’oh!

  8. Neat. But I dropped cable 5 years ago. Prime and Netflix suit me well. Maybe they’ll follow the upcoming HBO model and just let you pay monthly for hboGO and get rid of the need to have cable to use it streaming.

  9. addicted2simpsons

    FYI the FXNow app has been updated with the new Simpsons World screens! It looks just like website and allows you to browse easier!

    (Please update your app screenshots to reflect the new pages.)

    • lol well I would do that…BUT 1 it’s nearly midnight where I am and they serve the same purpose. And 2 the screens look EXACTLY like it did in those screenshots on my phone still. However YOU are MORE than welcome to take all new screenshots and email them to us a and I’d be happy to put them up 🙂

    • OR…we just leave this amazing post that Alissa took quite some time out of her personal day to create…and leave it just the way it is.

  10. I’m so sad it’s not available everywhere :'( I live in Brazil T_T

  11. The website is an awesome idea, but the requirement of a cable subscription is a bit of a pain. I think what would help boost the site’s popularity is by having an online subscription setup ala Netflix where you can avoid having to need cable and just pay a monthly fee to access the episodes.

    That, or have Netflix show the episodes, that would help a lot, given I already have that. 😉

  12. The content you are trying to access is not available in your region. BOOURNS 😫

  13. I cut the cord recently and cancelled my cable subscription since I normally watch TV on my Roku so I’m crushed that I can’t take advantage of this! 🙁 It looks amazing.

  14. Not on Amazon Appstore… sometimes it sucks having a Kindle.

  15. I heard a rumor that there is some cross-functionality with Tapped Out…is that true?

  16. I’ve been watching so much of the Simpsons since FXX picked it up, and I was super excited about Simpsons World. It was a little buggy / laggy this morning when it first went up, but I imagine that will settle down quickly. They’ve done a great job with it. I’m actually thinking about finally picking up a Chromecast almost exclusively to use for this…

  17. New to the website but i ve been using FXNow app for awhile now and it is cool! You do have sponsors for it which means sitting thru “commercials” but that is trivial! 😉

  18. I was never allowed to watch The Simpsons when I was younger, my mom didn’t think Bart was a good influence on six year old me, but I always wanted to, so my question is, how long would it take to watch it all? From the beginning? Roughly estimated?

  19. Directv is not listed, as I figured. They hate streaming. I do think it is a really cool idea though. Of course I have most of the seasons on DVD, so I gamecube whenever I want.

    • I’m hoping eventually they’ll get it signed on. FiOS isn’t listed either…which I have. So it stinks I can’t watch it despite what I pay for my cable service. Thankfully I have the access from the cable we have at work..but still it stinks. But I do have all the seasons digital on a cloud drive so I stream from my phone whenever I want too 😉

    • Yeah, no DirecTV. So much for ‘awesome.’

    • I have Directv and it blows. They offer video on demand but it requires wi-if for which the service is outsourced to a second party provider that sucks even more than them with their tiered data usage. I can’t even use Netflix. I might be better off using dial-up. Maybe I can find one of those old free minutes with AOL CDs.

  20. herroyaldykeness

    Oh so cruel to know of this website… Can’t access it in UK 🙁

  21. The website also requires a cable subscription to view full episodes. My experience so far has been downright terrible. I’m sure it’s due to the crushing traffic due to its launch but I’ve had nothing but trouble. Videos won’t load, sign-in issues. I can’t wait until the FXNOW app actually has the same features as the website which is due soon. I’m glad it launched but hoping the kinks get worked out.

    • I had some issues accessing it at work, but home I’m doing ok. Could be my internet speed at home not sure.

      And yes, I forgot to add that in. 😉

    • It is working fine for me (so far). My home Internet and TV service is XFINITY/Comcast. I’m so glad to have this available. My DVR is almost full from recording a huge portion (but not even close to all) of FXX’s ‘Every Simpsons Ever’ event. Now I have access to all the episodes! Plus, in my area, FXX is only available in standard definition so the video quality seems to be better on Not to mention, finding episodes is much easier than plodding through my DVR’s clunky menus. Thanks to this, I will soon be freeing a ton of space on my DVR. Now I just wish they’d come up with a website with all the Futurama episodes. Then my DVR would be almost empty 🙂

      • lol DD you need to get a DVD recorder. This way you can take them off your DVR and put them on DVD 😉

      • I hear you Alissa, but this geek is L-A-Z-Y 🙂 Changing discs in a DVD player is a drag… LMBO ~ Em busted my chops pretty good about this. Still, a fully Internet browser based solution is a dream-come-true for me. Just hope I can continue to afford it. As most media consumers know – every several months the cost seems to trend drastically upwards 😉

        • LOL well the other option is your own personal cloud drive. I’ve got an external 1TB cloud drive at my house that has every Simpsons on it…and now I can watch from any device whenever I want 🙂

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