Glitching Hugo & Missing Homer

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in with another Glitch Report….

Seeing LOTS of reports of issues getting Hugo’s questline to trigger the final part.  Part 5 of The Good Son is what triggers the option to craft the spooky house…and for many of you this is not starting.

We’re also seeing several Missing Person Reports for Homer….

Let’s break these glitches down for you & what you should do if they’re happening to you…

Treehouse of Horror XXV

The Good Son Part 5- Not Starting

Here’s the deal…Part 5 should trigger by Hugo after you’ve completed Part 4 (and I know I still owe you guys a walkthrough and breakdown…EA’s been throwing update curveballs at us, but it’s coming 🙂 ).  Part 4 is triggered by Homer and you’ll need Bart (And Hugo) to complete it.  Part 5 should then trigger by Hugo..and Part 5 is to Craft the Spooky House.


Again, for whatever reason Part 5 is not triggering for some of you.  This is not  impacting everyone…2 of my games & 2 of Bunny’s have all gotten Part 5 to trigger…as have many Tappers.  So this delay in Part 5 is a glitch.


If you’re impacted by this…and can’t get Part 5 to trigger…OR you’ve completed Part 4, Part 5 popped up and then it disappeared….we suggest contacting EA.  You can find out how to contact them here:

Additionally, we’ve created a thread on the EA forums where you can post if you have the issue as well.

Missing Homer:

homer twilight zone

Homer is one of the most frustrating characters to go missing…because you can’t store the Simpson House to bring him back.  So I know how aggravating it is for many of you when he goes missing.  So here’s the deal…

If you can’t find Homer in your town, and don’t see him listed in Town Hall odds are he’s gone missing.  Now…think about the last place you saw him.  Did you send him on a task?  Was he roaming around Springfield?  Try to remember.

Here’s what we’re seeing….it seems for many he disappears when he uses the Donut Torture Device.  If you think this might be the case for you, try storing the DTD.  Once stored…if that’s what caused Homer to go missing…Homer should pop right out in Springfield.


If storing the DTD doesn’t work…it’s time to contact EA.  You can find out how to contact them here:

And there’s a EA Forum Thread for you to add to if you’re experiencing it here:

If you’re experiencing either of these issues…make sure you report it to EA.

Are YOU having the Spooky House glitch?  Or did the questline popup just fine for you?  Is Homer missing in your town?  Are you experiencing any other glitches?  (ones we didn’t already cover here)  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

35 responses to “Glitching Hugo & Missing Homer

  1. I came across a small glitch that I actually like, the “Portal to Rigel 7” actually gives me 6 rigellians every 10 min as long as I keep tapping every 10 min

  2. I have all of my required items to craft hugo but I have not gotten a prompt for him still, is there something else I am missing?

  3. I haven’t had any of these glitches but when I went into my game just now I’ve discovered that my Rigellions don’t seem to be spawning when I’m not in the game. I was gone for several hours, logged in, and my town was empty. If I hang out and visit neighbors or do other things in the game they seem to spawn normally, but if I’m not actively in the game I don’t get any. Any ideas?

  4. I seem to have picked up a crash glitch. It usually happens just after tapping a few things. Most often while visiting a neighboreeno.
    I’m not sure if I am losing ray guns when it happens.

    • Possibly too much going on in your game. May want to store a few items, tuck away any NPC, and try to keep most characters inside minus those trick or treating.

      Also try a quick restart of your device to see if that helps.

  5. I’ve got the farm flashing too. And the functionality of moving around town has changed, it won’t glide anymore. Moves where I move my finger and then sticks. Anyone else seeing this?

  6. Homer & Princess Penelope missing. Maybe they both found a portal out of Springfield. I am on day 48 of growing corn at Cletus’ and it’s growing & dying in rapid succession.

  7. Dear tappers,
    I ran into the Hugo glitch but fortunately EA came through and suggested I uninstall the game and reinstall it. Lo and behold it worked, hopefully this works for those who run into the same issue.

  8. Thanks for covering these glitches!

  9. The Ray Guns have finally appeared back into our neighbors Springfields!! It’s been 2 evenings that I couldn’t get the amt of Ray Guns I would usually be able to get!! I have had to spend Donuts that I didn’t want to use, cause I couldn’t get the game items at the time that I wanted! I was getting a real depressed feeling abt this and told my Husband I am abt through with playing this game, cause I wasn’t getting the Ray Guns as before and the Game just wasn’t “acting” the right way as I have been use to!! I play this game so much that my Husband is saying” that I’m to Obssessed with it”! I’ve “spent 50 Donuts last nite and close to that amt nite before, and I dreaded doing it, cause I was trying to save Donuts for Christmas time and work with what I had, but not to be!! Thanks for getting the Ray Guns back to how it was! Mahalo..I’m Grateful for all u do for us.. Eileen. :). Stepingstair. 🙂

  10. I had an issue, I was visiting my B game and trying to leave some grem-aliens I had 50 at the time, i kept tapping but nothing happened and tried leaving, coming back, and continued tapping. Then I noticed although none had been showing up. and it always said 10 I was down to 2 Grem-aliens. went back and logged out went into my B game and still nothing. I’m getting ready to contact EA. But am wondering if any one else has experienced this?

  11. Homer disappeared twice for me today. Once I just ended up paying 2 donuts to complete the task I had sent him on (he came back when I collected). The other I went to the friends section, force close the app and when I reopened the game he was back. The most anything thing is that he got bumped to the back of the automatic character list. Wish there was an easy way we could manage the character cycle ourselves to best suit our wants (without having to go through the agonizingly painstaking process of storing characters and then re-placing items in the order we want). Just a simple character list where you can press an up arrow or down arrow to organize the character queue, that’s all I want. And yet if EA hasn’t done it already in the many, many months the game has been out, then they probably never will…

  12. Part 5 popped up just fine but I’m still around 100 pieces of fence away from getting the spooky house, which will leave me needing more chocolate bars for the grand pumpkin, then there’s the items needed for the pumpkin house… it’s never ending 🙂

    • I’m in the same boat. Stupid fences. Wish we could just buy them. Instead I’m groaning whenever I get a silver or gold treat bag because I want the guaranteed fences in the bronze bags.

  13. Alissa, has ea ever incorporated any of the pro athletes that were on the show in the game?

    • Not to date…minus Tatum but he doesn’t really count. It’d be nice if it’s something they do in the future…I’d love to have Steve Sax in my game lol

  14. Does anyone else notice on Cletus’ farm, trifolds are going crazy from see to full grown in a split second over and over??

  15. What if you didn’t unlock Hugo?

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