Where Did THAT Come From: Halloween Reboot Part 3


Why you crying yah big baby?

How are all you Trick or Treatereenos doing? Getting lots of lil bags of goodies from the kids? Liking the new list of items that were brought back into the game? Wondering where they came from? Well I am back again to bring you MORE…AGAIN!


Well outside the fact that some hopped in from last year and/or the Halloween before, we did some background on them once upon a time and just wanted to refresh that info for you now. So here is the WDTCF: Halloween Reboot Edition Part 3.

Keep in mind many of these were written over a year ago. We may or may not have been a lil crazier then. Lol. Enjoy.


Suzanne_the_Witch gingerbreadhouse 10000goo ico_thoh2014_crafting_pumpkinhouse


Season 12, Episode 1: THOH XI (Scary Tales Can Come True)

Can two trouble making Simpsons kids out run a Witch? Who lives in the Pumpkin House?



Season 4, Episode 5: THOH III (King Homer)

Can you really take Homer out of the wild and train him?

So take a peek at some posts from the past…if you dare. Then let us know if YOU have a favorite?


21 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From: Halloween Reboot Part 3

  1. Dumb question, I wasn’t able to read the dialogue that came up when I finally got a pumpkin house. Was distracted with my palm on the screen. It was some sort if instructions, anyone able to quote that for me? Thanks in advance!

  2. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  3. Changing the subject completely……Something weird just happened. I was tapping along, and all of a sudden (pardon the cliche), the game backed out and went back to the log in page. I logged back in, and I was offered the prize option (1, 2, or 3 donuts). I wasn’t anywhere near to getting this before. I’m level 46, and I needed 1.5 million points to get the prize, and I was only at 620k points. Anyway- I took my prize (2 doughnuts). I noticed that the XP required to get the prize has changed. Also- the Ghost pirate airship showed up for purchase for 250 doughnuts. Must have been a little update.

    On a side note to the level XP stuff. Not only did I get the 2 doughnut prize, but it reset my XP balance to 193k (from 620k), and reset the amount I need for the next prize to 612,960 XP points. Someone at EA must have had a change of heart.

  4. I was wondering about the pumpkin house. I got it last year, so does that mean that if I unlock it after getting the Grand Pumpkin, am I going to have to spend supplies on building another one? Or will it just jump to upgrading it?

  5. And rekindle the magic.

  6. Would it be strategic if I collected treat bags and wait till phase 3 starts. I already finished phase 2. Has anyone done this for the last phase and have it work out with the switching from probes to Ray guns?

  7. I see a lot of people with mr burns as batman and Nelson As joker and Marge as a witch and then they also have this big green blob how did they get them?

  8. Suzanne has gone on over a hundred dates with George, when will he ask her to marry him.

    • Week truth is it a bit of a pot boiler this relationship has been simmering for a while, Sadly George just doesn’t stir up Suzanne’s pasionnate side. He did pop the question once but was left to stew whilst waiting for an answer. He has to really light a flame under this whole relationship cook up a casserole of of romance if he is to cast a spell over Suzanne or she may well look for a new broom to wipe the cobwebs from her love life………

      • Dude this reply is just awesome, it brought a warm feeling to the cackle of me heart. You should write for hallmark 🙂

        Thanx for the laugh.

    • Lol thank you ……

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