Candy Time!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Candy time is back!   For a this weekend (it looks like this ends Monday 11/03 at 0800GMT) you can purchase Candy (and nails) from the store!  Of course to do so you’ll have to spend donuts, but they’re actually priced fairly well.  (At least in my opinion anyway…)

Here’s what you can get:


It looks like all the prizes from the Gold and Silver Treat bags can be purchased…which is great if you’re struggling to collect Pumpkins or Chocolates!  🙂

Remember…this will disappear on 11/3 at 0800GMT (4 am EDT)…however it looks like it will be reappearing each weekend…like the Elixir.

What do YOU think of the candy for sale?  Have you purchased any?  What items are you currently saving to craft?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

43 responses to “Candy Time!

  1. This is for Bunny – Thanks! (I haven’t figured out yet how to post under your reply.) I appreciate the hard work of all of you. This site has made my game even more fun to play. No more sending someone on a 24 hour task who is needed to complete a crucial one. Also appreciate your take on the premium items. Most of all appreciate your patience and sense of humor when someone posts the same question, yet again, for the umpteenth time!

  2. I would happily trade in all 358 chocolate bars I have for fences. (Of, course, that’s not something you’d ever hear me say in real life! 😉)

  3. I’m revising my earlier “Fences and eggs” post. I think everything works out perfectly in this game, IF you are patient. I want the prizes, like, instantly, but waiting around a little, I can see it is possible to get everything, and then some, if you can just not stress about it.

    I would also like to ask the moderators how in the world they ever do it. Do you use hard earned donuts to finish the quests before the rest of us? How many A, B, C games do you have going. I am just so curious!

    • We use our own money to buy donuts and speed through the tasks in the games as well as tapping into other sources of data for info. I have TOO many games. Lol.

      I still have my original game I started Freemium I play at regular pace too.

  4. Doesn’t seem like there’s much use for gummi bears. I have a ton of them.

  5. Just finished crafting the doughnut torture machine and now I have to try and earn 350 chocolate bars before the end of the event for the grand pumpkin *sigh*

  6. There seems to be a shortage of ufos to shoot down to get most of the crafting supplies.
    Won’t spend donuts for any supplies

  7. Quite clearly, you’ll have to spend lots of donuts if you want all the prizes in this Halloween special. There’s no way you can win everything just by playing everyday and visiting all your friends’ Springfields. Heck, I already copped 90 donuts for the Rigellan hunting license and I’m still not remotely close to the final prizes. That pirate ship is also ridiculously expensive at 250 donuts.

  8. Freakin Fences! Why can they not sell the Freakin Fences!

  9. In need of fences and eggs too. Really hope EA will open those up for sale!

  10. I would love the get it now option again. Due to the fact that this event ends in the morning for me. I’m on eastern time. And Hugo Bart is still walking around waiting for me to craft his home, but I can’t because the fences are not adding up in the section I need. I have enough human test subjects, and shrubs, etc. EA GIVE US MORE FENCES!!!!!

  11. how many days does it take to complete the quests for the pumpkin and rigellian queen? lacking fences and chocolate bars, but am trying to hold off on spending donuts to see if i get enough in the treat bags.

    • Walkthroughs coming. You want to know how long to complete it ALL? Or just to the point of unlocking say the Rigellian Hut?

      • if the quest will continue post-event, then just up to unlocking. but if it all has to be completed within the event, then all of it 🙂 you guys are great!

  12. Opposite here I always get bronze bags for everything I have a surplus of fences and eggs bit no candy or pumpkins :/ every time I shoot down ufo I get bronze bag or 50 probe/long strain urg

  13. Fences!!!! I can hardly believe that I want more bronze bags than gold or silver ones right now 😀
    Guess it’s a “pay back” for me/us eventually despising Easter fences.
    Hahaha, I hope EA is getting their jollies. 😉
    I love everything else tho!

  14. We should all email EA and ask for more fences…….though I wouldn’t pay doughnuts for them.

  15. Fences and eggs! Fences and eggs!

  16. I emailed EA about my lack of fences, and how I would buy them in a heartbeat with donuts if they made fences available in the store the same as candy corn and chocolate. No response yet :-/

  17. I don’t understand EA…. Everyone is having problem obtaining fences, yet they sell every candy needed to craft but do not sell fences. Just frustrated because I have everything to craft more items but I am being held back due to a lack of fences.

  18. I accidentally spent my treats on grand pumpkin!!!! Craft it now doesn’t have an undo button… i was tryna save for the donut torture device.. 🙁 </3 UGH. and i'm one of those tappers that DOESN'T use cheats to acquire premium currency. FML!

  19. I thought I was the only one!

  20. I know there’s no way to say for sure until we see what EA does, but as far as crafting goes we aren’t expecting anything that isn’t available now, right? I’ve got one of everything and have enough candy to start making extra houses and such, but I’d hate to do that only to have something new show up right after. I guess to be safe I’ll probably wait until the last day of the event, even though that means I’ll miss out on some treat bags / pumpkins that the houses could generate.

  21. I agree! Fences and eggs, definitely! I bought chocolate early on in the game, because it seemed so scarce, but now I have pounds of it, and don’t really need it. I would trade it in a heartbeat for broken fences and rotten eggs.

  22. I wish I could redeem real easter fences in the craft a thing. I have so many useless fences sitting in my town from easter.

  23. Fences are the things I end up being drastically short on.
    Bronze bags seem rare than silver and gold bags too for some reason.

  24. Wish I could trade gummy bears for rotten eggs. Similarily trading Milky Ways for Twix. C’mon EA that’s a Post Trick or Treat tradition!

  25. Hello
    I already have 1 of each stuff of the crafting stuff, so I would like to know what should I continue crafting? Houses, pumpinks, huts or walls? (Or the other stuff) What is more useful? What could be more useful in the future?

    • It honestly is personal choice. Design wise, what will YOU want most?

    • Per the TSTO gurus, I see that there is no additional crafting items scheduled to come out. If that is the case, I think having two of each building is a good idea – They made use of the old pumpkin house for 2014 and if they do that in the future, two of each should be a great help. Plus, at least two of each allows for a better decorating set-up.

  26. Nice, but what I really need are Fences. 🙂

  27. After struggling through the whole event to get enough chocolate for the big items, I now have almost 100 in stock but nothing to use them on. I would however love to purchase some fences and eggs… Oh,well… Patience…

  28. It probably depends upon how many premium children you have, but I am limited by fences and eggs, not the higher tier candies.
    I have not even been tempted, if anything it annoys me that I can only buy the kinds that I already have enough.
    Perhaps my earning ratio is off because of them, but at this point I would send my premium chars out for low level bags if I could.

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