Make-A-Thing Prizes Breakdown Part 2

Hey there Hoppereenos. Hopping on by to give you a lil insight and details on all the cool things you can create in Make A Thing now we are getting close to the end of the event.

Make A Thing Workshop

Trying to decide what item to create first? What one is the better deal? What does it look like in town? Is it animated? Well let’s take a peak at them.

Here are the items you can “CRAFT” at Make-A-Things. Keep in mind, many of these you need to complete quests, tasks, or other things to unlock the items first. Once unlocked, you can get the option to craft it. The items with the “+” next to them mean that item will increase for every additional one you make. In short, if you want more…it will cost you more items.

CRAFT Item Broken Fence Rotten Egg Candy Corn Gummy Bear Chocolate Bar Pumpkin
The Grand Pumpkin * * * 400 350 300
Pumpkin House * 300+ 300+ * * 50
Rigellian Queen 400 400 * 300 * *
Rigellian Hut * * 300+ * 50 50+
Hugo 300 300 250 * * *
Spooky House 300+ * * 100+ 50 *
Gold Treat Bag 50+ 50 * * * *
Spooky Wall * 20+ 25+ * * 10
Human Test Subject 100+ * * 100+ 50 *
Rigellian Shrub 50+ * 25+ * * 20
Mutant Peacock * 500 * 500 * 300
Donut Torture Device 200 * 500 * 500 *
Bulldozer-saurus * 500 * 500 * 300
Hover Copter 200+ * 500+ * 500 *
CRAFT Item Broken Fence Rotten Egg Candy Corn Gummy Bear Chocolate Bar Pumpkin

So there is the list of things to craft, now for a breakdown of the newest items themselves. (If you want to see the previous ones, go to the Make A Thing Post HERE.)


Rigellian Queen (Decoration): Sits on a 9×9 base. She is animated and wiggles her arms while just sitting there. When you tap on  her, Hilarium pours from her mouth down into the pool below. The pool sparkles and bubbles. Kang and Kodos do have a 20 hr task to drink the Hilarium from her pool. Kinda funny to watch. +10 to Obedience.Rigellian Queen


Rigellian Hut (Building): Sits on a 4×5 base. No animation. Does make a fly buzzing kind of noise and potions bubbling when tapped. Payout for the Event is 3 Rigellians every 24 hrs. Cool looking Hut design wise. Wish I could make a bunch to form a community with them around the Queen. +10 to Indolence.ico_thoh2014_crafting_rigelliantribalhut


Rigellian Shrub (Decoration): Sits on a 2×2 base. Cool looking decoration. Really wish they would have gave us the option to just buy a bunch and not craft this one. Only adds +5 to Tree Hugging.



Bulldozer-saurus (NPC): This lil guy just wanders your streets in town. When tapped he makes a squeal kinda similar to the episode he came from. More info on him HERE and HERE.



Hover Copter (Decoration): Sits on a 7×7 base. Animated as the blades spin while it just sits in your town. Fires weapons, makes shooting/flying sounds, and hovers slightly in the air when tapped. More info on it HERE and HERE.




So there is the breakdown of the latest items in Make A Thinks. How many of these do YOU have? What one is YOUR favorite? Do you like the way they set up this event to make things? Let us know.


82 responses to “Make-A-Thing Prizes Breakdown Part 2

  1. Should I get Hugo or the rigellian queen?

  2. You’ll probably cover this, but with the event ending tomorrow evening, is there any reason you know of not to use up all the treats prior to the end?

  3. You’ll probably cover this very soon, but with the event ending tomorrow afternoon, is there any value in holding onto the ‘treats’ or should we plan to use them all up prior to the event ending?

  4. I missed out on the donut torture device and unless I get a windfall of chocolate in the next couple of days I don’t think I will be able to craft it. Is it worth just crafting a second pumpkin and spooky house now?

  5. I’ve crafted one of everything so far. I am still trying to get UBO. However, is it best to craft an additional pumpkin house or spooky house for next year’s halloween event.

  6. I’ve crafted at least one of everything and would like to increase my Indolence rating using up my remaining candy. I know you mention that the Rigellian Hut gives you +10 for Indolence but do the Spooky House or the Pumpkin House?

  7. Seems to be my lucky day. Third time I got 30 donuts from UFOs during the event. So far free donuts from the event are adding up to about 120 to 130 including the end of quest bonus and free donuts in treat bags (not even sure how many I received, took me a while to realize there can be donuts in bags). Investing in the ray gun for ammo was well worth it, it almost paid for itself.

    Also got 20 chocos from an UFO – so today I could finally craft the Giant Pumpkin. And a pumpkin house is under construction now as well. Only a few non-rare items away from the Queen. Well on my way to get UBO from protein strings….

    Bottom line: love the event! I’ll probably be able to get all the prizes without spending donuts on them, with maybe the exception of the Rigalian Hut – which again needs Choco Bars… >__<

  8. I big Thank You to Bunny for her reply to my message re: spooky wall bonus multipliers. My main town now has a 162.25% multiplier bonus. It seems the multipliers take awhile to kick in. I haven’t checked my Dexteroustwo freemium ID yet, but will assume the multiplier is now there for my Freemium town.

    As an aside; My main town has won 3 x 30 donut prizes in the spaceship shoot down. My secondary town has won none so far for the event. Both towns get about the same number of bullets over about 3 to 4 days average. Both towns getting a lot of 20 x pumpkins since the changeover to phase 3. I have been tracking all donuts & prizes won for this event since it commenced. I will collate tallies closer to the end of the event, just in case it may help others.

  9. Even though I unlocked the copter during the second phase it was still available for me to build in the shop, I know thanks to this site that I wasn’t the only one seeing this, but I checked my inventory and I had a second one there even though I avoided that craft button like the plague. I was able to place it in my town and it is also still available to build in the make-a-thing shop. I guess I’m lucky, but I sort of wish this glitch was for some other items lol.

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