Should I Buy…Returning Halloween Items?? Part 2

SIDE NOTE BUNNY: Yes, I saw the FB post about the “creator”…and YES…I got an idea just what it is. 😉 Stay tuned for info WHEN it goes live. 

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Halloween time in Springfield! Leaves are falling, there’s a dimness to our towns, something is floating in the water…oh and items from Halloween Past have returned to our stores!

As with Halloweens past (and other events) EA has decided to make old items new again, and give players who might have missed out on something a second chance to get it.  Of course that second chance doesn’t come with out a price, as many of the returning items that were once free are now premium.

Recently EA brought back several items from 2013 and 2012, Burns Monster, Ghost Zapper, Ultrahouse 2, & Super Collider & Black Hole!.  Now many of you are curious if any of these items are worth your hard earned donuts, and we’ve broken a lot of these down for the previous events…however we decided it’d be great to give them another look in a Halloween Should I Buy reboot post!

So now let’s take a look and see if these items are worth YOUR donuts!


This will run a little different than our typical Should I Buy posts.  Basically I’ll give you a quick overview, some pros and cons & my opinion on it now…but I’ll also link you to the previous Should I Buy for more insight…

Oh and before we get started, for those that don’t know NPC= Non-Playable Character.

Let’s get started with…the Burns Monster


Character: Burns Monster
Cost: 25 Donuts
First Introduced to TSTO: Halloween 2012
How Did You Get it Before: Freemium.  Was acquired when you collected 300 candies.
What Does it Do: Essentially a NPC.  If you tap on him he’ll open his mouth wide and lash his tongue.

-Iconic character, from original THOH event way back in 2012
-Is animated..and the animation is pretty funny.

-Was once free and is now premium, with no added benefits.
-Just an NPC, doesn’t do anything new.

Final Thought
This one was a pass for me last year & it’s a pass for me this year.  Just not a fan of it…BUT it’s a great price if you’re looking for a premium NPC.  However, just keep in mind it won’t bring any new benefits to your Springfield (other than making you giggle as he hops around town).

Post from last year



Item: Ghost Zapper
Cost: 60 Donuts
First Introduced to TSTO: Halloween 2013
How Did You Get it Before: Premium item originally, also at 60 donuts
What Does it Do: Nothing.  Back in 2013 it did serve a purpose, it zapper ghosts (like aliens this year) as they were coming buy.  However, this year it does nothing.  However, it does give a bonus %.  

-Looks cool (Especially if you have Frink’s Lab)
-Bonus %…2.25% on all cash and xp

-Serves no purpose to your town, to help with the event.
– Pretty large in size, so could be hard to fit in your Springfield

Final Thought
Personally…this was a pass for me last year (when it had a purpose) & it’s a pass again this year.  Beyond the bonus % (which is nice), to me there’s just no upside for it.

Post from last year


ultrahouse 4000goo

Item: Ultrahouse 2
Cost: 90 Donuts
First Introduced to TSTO: Halloween 2013
How Did You Get it Before: This was freemium last year, it was one of the prizes you could win.  It was also brought back for the 2014 Yard Sale for donuts.  (90 donuts back then)
What Does it Do: It’s another house for Springfield.  Earns cash and XP as well as improves Indolence (+10)

-Decent Payout ($200, 22xp/ 8hrs)
-Small Dialogue when Placed

-It was free last year, a prize won if you collected enough GOO
-No Character Interaction

Final Thought
I do have the Ultra House in my Springfield & I was a fan of it when I won it back during Halloween.  It looks really cool in Springfield & I’m glad I have it, but I just don’t think it’s worth the donut price.  90 donuts is a lot to spend for a house that has no character interaction.  BUT I will say…out of the 4 returning items in this post, this is one that I’d get over the Burns Monster & Ghost Zapper.



Combo: Super Collider & Black Hole
Cost: 70 Donuts
First Introduced to TSTO: Halloween 2012
How Did You Get it Before: Was Freemium when initially released (cost 100 Candies).
What Does it Do: Building & decoration for Springfield.

-Earns an ok rate ($150, 13xp)
-Inexpensive for returning combo
-Looks awesome in Springfield (especially with the black hole)
-Black hole earns a .5% bonus on all cash and xp

-No character interaction
-No quest associated with it
-Was once freemium and is now premium

Final Thought
Out of all the returning items with this phase…this one is a definite buy.  It’s priced REALLY well & is one of the most requested items for TSTO by players who started after Halloween of 2012 (mainly Android players).  If you have the donuts grab it!

So that sums up all of the…”if you haven’t seen them, they’re new to you” premium items part 2!

What do YOU think of the items?  Have you purchased any?  Have some from previous Halloweens?  Any advice on what to buy for TSTO Noobs?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


74 responses to “Should I Buy…Returning Halloween Items?? Part 2

  1. Is this collider building(with black hole) the one that we need this year for the character The Collider? Does it give an animation to the Collider? I don’t have the building and hope that it’s anywhere purchaseable.

  2. I have around 80 donuts, should I spend it on the Super Collider + Black Hole combo or save it for the upcoming Christmas update. Please guide

    • We do not know what this year will bring. I would say do what would make YOU happy months from now.

      • Seeing people all excited & then your write up about the super collider, I am all confused about whether it would be a wise decision to let it go and that too when I have 70 donuts

        • Many wanted it more for the black hole and the look of the building. I always wanted the black hole cuz it looked cool. The Super Collider is a cool looking building, but no one uses it. So it was hard for me to want it too terribly. It does fit into my Sciencey area of design. It is just hard when you have other items that are used by characters and/or come with characters to compare one that does not.

          It honestly does come down to what makes YOU happy. What YOU want in your game. Months from now, would YOU be happy with the purchase or wished you had saved them sprinklies? Lol

  3. I was purchasing the super collider this morning, and when I confirmed everything it didn’t show up in my Springfield, didn’t take donuts from my account and is not showing up as available items. Did I activate the black hole and lose my opportunity to get them? Very bad timing on my part if their limited time availability ran out.

  4. Nice, the Krustyland ride from a previous Halloween has shown up buyable. So another to add to the list. 🙂

  5. I’m not sure if I missed it but does the super collider offer anything for the conform-o-meter?

  6. Where is Cauldron with Witch Marge? It was available at the beginning of Halloween event and now, when I finally have donuts it disappeared 🙁

  7. I bought the Super Collider, I was hoping the black hole would be a bit bigger tho. Nothing gigantic, but like 2×2 would have been alot better for me.

  8. So is Matt coming to our game? Playable character? I wanna know, I can’t wait….

  9. I have the burns monster. I’ve never tapped on him more than during this event because he is similar to the aliens. Poor dude gets tapped all day long.

    Saw the post about the premium currency. Every iTunes gift card I receive for Christmas and birthdays I hoard until Gil drops his donut deal around the holidays. I have a $100 gift card that I’ve been sitting on for a while just for that and I can’t wait to stock up on donuts. They usually let me splurge some all year. TLDR; I’ve spent like $350 of other people’s money in this game and it feels good 😉

  10. I am not getting anypercentage gain from the black hole… I shelved it and hit the info button but it shows no percentage either?

    • Some won’t. Look at your % bonus in your comfort screen change when you place it in your game (allow it time to sync first)

      • I have had a 99.7% bonus for some time and i can confirm that i get no bonus for it….

      • I had no change either, even after I restarted my phone :/ Sucks, because I had to choose between the Super Collider and the Mutant Rabbit and I chose this because of the bonus.

      • Yes, same here. Too bad that the bonus doesn’t work…. Hoping for a patch or something..

        • It does take time for your game to show the difference. It is not instant visually. Usually I go in n out of Krustyland and/or neighbors to try to speed up the sync. Usually within 24 hrs I see the difference actually visually listed.

      • I know it’s not instant but it’s been more than a day and I have restarted the game more than once. It has never taken this long before, I don’t think there’s a bonus for the black hole anymore.

    • I’ve noticed in my game that when I add something that increases bonus, the new number isn’t properly represented until I get out of my town (either by going to the friends screen, or Krustyland) and come back into my town. Then and only then does the number reflect the bonus increase.

  11. Shot down UFO got 30 donuts on Tuesday 10-4. Hit 20 few days ago.Got to keep it short Simpsons coming on. See ya later.

  12. William Bergheimer

    Well, we haven’t seen the kang krustyland ride come back yet….that and the thanksgiving indian gambling reservation are the only old items I still want…

  13. I ended up spending all of the donuts I had (at the time) on the Ray Gun, I missed it in the last Halloween event since I had just started playing so I wanted it for this time to get Kodos to go along with Kang whom I got with the goo prizes. Having it spawn ammunition for shooting down UFO’s is also nice.

  14. I already had the Ultrahouse 2 from the last recent Yard Sale. It’s still a favorite of mine, though I wish there were character interaction with it after it’s initial quest line (or at least have it animate again when tapped). I bought the Super Collider and Black Hole as soon it appeared as I had been waiting for it. I had seen the Ghost Zapper in other towns, but I had no idea what it was or what it was called, so I couldn’t even research it. I think it is cool looking and has a great animation and sound effect when tapped. But alas, no ghosts in my town for it zap. I bought it anyway for the cool factor and have it placed in the lot next to Fink’s Lab. I wish it was half the cost though, but I didn’t know until after I bought it that it had a percent multiplier attached to it. So that was a pleasant surprise and makes the cost more reasonable. I still wish some ghosts would emerge from the ether to be zapped when tapped, but it’s okay. Burns Monster? Meh. I may pass on that one. Perhaps if it were 11 or 12 donuts, maybe. It’s a NPC that I would only have out and about during the Halloween event only, the rest of the year, I would have it tucked away in storage. Probably a pass for now. I’m hoping for the Victorian UFO returning this weekend.

    • There’s no reason the ghost zapper couldn’t have functionality in a future event. It could zap bunnies or snakes or even ghosts next Halloween. Hopefully it will make another appearance too, since I don’t have any donuts left after buying Witch Marge and a tentacle tree.

      • One never knows. It’s possible. If it doesn’t, so be it, I still don’t have any regrets getting it, especially since there was an unexpected multiplier attached to it. It goes well with the whole Frink/tech/sci-fi/gadget area of my town.

  15. I already had the atomic supercollider, I got it when I got bamboozled by that other blog.But I didn’t have the black hole and it was certainly the one thing I have wanted for a long time. I was delighted to log in and it was free for me. I was so happy!! It is so cool- plus I recently saw the black hole treehouse of horrors and it made me laugh so much. “Bart! Homer! Stop throwing things in the black hole!!”

  16. As a player from the very start, I honestly hate that these once “limited” items are now available for all. “Limited” items need to be changed to, “Buy now, if not they will become available in a few months again”…

    • But for a long time player in me…I appreciate they come back as donuts and not free. 😉

    • On the upside, many of those re-releases include a bonus for those that already got them for free. Especially the costumes are all becoming premium earners. all without paying for them. Not a bad deal in my opinion.

    • I’ve never understood that kind of attitude , does it hurt that other people get to enjoy something your enjoying already ?
      I mean I get that some people have special snowflake syndrome but it’s not like when you get a free item from an event it comes with a guarantee it will never reappear so why assume it will.

      I love that EA give new players the chance to experience the joy of getting these items , more excited new players = more reason for them to bring everyone new content .

      • Doesn’t hurt, also doesn’t hurt for them to release actual new stuff rather than bring back leftovers.

  17. Homer has a task for the ultrahouse

  18. I got the Super Collider right away. It just looked to cool to pass up. I like that the black hole provides a bonus percentage. I didn’t know about that until this post.

    I *did* buy the ghost zapper because I wanted it for my Frink compound that I’m assembling. And I didn’t mind that it gives a bonus, too.

    I’m still toying with the idea of picking up the Burns monster. I really like it. But the fact that it’s a NPC and doesn’t give a bonus, even though it’s *relatively* cheap… I’ll probably pass, though…

    I’ve picked up so much in this event. I just wish they’d bring back the Twirl and Hurl for Krustyland. I really, REALLY, want it!

  19. TSTO isn’t holding any old items back. Really having a yard sale lately. Kinda makes you think they’re looking for a last cash grab before phasing out the game.

    • That…or listening to players MASSIVE requests to bring items back. 😉

      • Would they really phase it out? I’m sure a lot of people have paid hundreds of dollars for premium currency and they’d be super upset. Mind you I guess there must be an end eventually. Makes me wonder if I should buy donuts ever again.

      • Yeah why would they if its such a high grossing app. I for one am still head over heels for it 🙂

      • With the amount of money they are making from the game, I doubt there is much chance they will shut the servers down any time soon. When that time eventually comes, we will most likely see them neglecting the game — going longer and longer between updates until they just stop. At that point, they will just be waiting for the money to stop before they pull the plug. I play another game online (very small following) that probably has only a few hundred players left — but the server is still up because it makes more money than it costs to operate. When that changes, I’m sure it will disappear.

  20. For my B game, I grabbed the Super Collider and black hole, as well as Burns Monster. I’d love Bart the Raven, only to complete the Halloween XXIII set, lol. Been playing my A game since then, so I have everything there

  21. I sprung at the two for one black hole super collider combo. I have Ultrahouse from last year. Burns Monster isn’t on my must buy list, neither is the Ghost Zapper. I figured since “ghost” is in the name, aliens wouldn’t come from it (two plus two, right?), so for me it was out. At least it comes out fairly cheap for the decoration and building combo.

  22. Thank you. I didn’t notice that 0.5% multiplier from the Black Hole. And for putting me off the Ghost Zapper.Looking forward to M.G. !

  23. Nice stuff but there is already way too much stuff in this game that is premium compared to being freemium especially when the chance of earning donuts is so low. It would be a different story if donut were given more freely. Other games give away premium currency much more readily so you don’t mind spending actually money to get something you really want. But when just one item takes the donuts you have spent 6 months collecting then it make people want to walk away from the game.

    • Really? I have won MORE free donuts in this game than any other I played. Been playing since March last year and prob accrued at LEAST 1000 Free donuts from just tapping and visiting along with the free ones they always give out.

      • Not counting donuts from questlines (so only looking at donuts from treat bags and UFOs), I’ve gotten a grand total of 2 during this event. Some people are just luckier than others, I guess.

        • Are you maxed on your FP points? If so…visit all neighbors daily for a pink sprinkly surprise here n there. Usually 2-3 a day when they hit.

      • How is that possible? I’ve only won about 20+ donuts in total for this event, all via treat bags. No free donuts despite shooting down hundreds of UFOs. 🙁

        • MAX FP and daily neighbor visits can score you 2-3 Free donuts daily most of the time. Leveling up. Completed tasks. And just ones they randomly give out in quests and events. Right now I get them from UFOs and Treat bags too.

      • Also in the Aleination quest, they give 20donuts for completing the questions.

    • I must have gotten 4 or 5 treat bags filled with only donuts as well as 10 or 12 mixed in with other treats. Maybe 120 free donuts.

  24. Thanks for the fine analysis. I got the Ultrahouse back in the Yard Sale, the other stuff I picked-up this time.

    Does the Super Collider & Black Hole earn towards the Conform-o-Meter? I mean do they affect Vanity, Indolence, or ??? And by how much?

  25. I put the Supercollider in a small block with the Knowledgeum and Museum of Natural History. Looks REALLY good together as an academic part of town. As I pre-plan blocks for buildings to come (waiting for the unlock) I’ve placed the Black Hole in the vacant lot (where the not yet unlocked building will eventually go); it amuses me (and hopefully some neighbors).

  26. I thought that I saw some indication somewhere that the house with the Bart raven was coming back. Does anyone know about this? And is the scoreboard popup on the neighborhood screen meant to pay off at any point or is it just for bragging rights?

    • As far as what OTHERS may have reported…we never said it was coming. Mainly for reasons like this. Just because something is in the information files does not mean it will come to the game. We can only wait and see what they DO decide to release. We will post on it when and if that happens. 😉

      Nothing outside competition that we can see.

  27. Urg! I did it. I’d been holding out on getting the Collider, but I’ve just bought it. I have admired it since I started playing and was excited to see it. But… I’ve been waiting for Brandine to make a comeback. I splurged on some other stuff early in Halloween and couldn’t see myself spending more sprinklies. I did and now it looks too cute. I bet the next thing they release is Brandine though… sigh.

    • FWIW, Brandine came out during the Valentine’s Day event and likely won’t make a comeback until the next Valentine’s Day event. Maybe not the best speculation from a “I want her new” POV, but at least you’ll have ample time to build up more free donuts until February.

      • Thanks! Yeah I saw her, thought about it, decided no. Then changed my mind, went right in to get her. Gone.
        Well… here’s hoping we get a really good donut deal some time in the future.

  28. I buy everything I’m a true addict, still waiting for the Kang and Kodos ride in Krustyland and the Victorian UFO, hope they pop ut this final weekend.

  29. I didn’t realize how much I wanted the super collider until it was available. And then I snapped it right up. I’m very happy to have it in my Springfield. I already had the ultra house from last year. It’s pretty cool and if I didn’t already have it I would probably buy it. Everything else is a pass for me.

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