Crafting For Halloween: Grand Pumpkin

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So, one of the neat things about the Halloween update is that for the first time we can create our own little adventure…sorta.  With the introduction of the Make-A-Thing Shop we have the ability to create our own prizes, by picking and choosing what we want to make…and earning goodies accordingly.  (or in some cases earning goodies and choose what we want based on that)

Bunny gave us a great overview on earning, choosing and crafting…but now let’s take it all a step further and look at what happens when you craft and add the items to YOUR Springfield.

First up…let’s take a look at that crazy Grand Pumpkin…


Remember…crafting the Grand Pumpkin and running through the short questline is what will unlock the Pumpkin House for you.  Details on the Pumpkin House and how to get it will be below as well…

WARNING Spoilers Below…including Dialogue

For those of you that don’t know…you can find more details about the grand pumpkin, and where it came from here.

Anyway….the Grand Pumpkin is an animated decoration for your game.

You’ll find the Grand Pumpkin in Make-A-Thing and can craft it by collecting the following:

Gummy Bear400 Gummy Bears
Chocolate Bar350 Chocolate Bars
Pumpkin300 Pumpkins

Once you have all of those collected you’ll be able to Craft the Grand Pumpkin!  Once crafted you’ll see the following pop-up:

2014-10-15 03.26.11

You can choose to use the Grand Pumpkin now (by placing it) or if you’re not quite ready you can store i in your Inventory as well until you are ready.  Once you’ve crafted it it’s yours forever….so even if you don’t use it right away it won’t disappear on you.

If you decide to use the Grand Pumpkin right away it’s questline will start up for you.  Here’s the full dialogue version of the short questline:

Life is Grand Pt. 1

Grand Pumpkin: Finally, a patch to call my own.  Sure it’s not big or fancy, but it’s rent-controlled and there’s room to stretch my vines.
Place the Grand Pumpkin
Tap on The Grand Pumpkin

Grand Pumpkin 1


Life is Grand Pt 2
Homer starts

Homer: Look, you’re not planning on going nuts and eating everybody again, are you? ‘Cause this super-soaker is full of weed-killer just in case
Grand Pumpkin: Oh, Homer, you needn’t worry about me.  I’ve changed. I’ve had a lot of time to think.  Also I’ve had major parts of my brain removed.  Little things like the murder of my fellow pumpkins no longer bother me.  In fact, I’m selling hollowed out pumpkin homes made from the corpses of my own kind!
Lisa: That’s extremely disturbing.  Though I commend the idea of biodegradable housing.

2014-10-15 03.32.08

Make a Pumpkin House- Craft a Pumpkin House at Make-A-Thing. (if you already have the Pumpkin House from 2013, you will not need to craft another)  You’ll need:

Rotten Egg300 Rotten Eggs
Candy Corn300 Candy Corn
Pumpkin50 Pumpkins

And that completes the Life is Grand questline…and unlocks the ability to craft multiple Pumpkin Houses!

Here’s a quick rundown on the Pumpkin House and what it does…


Unlocked: During Part 2 of the Life is Grand. Must craft at Make-A-Thing, unless you have it from 2013.
Unique: No, you can have as many as you’d like.  You’ll just have to craft each one…and each time you craft one the amount of items needed increases slightly
Earns: During Halloween each Pumpkin House you have will earn 1 Pumpkin every 24hrs.  I suspect they’ll earn $/xp once Halloween is over.
Character Use: Currently no characters will use the pumpkin houses.

There is an additional quest for Milhouse involving the Grand Pumpkin!  This will auto popup in your Task Book, but there’s no dialogue associated with it:

It’s the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse

Make Milhouse Hang Out with the Grand Pumpkin- 20hrs, Earns $550, 135xp

Mihouse Hang Out with the Grand Pumpkin

There you have it…the details surrounding the Grand Pumpkin & just how to unlock the Pumpkin House!

What do YOU think of the Grand Pumpkin?  Thoughts on it’s animation?  How about Milhouse’s task with it? What about the pumpkin house?  How many do you have?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

39 responses to “Crafting For Halloween: Grand Pumpkin

  1. I hate how this does not put my comment up no matter what I do. Annoying.
    It disappears after I log in.
    I need last minute help. I’ve been trying to get enough candy bars to craft the grand pumpkin and kept getting everything but. I don’t know how everyone has twelve of each thing when I can’t get enough to make it halfway through it all. Anyways, I ended up buying the rest of him with my last few donuts. Placed him and then my game freaked out and when I came back in, it was onto the Milhouse one. So I cannot last minute craft the pumpkin house. How do I reset the quest line? I have the amount of other stuff to get the pumpkin house, just want to get it crafted before it’s gone. Thank you!

    have to admit it is getting a little boring. So I hope they keep the special events going, cuz visiting neighbors and just assigning tasks gets boring after awhile.

  2. Help!
    So I crafted the grand pumpkin, then my game spaszed out on me making it skip the entire home quest line to where I can craft the pumpkin house. How do I get it to reset so I can get that quest line started so I can craft the pumpkin house before it goes away.

  3. Hello, now that the prizes DIE sign and the U. B. O. are no longer winnable by protein strings, the game says that I would have missed them (even though I already have the sign) but they were craftable. But when I tap on the craft button, I don’t see the U. B. O. or the sign at the craftable items.
    Did you experience this problem too, is there a solution?

    • It was an auto default message the items were sent to show. It does make you sad to see it in there and hope that you could Craft it. But you can’t 🙁

  4. So, I love this decoration. It was my crafting goal from the start. One thing I’m trying to do with it, because of the size, is make a replica of the Jack-o-Lantern from the Halloween Town movies on Disney Channel. I love those movies and think it’s a great idea with four concrete walls, but, depending on orientation, I get a bad line of grass on the statue (overlooking the extra pumpkins). Abd I can’t put it on pavement to clear him up because he goes under ground. Any thoughts on doing it? Currently, I have him behind a Pumpkin House in the pumpkin patch with an escape gate behind him.

    • All I can suggest is test out a few different decorations. See which ones may be high enough to cover the area you don’t want to see. There are a few different shrubs and fence options to test out.

    • I would like to see what specific jack-o-lantern you mean, could you, if it’s allowed, post a link? I have Google for Disney Halloween jack-o-lantern and saw different Disney designs(Pool, Tigger…).

  5. I can either get the grand pumpkin and the rigellian queen or I can get the donut torture device. I guess two items are better than one, but I’m pretty bummed abit not being able to get them all. I just know there’s no way I’ll get enough chocolates and fences to build all 3 in less than a week.

  6. Do I need to complete those quests while in the Halloween event or can I save millhouse for tricks or treats?

  7. I got the pumpkin house last year, and it does pay out $/XP all the time, so I’m not sure why you say it will probably do that after the event…

  8. I need more pumpkin treat bags! :O

  9. I’m bored! I crafted everything D:

  10. Again very dissapointed of Grand Pumpkin. Again there is nothing to do with it, just another prize for the inventory. I was hoping for a quest after the one task of Milhouse, instead he missed 2 1/2 treatbags!

  11. I think I’m going to have to skip the Grand Pumpkin. I just don’t see any way I’m going to get enough chocolates to make it before the end of the event.

  12. The Geand Pumpkin is my favorite item this Halloween! I love his animation.

  13. Now we just need Tom Turkey for Thanksgiving.

  14. I absolutely love it! I constantly quote the Grand Pumpkin in my RL, mostly while cooking dinner. “You roast the unborn?!” Haha lol. I only started playing a few days into this update and it was the item I wanted more than anything else. I love its animation and I’m very happy I got it. It’s even my game name (GrndPumpkin but I’m full up on friends right now), which I made before I even knew it was a possible prize.

  15. I am not sure whether or not to craft this or the Rigellian Queen. I don’t think that I can get enough gummies for both. 🙁

  16. I’m not sure if this was answered elsewhere, but does the GP add to tree-hugging or anything else? It looks like I’m gonna have to choose between crafting this and the queen, and I know the queen adds to obedience, so I wanna know if the GP adds to anything else. Thanks 🙂

  17. Does Milhouse have a permanent task with the grand pumpkin or is it just for the event?

  18. His animation is nice, I just wish there was more to do with him.

  19. Thank you so much for this, I was wondering what was needed to craft the Pumpkin house and hoping I had enough of whatever I needed!! And I will as long as I can get 134 choc bars and 42 pumpkins in 6 days…. Doable?? I have 5 freemium kids and 2 premiums….

  20. Really torn on this. I have enough to craft the Great Pumpkin and a Pumpkin House. However, if I do so I most likely will not have enough to craft the DTD (stupid candy bars, how can you go Trick or Treating and not bring home hundreds of candy bars?) There is a pretty good chance I won’t get enough bars for the DTD anyway. Not sure if I should wait it out and hope for a miracle and just give in and craft the 2 things I know I can get.

  21. I lovelovelove the Milhouse-Linus-Task. Hope it’s permanent. <3

  22. Is there the same description for the rigelian queen? Got me the pumpkin and a house but the practical use seems low.. For during the event as I see it, there is more use for the queen and house (s)
    offtopic I got 6800 strings am I on the right amount for ubo?

  23. Aaaaaawsome animation! I really like it 🙂

  24. I still only have 4300 strands when my girlfriend has 6500 we play at the same times quite frequently 3/4 a day what am I doing wrong 🙁

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