In Game Update!! Matt Groening??!! Episode Tie-In

UPDATE BUNNY 11/7: Seems EA is staying pretty tight lipped lately on when items are coming and going. They will not provide a solid answer of whether the Writer’s Building w/Matt is Limited. My suggestion, buy it now just in case.


Hey there tappereenos. So just like EA teased, we have a new lil update to our game in the middle of this fun event. It brings…the Creator? πŸ˜‰


More Details Coming…


With the usual Episode Tie-Ins, we get some cool new items in the game and usually a dialog that ties it all together. Let’s start off with the two questlines.

Mat Groening Unlock Screen

So our lil Ghostly Friend Creator will auto start off the dialog,
“Klaatu barada nikto!!”

There is some silly dialog with Homer and the Creator that leads into the “When Worlds Collide” questline. The first of which is only 6 seconds long (you will need Homer for this). The next part will be 8hrs.

All of this of course leads into this coming Sunday’s Crossover episode with…. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE… FUTURAMA!!!

Mutant Rabbit Unlock Screen

Now…here is the REALLY fun part…EA being the lil stinkers they are have brought into the game… A MUTANT RABBIT!!! Hey now! I ain’t no Mutant! πŸ˜›Β Once placed, it will start the “Don’t Feed After Midnight” questline. The first task will take 12hrs.


Now for the cool new Building & Character. During Part 3 of When World’s Collide, you will have the option unlock to build the Writers Building.

Writers Building and Matt GroeningWriters Building: $80,000. Comes with Matt Groening. Payout is $150 & 13XP Every 8hrs.

Matt GroeningOnce you complete the 24hr build, you will unlock Matt Groening into your game. WOOHOO! He will come complete with his own tasks and continue on the When Worlds Collide questline.


Then there is this silly lil Furry Rabbit they stuck in the game.

Mutant Rabbit LargeMutant Rabbit: 75 Donuts. Comes with it’s own questline. Currently 1 task unlocked. The other unlocks 11/10/14. (This one is Limited Time til Sunday)


So more to come with the Mutant Rabbit, the Creator, a cool looking building at a low low cost, and a new Episode Sunday. WOOHOO!

What do YOU think of all this? Excited for this Sunday’s episode? Happy to get the Creator? Let us know below.



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  1. Jonathan Henderson

    I am at level 40 but I can’t get the writers building to finish the quests I already have Matt and the bunny as characters but I am on when worlds collide part 3 but I can’t find the writers building in the store and when I click on the quest to build it it’s blank and the quest is locked what happened

  2. Hey I know this is an older thread but I was just wondering, I have not seen a quest line anywhere in the walk thru’s for when or/getting Matt to appear and what happens when he does. I see in the character list here he is not listed as “Limited” or “Premium” either. Did I miss something somewhere?

    Just an FYI also if you were not sure, He did show up in my game (in game XP Level 23) and I have the tasks to build the writers building and unlock him, so he is still obtainable..unless this is just some weird bug that I got?!! If so don’t tell EA until I get him, please….lol. No but really don’t tell…

  3. I was watching a few random episodes earlier (Simpsons World FTW!) and saw the writer’s building… but I don’t remember which episode it was in (^_^;) It wasn’t a “writer’s building” or anything like that — just a normal (apartment?) building. Unfortunately Simpsons World doesn’t seem to have a place to see your viewing history, so I’ll go over it in my mind and see if I can figure out which one it was in. It was just a few second shot…

    Maybe one of these two episodes?
    Stealing First Base
    No Loan Again, Naturally

  4. has anyone experienced an issue with the amount of the writers building?? Everything I have saw or read has said it costs $80,000. It was that much yesterday when I was on. But when I go on the game it’s saying it is now $150,000?!

  5. No spoilers, but I LOVE the animation with Matt and Homer in Part 11!

  6. Hello, I don’t understand how a crossover episode comes into play in this game. I’ve Matt, he sends out Homer getting PAs, coffee and such. Where is this going, do I need to know something from the crossover episode from the US?

    I also got no donuts for Kang’s quest when he tries to cover up his intentions by giving us 20 donuts, did this happen to anyone else?

  7. hey guys, I can’t seem to get this quest activated. Groenings character & building is showing, but the quest has never kicked off. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, switched devices, everything. Nothing will activate the quest. Any ideas?

  8. Hi bunny I’d just ask if the writers building has an end because I am very very poor that building has an end or what because it’s very hard for me to get some money’s in That game I am sorry for my grammars but please answer my question

    • I am trying to get verification. The mini update itself ends 11/11 8GMT and the Bunny set to go Sunday. Will post if I get the final clarification on it.

  9. I came across another game glitch besides the Ghost Ship not having sound involving the Mutant Rabbit.

    When I play the game, I set it for 4-8-12 hours for all townies, and then use town hall to make sure everyone is done with tasks.
    Then I use the “Charachter Find Icon” in the top left of the screen.
    But when the Mutant Rabbit shows up, his icon is flashing with images of all the other townies except his.
    After I had sent everyone on their quests I tried to fix it by going to the Friends Town page and back again, doing this made his icon blank.
    It’s not a glitch that will mess up the game because it still lets you select him, it’s just kind of anoting.

    Has anyone else had this happen to,them?

  10. Hey Bunny. I wasn’t going after the person who wrote the post, I was saying it in general. People complain about the game then act like you guys are responsible. That being said if anyone had a bad thing to say refer them to my post. You guys are awesome and hope you stay that way !

  11. It may be cheap for all the established players but for us newbies $80k is a huge amount of money! It’s going to take 2 days to save for it, and that’s assuming I win on the dogs!
    Meanwhile the huge queue of other stuff I have to build just keeps getting longer… Hey ho.
    Oh, and 10×10 means I’ll have to buy new land too – or reorganise my town. It’s like real life, I never seem to have enough cash πŸ™‚

    Thanks for all your hard work, as always!

    • Yeah…I think sometimes EA forgets to account for the fact that some folks aren’t long-time players….even the whole trick-or treat thing can be difficult for folks in lower levels who only have a few kids to work with.

      However, word of advice…when I first got the racetrack, I went out and researched and basically learned that it wasn’t a good idea to play…most of the time, you’ll come out behind. A better way to make money is to play hourly as much as you can and, most importantly, make sure you have the full 100 friends/neighbors you’re entitled to since you’ll make money visiting them now, and even more money when the event is over, because they’ll be able to tap on/spray paint your buildings, which both earns you more money when you clear their taps and will reset their collection “clocks” (say, if they visit while you’re asleep), so you won’t have wait as long for them to be collectable again when you wake up (and/or you’ll get extra collections from them).

      Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

      • I agree with building up your friends list — when you are first getting started, if you visit 100 neighbors every day, you can build up your cash and XP as much or more from the friend visits than you get from your own Springfield. (To find friends, click Add Friends from the very top of this page, then click on xxx Comments from the first post. This will take you to the current “Add Me” posts.)

        As for the track, the stated odds are actually mathematically neutral, but you get XP for playing, whether you win or lose. For me, I’ve found that playing the 2:1 odds works out best. Like with any gambling, don’t play until you can afford to lose.

    • It gets better. My husband is a long time player but I am not. Starting about level 35-ish, I leveled up faster and am getting more money. Just do what you can. Enjoy playing. Feel free to add me as a friend if it helps. There’s lots of stuff I won’t have.

      I was able to get the writer’s building just now, finally. I placed it at the edge of town with the other three sides as the prison, the brewery and the mental hospital.

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