Should I Spend Donuts on the Caged Tom Turkey?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Turkey Time in Springfield and what better way to celebrated the holiday than with Turkey!  This year EA decided to introduce a caged Turkey into Springfield….so that we might remember Thanksgiving all year round (at least that’s my explanation!)

Wondering if you should add Tom Turkey to YOUR Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this caged bird to YOUR Springfield!

                       Caged Tom Turkey                   

Decoration: Caged Tom Turkey
Donut Price: 100 donuts
Bonus %: 3% on all cash and XP
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100

-Certainly adds a bit of Thanksgiving to your Springfield
-Animated when tapped
-Fun little dialogue pops up when you purchase him
-Decent bonus %

-No Character Interaction
-No quests associated with it
-WAY Overpriced!
-Turkey does not leave the cage.

Final Thought:
Personally, in my opinion this one is a pass.  It’s way over priced for what it is/does.  To me just not worth the bonus % it gives out…not for 100 donuts.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do…and I can tell you this is one I’ve passed on and don’t plan on getting.  Just remember…whatever you decide she IS Limited-Time so be sure to make your decision before Thanksgiving leaves Springfield! (looks like it’s set to leave 12/2)

Tom Turkey’s Little Dialogue:
This  is what pops up if you purchase him

Tom Turkey: A Presidential Pardon means I’m free to go… I’m released into the wild.
Homer: No so fast turkey.  I’m challenging the pardon in the courts.  I suggest you get yourself a good turkey lawyer.
Tom Turkey: This will not stand!!
Homer: YOU will not stand… when munching on your drumsticks!
Tom Turkey: My only wish is that you choke on my wishbone!!

What are YOUR thoughts on the Caged Tom Turkey?  Will you  be spending the donuts to bring it to your Springfield? Where have you placed it in your town?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you! 

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12 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Caged Tom Turkey?

  1. Well, fellow tappers, it appears Thanksgiving Quest 2014 is over and – for me – it feels “meh” compared to 2013:

    1) we got freemium & premium parade balloons (available again for those who didn’t play last year)

    2) Native American Lisa had the best ‘go vegetarian’ quest last year which rewarded tappers with the pet turkey (I’m sorry EA didn’t offer this for tappers who didn’t play in 2013) but also included mosf of Springfield quest wise

    3) Native American Casino / Mayflower Ship (premium items, one comes with a character and the other looks awesome in the ocean)

    I am thankful for Puritan Flanders (under used, why not a quest that involved more Springfield characters?), I assume the Free Picnic Table and Cornucopia add % to Task XP / $ Pay Out (can a fellow tapper confirm this, please).

    I am also thankful for the freemium Building (yes its a Plastic Surgeon Clinic doing stomachs bypass – but why does only Krusty visit? Shouldn’t there be other Springfield Characters who want this procedure?) and let’s see what Xmas Quest 2014 offers (last year was fun with the snow and xmas lights on all the homes) 🙂

  2. Any way you all could post the animation like you have done with others? Just curious what I would be missing if I don’t purchase. Thanks, and hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! 🍗

  3. I wish this post had been up before I got it. Such a disappointment. At least Sacagelisa and Puritan Flanders are keeping me busy.

  4. Thanks for the post. I’m passing… Still don’t know if I should get the heimlich machine

  5. Marc from Nova Scotia

    ‘It’s The Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse’ is one of my all-time favourite Treehouse of Horrors segments (“You roast the unborn?!”; “I’d rather die than hate!”), so I was really hoping for both the GP and Tom Turkey to be introduced as NPC this fall, able to stroll around Springfield and possibly chase each other. No such luck, but at least giving us GP as a free animated decoration that talks was a decent consolation. But 100 donuts for a caged TT that doesn’t even talk is a HUGE disappointment. Regrettably, it’s a big ol’ pass for me.

  6. I thought EA would give us the NPC turkey I’ve seen in other Springfeilds but unless they plan on giving or offering it on Thanksgiving day itself it seems we won’t get it this holiday.

  7. Oh no… I was going to get this tonight for my Thanksgiving Day Parade, but I was assuming it would do more for the 100 donuts asking price. 🙁 None of my neighbors have it, so I couldn’t try it out. Now I’m on the fence about it. I would only have it out for Thanksgiving time and hidden the rest of the year. That’s a lot of donuts for a decoration that would only be seen for 2 or 3 weeks of the year. Sigh. I had envisioned it in my parade since the event rolled in that now my parade seems empty without it. Will need to contemplate more on it now.

  8. I collect critters and this one is still a pass for me.

  9. Ryan Wilson Sonicboiny834

    Still wish they’d make a job where Tom Turkey chases The Grand Pumpkin

  10. I tend to save up donuts, kind of a side fund, for stuff like this. Sure it’s 100 doh’nos but as an avid collector it’s a must have. Every holiday I like to redecorate for that event and it’s definitely nice to have a different touch than other tappers. For this guy I have him on a plank in the middle of the water in the port with a feast table so he can watch everyone each his brothers this Thanksgiving. … muahaha. .. .. I kind of feel bad about that… brb. .. redecorating.

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