11/28 Thanksgiving-a-Roony!- Gil’s Back!

You ALL should get the Update now to correct the issue of the Leftovers. Not sure if all will see the *(null) one fixed just yet. But the Update will auto hit your games. ūüėČ (Remember if you see Bart, it may because EVERYONE is trying to get the update, so be patient)

UPDATE BUNNY: Looks like many of you are running into another issue. (It is odd as it did not impact any of my games.) Yesterday’s task ended with coming back today for Leftovers. Part of the Leftovers dialog today and task is to again have Lisa and Ned Have a Peace Feast, but the option is locked up. I am currently testing a few things and will report back.¬†

I am in process of trying to contact EA, and also started a forum thread on EA. Please feel free to add to it and open a ticket with EA on the issue. Will update once I hear more back. (I am also looking into the **null** self punishment issue)


UPDATE BUNNY 10:30 AM EST: After a very very long conversation with some reps poking round in my game, they still are unable to isolate issue. So…off to a patch they go. They are looking into the entire “Leftover” questline that should have triggered properly as well as Ned’s task turning *(null). Hopefully they can get a patch out soon. In the meantime, keep flooding the forums with your info so it keeps it on top.¬†

UPDATE BUNNY 2:00PM EST: It seems they almost have issue isolated and hope a patch will be out soon for all these issues. No ETA as of yet on it, just once they got it all in order it will hit our games. So hang in there. This one is wide spread. 


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers and Happy Black Friday!

Looks like they’re celebrating Black Friday in Springfield too as Ol’ Gil is in town! ¬†BUT he’s not offering discounted donuts…instead he’s offering donuts rebates!

2014-11-28 09.26.00

So here’s the deal…every hr on the hr Gil is offering premium items with a rebate. ¬†You’ll still have to pay full price for them..but then he’ll give you some donuts back if you do. ¬†The kicker is….Each item is ONLY offered for 1hr. ¬†If you miss that hour…you miss out on the item.

So if you’ve been waiting for something, now’s a great chance to get it. ¬†Here’s a list of what will be offered each hour…and what the rebate back is. ¬†(sorry I missed the first hour…that pesky Turkey made me sleepy!)

All times in Eastern US.   (Which is 5hrs behind GMT):

Note…we will NOT be doing a specific should I Buy for this. ¬†We’ve covered every item offered in our Should I Buy posts…since they’re all regular items. ¬†If you see an item you like & want…buy it & get the donuts back. ¬†Now’s the best time to buy items you’ve been waiting to get. ¬†I’ve linked the should I buys in the list itself & I’ve put in Bold some items you might not want to miss out on. ¬†

3am EST- Kamp Krusty & Kamp Bart. Get back 50 donuts.
4am EST- Lard Lad Donuts.  Get back 30 donuts.
5am EST- Ferris Wheel.  Get 35 donuts back.
6am EST- Hank Scorpio and the Volcano Lair.  Get back 50 donuts.
7am EST- Rich Texan.  Get back 20 donuts
8am EST- Kang Topiary– Get 3 donuts back.
9am EST- Fiddler.  Get 12 donuts back.
10am EST- Handsome Pete.  Get 20 donuts back.
11am EST- Fire Eater.  Get 20 Donuts Back.
12pm EST- Juggler.  Get 15 Donuts Back.
1pm EST- Sherri & Terri.  Get 40 donuts back.
2pm EST- Lugash & his Gym.  Get 40 donuts back.
3pm EST- Southern Cracker Fountain.  Get 5 donuts back.
4pm EST- Apu’s Apartment and Manjula. ¬†Get 40 donuts back.
5pm EST- Radioactive Man Billboard.  Get  3 donuts back.
6pm EST- Jimbo.  Get 35 donuts back.
7pm EST- Itchy & Scratchy Billboard.  Get 8 donuts back.
8pm EST- Ferris Wheel.
9pm EST- Rocket Car & Lampwick
10pm EST- Sleep Eazy Motel & Miss Springfield. Get 50 donuts back.
11pm EST- Fireworks, Candy & Puppies.  Get 15 donuts back.
NEW DAY- 11/29/14
12am EST- Museum of Natural History.  Get 25 donuts back.
1am EST- School Bus & Otto.  Get 35 donuts back.
2am EST- Frink’s Lab & Frink. ¬†Get 35 donuts back.
3am EST- Springfield Pet Shop & Jub-Jub.  Get 25 Donuts Back.
4am EST- DMV Limo. Get 12 donuts back.
5am EST- Lotto ‘N’ Liquor & Mr. Dewey. ¬†Get 35 donuts back.
6am EST- Barney & Bowlarama.  Get 55 donuts back
7am EST- Lefthanded Roadseter.  Get 8 donuts back.
8am EST- Crazy Cat House & Lady.  Get 40 donuts back.
9am EST- Little Lady Justice.  Get 20 donuts back.
10 am EST- Duffman & Brewery.  Get 40 donuts back.
11am EST- Film Set & McBain.
12pm EST- Mount Carlmore.  Get 35 donuts back.
1pm EST- Disco Stu & Stu’s. ¬†Get 40 donuts back.
2pm EST- Whale.  Get 80 donuts back  (still not worth buying)

Note: If you already have something that’s unique…you won’t see it listed for you. ¬†I think I got all of the items…BUT if I’m missing something please let me know. ¬†Also…it looks like the deals recycle around once time has passed. ¬†So you may get a second chance at something. ¬†But ONLY a second chance…they’ll only recycle around once. ¬†

And that’s the list…so not really ALL weekend…but basically today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday).

What do YOU think of Gil’s offer? ¬†See anything you like? ¬†Anything you’ll be taking him up on? ¬†Sound off i the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. Galactic Boogaloo

    Currently at 131 donuts. A botched purchase for Otto back when he was only 90 donuts left me with Blu Haired Lawyer. EA was kind enough to give me 30 free donuts after the mixup though. So I was saving for Otto this Black Friday but missed out on him yet again. I’ll probably just save up for Duffman and the brewery instead.

  2. Never mind,it is a task from level 44:) I hope I will finish it before SSC disappear forever.

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