It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

Hey there Hoppereenos. It is just about that time. Time where our towns start to get a lil sprinkle of white. The characters get all silly. Sparkly lights shine round the town.

Santa Flanders

So pretty soon our lil towns will be getting to see what gifts EA has in store for us this year. In preparation…I am gonna blow up my B game AND A game. See what happens as I redesign it all over again and again. But…before that happens, I hopped around to take a few quick pics from mine and Alissa’s towns that are starting to show signs of Christmas in Springfield.

You gotta put up the lights on the Houses of course.Β Screenshot_2014-12-02-13-36-56

Many houses around town have the option to have lights on them. So if you got them last year, turn them on. Lol.

There is also prepping the Christmas type area with some of the previous years items.Β Screenshot_2014-12-02-13-48-47


And even having Homer take Santa’s sleigh out for a ride or ten. Lol.Screenshot_2014-12-02-13-44-31


If you put out your “snow people” (currently in a melted state) you will also get to see them come back to full form (that is if EA does that this year again.)

Maggie_Snowman_Melting Marge_Snowman_Melting Lisa_Snowman_Melting Homer_Snowman_Melting Bart_Snowman_Melting


Marge_Snowman Maggie_Snowman Lisa_Snowman Homer_Snowman Bart_Snowman



There are lots of decorations around from last year you can start to create a Christmas town vibe with.

Holiday_Tree Tapped_Out_Elf_Home Tapped_Out_Festive_Nutcracker Tapped_Out_Festive_Lawn_Bell Tapped_Out_Festive_Fancy_Lawn_Bell Tapped_Out_Lamp_Post_Festive_2 Tapped_Out_Lamp_Post_Festive_1 Tapped_Out_Lamp_Post_Festive_3


So get in the spirit, get in the Holiday mood, and just have some fun. Feel free to add some images to the comments below with YOUR town decorations. Also…feel free to start the speculations of what YOU think EA may drop in our towns this year for the event. Have fun with it. We love hearing from you.


Bunny Snowy Shadow


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  1. cut cheryl 1231

    So I just noticed that my brown house don’t have any Christmas lights and they did earlier today

  2. Love Christmas in Springfield! And I’ve just won the 10000 scratchcard jackpot!

  3. I have not been able to log since 6pm. What is going on??? I’m worried that I might have lost all my progress, since I deleted the app and reinstalled it. That didn’t work. It did tell me that my progress was not saved from my last device. I only use one device…

    • Dont worry about the other device, it is a standard pop up. As far as can’t get in the game, how old is your device? How is your memory space? Any other apps running? How is your Wifi? Strong and Stable?

  4. Got the update from the Play Store. But once I start it up it won’t connect to the server.

  5. Christmas has arrived in Springfield!!
    Happy Ho Ho!!
    abby_oscar πŸ™‚

  6. Christhmas update is live on iOS!!!!

  7. This will be my first christmas for the simpsons and in all honesty i would just like some cool stuff that would normally cost donuts to cost money☺ i can’t wait to try it out❄⛄

  8. Simpsonsforever

    Loved the Christmas event last year, did not mind too much even about the wheel, although at times it was exasperating, got out my old Christmas decorations as soon as Halloween was over. Please bring back the snow soon, a good idea would be winter costumes for the rest of the Simpsons, and an independent Maggie, maybe with her star costume would be great.

  9. I hope they bring back homer and the flying sleigh i missed getting one and i really want it lol

  10. We have a movie theatre and last year we finally got a Chinese restaurant. But we’re still missing a Jewish temple or synagogue to complete the Jewish Christmas Day trifecta. I’d like to see one with Rabbi Krustoferson as a new character.

    Last year’s holiday show opening gave a nod to Jews complete with Krusty, his dad and Mr. Teeny (Dolph too?) at a Chinese restaurant, and a brief image acknowledging Kwanza, and a Festivus pole were made.

    In the interest of multiculturalism, Id like to mention that we have the regular church, a cult church (Church Of Lard Lad) and a Buddhist temple (Lisa, Lenny and Carl.) Apu is a Hindu. Surely a Hindu temple can find its way into the game. It’s time to round out holiday celebrations to more accurately reflect the population of Springfield USA and Everywhere Else, USA.

    Finally, Krusty is a Jew but I’d like to add his mansion to the list of buildings that need sparkly holiday decorations.

  11. Haha. Thanks for the info, Alissa. I guess I just got really lucky last year. By the way, you guys run an awesome site!!! Very helpful, informative, and amusing. Keep up the great work! And happy holidays to all on the TSTO Addicts staff!

  12. Could someone please explain to me the huge beef with the holiday wheel? I feel left out of the loop. I started playing around Halloween last year. I played during Christmas and got all of the prizes. Did I miss something? Get lucky? Someone please fill me in.

  13. I want Mr. Plow and Plow King. First year player and hope those comeback this year!

  14. I can’t wait to buy raindeer I only have one that I got free last year and he is lonely

  15. I WANT MY DAMN SNOW!!!! I’ve got snow on the ground here in Canada, so c’mon EA make my Springfield look like a pretty snow globe 😜
    Oh, and I’d also like an ULTRA-aspirational building that costs $50 million.
    This is where we make our Xmas wishes, right?

  16. Would love to see lights for Wiggum and Hibbert houses, Divali lights for Sanjay. I think Bart needs a task to get the Mom tattoo and then a joint task with Marge to get it removed. A kids vs bully snowball fight would be really cool too!

  17. I’ve been playing anonymously can I login to the orgin site and keep my park where it is? And did I miss out on Krustyland? Can’t seem to get it or find it…. Also something that has been bothering me I just started playing, and I’m on level 17 but how do you guys have so many #$*! Doughnuts and millions of dollars I play almost all day because of my back and I find it fun and addictive since I love the Simpsons, but I would like to get some of these awesome landscapes and landmarks but it takes doughnuts to get β€˜em and I believe that EA. Sports has enough money charging sixty bucks for Xbox Playstation games is there any way or how do you get to that point without spending real life money or is that the way it is, just curious I love the simpsons thirty years old and have everything simpsons. … and Steelers stuff. But anyways any suggestions would be great thx. Also BTW even though I’m not on the same level as you guys you do a wonderful job with this site trying to help everyone even people like me and I appreciate it. Thank-you. ☺

    • Let’s start off with the first part. Go to the neighbor screen and tap on the handshake icon in the lower right corner. You will see adding friends option. Select the one to add more friends, it will walk you through setting up an Origin account and linking it to your current game.

      As for Krustyland, everything unlocks at certain levels and questions. (Not XP Level on bottom of screen, but Game Play Level…ie…what questlines you finish). My best suggestion, go to our main home page and in the main menu you will see tips and tricks. Lots of info for new players as well as links to all the walkthroughs. Those will help you to know what you need to do next to keep progressing in game play.

      As far as donuts, don’t sweat it. SOOOOOOooooooooo many ways to earn them for free around the game by just playing daily and playing the events.

  18. I re-decorated my town for Christmas — including applying the lights to all the houses that had them — back during the Halloween event. Just like most of the stores in my area had already begun doing.

    I’m curious as to when they’ll release this year’s TSTO Christmas event though. Except for the Wheel of Anguish, it was a lot of fun.

  19. My lights are up, the lawn decs and lamp posts are out (so glad I stocked up on them), as well as the melted snow people, I’ve even got the depot out of hiding as a modernist Xmas type sculpture and have attempted a Christmas market in the park. Now all I need is some SNOW!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    *waits impatiently*

  20. My water does not look frozen and I just checked for an update πŸ™ This will also be my first Christmas. (Sort of – I started playing Dec 26 last year so missed out on the majority of it but still got a few things). I really loved the community prizes and hope that comes back. I adore all things Christmas in real life and just purchased a fresh boatload of donuts so I’m ready to go!! Question – Wasn’t Willi’e shack lit up last year? I thought I could turn it on, but nothing….. I was wondering if we could get an Addicts list of which buildings/houses have Christmas skins so we can make sure we didn’t forget to turn any on. I think I have them all, but would hate to miss. Come on, EA – BRING IT ON!!!! :))

  21. Although I have had this game since it first came out, I didn’t really become a daily player until this past Easter, thus this is going to be my first Christmas in Springfield. I am sad I have no Xmas decorations to put out in anticipation of the event., but I have been waiting a long time for this, as I know EA has done a great job of bringing the spirit of xmas to our tiny towns.
    Seeing some of the decorations made available in past events (in my neighbors towns) I can only hope this years event will bring more of the same (and some of the old).

    Happy Holidays!

  22. I started tapping at the very end of xmas last year right after I got my ipad. I somehow ended up with “ClausCo” and a couple other decorations. As I was so new I don’t even remember how I did that. Just under 1 year later I tap everyday and have become completely and helplessly addicted.
    The xmas event this year is huge for me. It not only marks a TSTO anniversary but it also marks a TSTOAddicts anniversary in January.
    This site has given me everything I could have ever asked for out of this game. Thanks TSTO and Happy Holidaze.

  23. I’m hoping they give Christmas lights for Sanjay’s house, Crazy Cat House, all the rich guy residences, and some other buildings.

  24. Really hope the christmas update is here very soon! I’m very excited!!

  25. Anything new? If EA is reading this, RELEASE IT RIGHT NOW WE WANT HOLIDAY WHEEL BACK!

    • Dude…do you wanna get hit? Don’t say things like Bring the Holiday Wheel Back…people don’t want to deal with that again! (A LOT of people don’t want to) And it’ll seriously make A LOT of people angry…

      • Ya!!! U tell him Alissa. The wHell of death was hated by all. Nobody wants to see it again

      • I think I hated the Easter egg box thing more than the holiday wheel. Atleast with holiday wheel you can just call it rigged but during the Easter event, I nearly gave up on the game if it wasn’t for you guys.

  26. Quick question- since the Christmas event is expected to start soon, should I hold off on visiting my neighbors today? My first event of any kind and I want to be sure I get it right thanks!

    • Well…sometimes there’s a 24hr task involved before the event kicks off. So it’s up to you if you wanna hold off or not. Personally I’m waiting because I’m impatient and will most likely speed up the first task. BUT if you are patient and don’t mind waiting and want the cash/FP today from neighbors go for it. Plus, remember it could hit today, tomorrow or even next week…


    Here’s my Xmas area. I keep it out all year. Hopefully we get the update today

  28. EA??? Bring it on!!! We R SSSOooooo Ready for Christmas in Springfield!!! What say Ye All?? Hoping to get the Santa Sleigh and Fixins this year!! I sure enjoyed my Furst Snowy Christmas last December, and, So waiting for this year!! Maybe some Hawaiian items this year to go with the Tiki Bar??? :). Stepingstair.

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