Christmas Gift Calendar Part 1

Hey there Hoppereenos. Christmas is in our towns. The snow is falling. The Elves are running amok. You are trying to figure out what to do with all the gifts. So naturally that means you want some kind of guide or Calendar to help you get an idea of what totals to strive for each day to get all those Personal Prizes. toyfactory_menu

We will have more info coming on how to hit these targets each day Math wise, but here is at least a general idea of where you want to be at the end of each day. Now due to the build time and tasks needed to launch the event in full swing, I started the collection a day AFTER it started (12/3) and end it a day BEFORE it is set to end (12/4). This will ensure you have it all collected before they shut it down. Gift Calendar

So basically around 700 gifts collected each day to get you where you want to be. A little less if you started yesterday.

Now for the breakdown of the prizes

Gifts Earned Prize Unlocked
580 Christmas Float
1200 Frosty The Hitman
2300 Toy Workshop Bell
3500 Sponsored Church
5500 Festive Light Plunger
8000 First Ever Christmas Tree
10,800 Bonestorm Santa
14,000 Nativity Scene

Now what comes AFTER you get all the Prizes? Well, FREE DONUTS of course!! In the usual fashion, as you keep earning gifts you will eventually hit a point you will get a chance at the 3 gift boxes. This case it is every 2000 extra gifts earned. (Though I did see that it said every 1000 under, I called and asked and EA is already looking into the wording error.)

Christmas Bonus Donuts Prize Box 1


So every time you hit an EXTRA 2000 gifts, you take a chance to tap on a box to see if you get 3 donuts inside. If not, then you can collect the 1 or 2 or pay $50,000 to keep trying til you get the 3 Donuts. Christmas Bonus Donuts Prize Box 2(I tried my usual trick of pressing and holding on the far right box until the lights cycled to hit 3. It worked a few times. Worth a try.)

There you go. A calendar to keep you on track, some details on where the prizes award, and a bit info of what to expect after all the prizes are won. What do you think so far? Where are you at? Liking the prizes? Let us know.




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  1. Kinda bummed that I was a little short in getting the nativity 🙁 had to drive all day Christmas Eve and couldn’t play lol ohhh well… maybe they will bring back some prizes that some couldn’t get in time *crossing fingers*… happy holidays everyone!

  2. When does part 2 start? I’ve just logged on and everything has disappeared no more daily tasks or prizes to win? Just standard screen?!?

    • Did you start the new tasks with Homer and Lisa?

      • Me and my boyfriend have the basic screen too… everything has disapeared and there are no tasks for homer or lisa :/ we dont know what happened but we hope we will be able to play part 2…

    • Me and my boyfriend have the basic screen too… everything has disapeared and there are no tasks for homer or lisa :/ we dont know what happened but we hope we will be able to play part 2…

      • contact EA. But wait until tomorrow 12/26, since they’re closed for the holiday. Also…wait until after 9am EST to do so and try to trigger the “Call Me” option.

  3. Got the Nativity Scene with an hour to spare. I had everyone doing the task that got the most gifts within the time limit and figured I would need 16 at the end. Then when I got in, I remembered my gift earning decorations/buildings, and some feds. I was so happy.

  4. I really like this Christmas event… Its my first one 😀 what personally really annoys me is the many many server connection failures …sometimes I’m not able to login for a day what is pretty much annoying when you are trying to get everything on time :/ and not one word from EA as apology.

  5. Wasn’t sure the best thread to post this tip in, but I thought this was one that people might be checking as they come close to earning the final prize…

    Tonight, I got the manger, then got cheated out of my first 78 presents towards the new 2,000-present goal for getting donuts. I was about 30 presents away from getting the manger, when I rang the bell to collect my elf presents. Although I collected 78 presents more than I needed to reach 4,000 and the manger, because I reached out during that one tap, it didn’t start the new presents tracking until after I collected my rewards.

    ⚠️ So, if you’re close to 4,000, make sure to manually collect as many presents as you need to get to that amount, and then wait until you get your rewards before ringing the bell to automatically collect the rest!

  6. I have about 8900 presents. Wondering if I’ll make it without donuts? 🙁 I have no premium characters except SVT so maybe that’s why?

  7. It’s late in the event to ask this, but the 18 hour task lists are taking a toll on me.
    Do we merely have to complete all three tasks within 24 hours to get the 100 gifts, or must we tap the thumbs up above the character as well? So far I’ve been waking up in wee hours to tap the thumb before the 24 hours elapsed.
    Today I got to wondering what “done” really means.

  8. I’m still always a day behind. Any tips on how to earn more, to get to that day’s total, or even get ahead?

  9. Finally got Bonestorm Santa last night. So just about 7 days to get to the last 2670 presents. 382 (ish) presents a day… that’s doable. *phew* I started late so I was worried I wouldn’t catch up. Thanks to all the people who added me on Origin and maxed out my friends list – that helped loads! Also thanks to the TSTO Addicts team, you’re all awesome 🙂

  10. 1000 presents ahead of schedule bonestorm Santa in 4 hours time 😀

  11. I’m finally just about equal with the calendar, though now I’m worrying about my daily total falling off between the end of the daily tasks for phase 1 and the start of phase 2. That’s 100 fewer gifts per day for several days. I’m just barely catching up and that’s with the prizes from daily tasks AND running gift tasks for elves and all standard characters at least four times a day. It’s fun, but if I manage to get all prizes it’ll only be by the skin of my teeth.

  12. Hey! Thanks for this it’s awesome!

    I got enough presents for Bonestorm Santa, and I got the prompt dialogue for him, but he never showed up. I have a task waiting for me to tap him but I can’t find him to do it. I know you’re not EA support but I wasn’t sure if this was a problem anyone else had. Thanks!

  13. Well, glad i’m on track but still very disappointed that once again there is absolutely nothing for Hannukah. The other competing game has both Christmas and Hannukah. Saying that EA wants to be nondenominational is hogwash because they have easter and christmas decorations (some on the more religious side like the angels), as well as apu displaying his hindu pride (replete with statues), the buddhist temple, the churchy joes, and so on. Krusty doesnt even acknowledge his heritage in the game. I was hoping they would bring his dad the rabbi in this year but once again let down. Since hannukah starts tonight, even a little popup would’ve been nice. For shame, EA 🙁

    • I am curious if they are saving it for a future release of all things Krusty, his Dad, and Jewish. Would be great to toss them in now too, but would also like just…more of something.

  14. Do I see Bender’s silhouette in the phase 2 prizes? Squeeeeee!

  15. I have a neighbour that has a moving skilift.
    Is that a prize to be won in Phase 2? (after the 23rd)
    ‘Cause if it is…someone is playing a hacked game.
    What a loser…

    • It’s something not available until phase 2. So yes, they’re more than likely playing a modded game.

      • Thanks for checking files Alissa.

        Using donuts to speed up your way through story progression or to buy premium stuff is one thing but this is just ridiculous.
        It’s like buying a brand new video game and using cheat codes before you play level 1. What’s the point?

        I grew up playing on an Atari 2600 and a Colecovision before that. No cheats codes way back then, everything had to be earned. Its more satisfying..if you remember those days you know what I’m talking about…

      • That’s how I felt when they came out with AD&D after playing the original D&D… All of a sudden, the game rules gave you all kinds of spells and abilities from the get-go that you used to have to earn.

        And now folks can see how old I really am (although it’s likely that only folks of a similar age will even understand what I’m referring to 😉 ).

  16. I was around 1500 behind after my weekend lockout but it’s down to about 600-700, that’s pretty good. I should be able to catch up by the end of the week 🙂

  17. I’ve been keeping a track of my neighbours’ visits and sadly only 52 of the 100 have visited me in the last 3 days, and only 24 of those have visited more than once. 1 or 2 of those don’t have feds yet so I’m missing out on a lot of gifts.
    I don’t like to do it but in a day or two I’ll have to perform a major cull and drop those that aren’t visiting. I really don’t want to do it but otherwise it’s gonna cost me donuts and everyone knows donuts are more important than anything!
    Maybe it’s cos my name, SwissWavey42, is at the end-ish of the alphabet and people start at A and stop visiting after their gifts have dried up, or maybe most people don’t play as intensely as me!
    I know I take this game waaay too seriously. 😉

    • Keep in mind YOU have a max of 20 Feds in your depending on when they hit your town, the Feds could have been maxed out and they couldnt send them. I have run into this daily with a great amount of my neighbors. I get so busy I cant visit often, so it is hard when I can but can’t help at all.

    • i’d be happy to add you and send some feds your way.

    • I have the same issue. I am weeding out some inactive players. I visit all my neighbors daily. U can send me a neighbor request if you want 🙂

    • I’ll send you a request Swiss, because I always start at the END of my friends and work backwards towards other Springfield.
      I can’t visit all my friends in one shot (battery dies) and its faster to scroll to where i ‘left off’ back to ‘A’ then to keep trying to work towards ‘Z’.
      And I apologize for using this post as an invite but I’m also just trying to make a point.
      I dont know if anyone follows my logic behind that though.
      Shorter trips back to start, y’know?

      • that’s an excellent tip- my game always crashes when visiting friends, your strategy is the way to go. smart cookie.

    • i added you yesterday, sent some feds a few hours ago. enjoy!
      ok bunny no more friend talk 😡

    • I tap on you and send feds 0:) *glows with neighbourly pride* so please don’t cull me!

      • I hope I didn’t Jen, my culling is over now. I now have 100 neighbours all of whom visit at least 3 times a week, most of them 6 or 7. It doesn’t really matter most of the time but in events like this it makes things a lot easier.
        Thanks to you and all my other lovely neighbours 😀

        Thanks to you too Bunny, I just hit 16,000 gifts and used your trick to get 3 donuts 😀 I was very grateful cos I stupidly hadn’t kept $50k in the bank for a 2nd try.

      • Swiss Wavey / Bunny – I remembering reading it before, but I can’t remember where… Can you remind me of how that trick goes? I want to save that info somewhere for the next time I max out my XP meter!

      • Oh no – I’m one of THOSE people! 😳


        (Although, to be fair, it’s been a while since I read this whole post…)

      • Seriously though… I just read it and I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “lights cycled to hit 3.” Do they spin like a slot machine, showing different numbers of donuts? I’ve only done the box thing once so far, so I don’t really remember how it goes.

        • Here’s how Bunny explains it….

          Just what I said. Watch the lights round the boxes. They have a pattern. So…press and hold the far right while watching the patterns. When they complete the cycle…let go. I usually got 3 donuts about…90-98% of the time?? It may take a few times to get the sequence down, but once you do it seemed to work.

      • Thanks, Wookie – may the donuts be with you! 🙂

  18. Sorry about the last post I posted before proof reading – that’s autocorrect. I have wide thumbs so it’s good at times but sometimes it just gives you nonsense. Especially the but about ned snowmobiling there are mistakes left right and centre – suffice to say needs should be ned’s and beds should be ned’s lol there are other im sure you guys can figure it out

  19. In feeling smug its 0745 on 14/12/14 and I am sitting at almost 8800 that 2 days ahead! All I am doing is visiting regularly and planning well ahead for my tunnel tasks to the point that I will work it out so that any 6 hour or 8 hour tasks are completed overnight! Which has meant starting the tunnel tasks at 9pm once. But that way you get the whole of the next day to plan – also I’m keeping the vast majority of my springfeilders in 4 hour tasks. Perserverance is the key – but life Is easier for me as I am maxed out @ 47 and I have a some premium characters – also as soon as you compete one of santa’s tasks click on him again straight away so you don’t forget to put him back on his 4 or 8 hr tasks also when you go to sleep put those who 8 he present tasks on them – and another thing if you have rod and rod always make need take them snow mobility it earns much better than beds 4 hour task! 10 hours snowmobiling is 12 presents. 10 hours of neds workshop task is 5 presents!

  20. Had a few slow days because work’s gone crazy, and the extra time at work is costing me about 250 gifts a day compared to my pace before the rush 🙁

    Used to be well ahead of the curve, and right now I’m right on track at 7000 and some change today. I hope that next week at work will be easier because at the current pace I’ll miss out on the final prize. Bonestorm Santa is what I’m mostly looking forward too though. That one should definitely be possible at least.

  21. Thanks again for the calendar, Bunny! i was worried that I might be getting behind, but a quick check shows I am about 170 ahead. Since another elf will join my crew in about an hour, plus there should be a 100-present bonus at that time, I am a lot less worried now! 🙂

  22. This event feels easier than Halloween. I was on ever 4-6 hours with that event and was close to not finishing, with Christmas I go on 2-3 times a day and I’m still at or ahead of this calender.

  23. Woo, while I’m still behind, I started late and seem to be catching up. With a couple more spring-fielders making toys, and some extra elves, I think I’ll make the deadline without having to spend donuts.

  24. Good news, I’m right on track. Bad News, I’m always on track for the previous day.

  25. there is a guy in my neighbors who had 16000 presents yesterday (is that possible?) and today he has 19000, how can he be doing this?

    • That seems like a lot but some people rush items and unfortunately others play by unorthodox methods. Honestly, if their count bothers you and seems to be a cheat, a lot of players just unfriend the neighbor. Good news is it doesn’t impact your game.

  26. Is there a max on how many presents you can earn a day from visiting neighbors? Because I haven’t gotten any while visiting neighbors lately. I even uninstalled and reinstalled.

  27. I seem to be 2000 ahead of the calendar… Super exciting 🙂

  28. Everyone needs to relax. Your daily totals will increase as you add elves. (I’ve uncreased about 25 per day.) A linear calendar makes no sense for this event.

  29. On past calendars, I have finished at least 2 weeks ahead using normal play. I am barely staying a day ahead on this one. I am visiting all neighbors, making sure everyone that earns presents are always busy, clearing out handshakes, etc. I noticed that all my neighbors except a few that always pay their way through all events are right with me give or take with presents earned. I feel like if I miss just one day or don’t start tasks as soon as they are done, I will not finish. Are we having to collect more than usual so EA will hope we will break down and buy and use donuts to speed up the process. I have not felt this to be the case in the past.

    • Keep in mind ways to earn increase every day and every tunnel. So it starts adding more as you complete tasks.

      • Maudlin Monarch ...**snikkt!**

        G2K Bunny!
        I am about a day behind the schedule and was wondering if the final prize would be possible to obtain. I’d be happy to get Bonestorm Santa, though. I inferred, however, that he is strictly an NPC. Shame; the “Wolver-Ice” and he could a battle task with some excellent animation.

    • I had similar concerns. Based on the daily increase in gifts thus far, my projection, donut-free, has me finishing fine.

  30. Hahaha,i think i will skip this event because im just startin out and i only have the early game characters so i don’t think im going to get all the gift its dec 11 here on the philippines ..

    do you think that skipping this event is a good idea so i can build my town and be ready on the next event??

    • Up to you…You may miss out on free donuts n stuff if you do. 😉

      • Do i have still a chance to complete the calendar (Well maybe no)

        i am a guy that if i have 1 items from the event i desparately want to have the other items from the collection (yeah that’s what i am) and its so frustrating to see that building without other building from the event so i ended up just storing that building..

      • Maudlin Monarch ...**snikkt!**

        G2K Bunny!
        I am about a day behind the schedule and was wondering if the final prize would be possible to obtain. I’d be happy to get Bonestorm Santa, though. I inferred, however, that he is strictly an NPC. Shame; the “Wolver-Ice” and he could a battle task with some excellent animation.

      • Maudlin Monarch ...**snikkt!**

        I replied to the wrong thread. I meant to reply to your comment re:

        “ways to earn increase every day and every tunnel. So it starts adding more as you complete tasks.”

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