Characters in the Christmas Spirit: Gift Earning Tasks

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Snow is falling in Springfield, leaves are off the trees, flowers are covered up and there’s a blanket of white all over town.  Springfield is a Winter Wonderland!

And the characters are getting into the spirit too!  In addition to Toy Making tasks at the Workshop, various characters have special Winter themed tasks to help you earn more presents!

Remember presents are the current currency for TSTO Christmas to help you unlock the part 1 prizes!  So the more presents you have, the more prizes you’ll unlock!  (For a guide on how many presents you should have at each day to win all the prizes check out Bunny’s Calendar!)

So let’s take a look at what characters have gift earning tasks, outside of the Workshop, to help you get more gifts!

lisa_pretend_to_ski_front homer_pretend_to_ski_front

Note: A LOT of characters have tasks at the Workshop, we’ll cover each one and when they unlock in another post….


Task Length Earns
Make Snow Angles 6hrs 3 Presents, 55xp
Pretend to Ski 8hrs 4 Presents, 70xp



Task Length Earns
Pretend to Ski 8hrs 4 Presents, 70xp
Make a Snowman 16hrs 6 Presents, 125xp



Task Length Earns
Eat Milk and Cookies 4hrs 2 Presents, 45xp

Flanders (Requires Rod and Todd…if you have them)

Task Length Earns
Take the Boys Snowmobiling 10hrs 12 Presents, 270xp

ned_take_boys_snowmobiling_front (1)


Task Length Earns
Be A Nutcracker 10hrs 4 Presents, 90xp


Task Length Earns
Prepare Christmas Treats 16hrs 6 Presents, 125xp

And those are the tasks…none Workshop…to help you earn presents!  Have some fun with the different character actions that are outdoors!

What do YOU think of the tasks?  Are you sending your characters on these tasks or Workshop?  Thoughts on the Christmas Event so far?  How are you doing on your present collecting?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

103 responses to “Characters in the Christmas Spirit: Gift Earning Tasks

  1. And does he need to be free to do quests?

  2. I,was about to rant and rave about how my Santa had no tasks available, but before posting I checked again and now he does!
    But he doesn’t show up under town hall, is he supposed to?

  3. Would love new friends in game! None of the people in my life play TSTO. Thanks everyone and happy holidays!!

  4. I sent Santa to his milk and cookies task and now he’s gone. I can’t find him anywhere in my game and convenient enough cant use the census to find him, thanks EA….

    Is the a common issue? Any suggestions?

    • After commenting I went back to hunt for him. I was given the tap 3 feds option and after completeing the jolly fat man reappeared.

  5. Visiting neighborinos and clicking on buildings with presents, but there are no presents adding up?

  6. Anyone else notice that the heart shaped pond has a crack right down the middle to make it a broken heart? I appreciate EAs humor.

  7. Squeaky voiced teen has disappeared. Any ideas?

  8. Third attempt at trying to post this comment.
    Can you post positives and negative to premium Christmas characters.
    How do you get the Christmas Santa that I’ve seen flying around Neighbors towns with reindeer and a sleigh.

    Could a moderator email me? I cannot get a comment to post. I type it, then log in and the comment is gone. I come back later, no comment. It’s getting old, please tell me how to make this commenting thing easier. It’s annoying me.

  9. Will you post the positive negatives for premium Christmas items. I also how do I get the homer that flies around Springfield as Santa with reindeer?

  10. I see my friends have a Homer flying around town with a Santa sleigh and reindeer. How cool is that? How do I get that?

  11. I dont have the tasks for Lisa, Ned and homer :-(. Lisa and Homer have the workshop tasks but not the ones mentioned above. Im up to @1700 presents and on the 4th elf tunnel. Am i just not far enough yet?

  12. Frink and Apu each have present making tasks also. So far those are the only two not yet mentioned on this thread that I am aware of

  13. I only got the earn 2 and 3 presents option for Lisa. I suspect I did not provide an empty space for Lisa to pretend to skid?

  14. Jusy a quick post for Bunny / Wookie / the team, I’ve noticed the “timezone discrepancy” re-when I post local time to your TSTO blog, if you don’t mind me asking what time zone are you guys in?

  15. Anyone else notice our new “Plant Worker”??? (and the “Giuseppe” title is blank)…

  16. I know y’all are busy and I greatly appreciate all that you do, so I apologize if this has been asked/answered and I’m assuming there will be info coming.. but.. do we not get anything for friends visiting our towns? So far it’s just the normal handshake and cash.. or is that where the Feds come in as we progress?

  17. Santa can now do task and I’m been ignoring him since the update??? 😧

    Note to self: Check TSTO Addicts first before you do anyting on Tapped Out, better yet set TSTO Addicts as my homepage so that I can see it first when I browse the internet and not miss anything…

  18. Is any one else having problems getting into the game. Is there something I can do other than reboot?

  19. Does anyone know what time of day the daily tunnel tasks open up? The individual character tasks(e.g. Marge) seem really long. I don’t want a tunnel task to open up that requires Marge and she has 16 hours to go making treats!

  20. Everything was going great and then I just got home from work and the app refuses to open without crashing… It worked fine at noon?

  21. Also Squeaky Voiced Teen – “Make Piggy Banks” 4h, 4p, 70xp, Frink – “Make VR Helmets” 4h, 4p, 70xp… so far for the premiums…

  22. Also, i don’t think i have Santa as a character. How do i get him?

    • He wanders around your town but isn’t currently a character.

      • And doesn’t come up in the town census (yet?)… unlike previous event key characters such as Number 1 (I’m pretty sure he came up in the cenusus, which sort of was an indication he would end up as a pkayable character once the Stonecutters event was over). Maybe a sign we won’t get to keep Santa???

      • I’d like to see him stick around all year. Off-season tasks could include things like feeding reindeer, reviewing elf performance evaluations, having a drink at Moe’s, sleigh maintenance, go fishing, etc. His off-season outfits could change with the seasons, and he would shave the white beard after Christmas and start growing it again near Halloween next year.

  23. i love Christmas in Springfield. What bothers me is that i didn’t know about the update until a couple days in so now i’m doing 4 tunnel tasks in ONE day to get the extra gifts. I wish they would force you to update when it becomes available just like they do at the end of an event. I need to delete a bunch of friends as well since they still haven’t updated since halloween, that’s a time consuming task. I wish there were more characters who could earn gifts or at least had fun winter themed tasks. I’m just glad it isn’t spin the wheel and cross your fingers like last year. I hated that.

    • Oh yeah.. I missed several buildings because the wheel seemed to like to stop on the same thing every time or else conveniently miss the very one you wanted by this much..

  24. Thank you! I had no idea Santa earned presents!! He’s off to eat cookies and drink milk for the next 4 hours!

  25. Thanks for pointing out that Santa earns presents! He doesn’t come up on the upper-left corner task roster.

  26. Question, when will I be able to releasef Feds? My neighbors are already doing it and I’m ahead at least I think I am

  27. My Santa is not showing a task to do, any reason why?

  28. thank you thank you! I was wondering where all the Christmas tasks were! You guys are mind readers! I was about to ask!

  29. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with the number of presents you need per day (700) and the earning rates. These task times seem really long for characters. Is 700 per day realistic? From the elves, the tunnels and the neighbor visits, will it be enough to hit that number?

    • Seems like a really easy number to reach to me. Time will tell but I’m pretty optimistic for players who started right at the beginning of the event.

      • I agree… This one is SO much easier and less stressful than Halloween (and Clash of the Clones, in a different way). But I Will say that, with this one, a little planning goes a long way!

        (Also, if I understand the Feds thing right, in a couple of days when my neighbors all reach that part of the game, I’ll be receiving a lot more presents each day, right?)

  30. One of my games is at level 15 so I am desperately trying to avoid using my characters to earn presents, need the cash to buy more basic items

    • Every little bit helps with earning presents. A lot of folks end up delaying the level ups during special events. Best of luck!

    • If you log in frequently, a bunch of purple houses will be a good investment; if you log in only a couple or three times per day, blue houses will be your best friends, Either option will earn lots of cash in the long run. Personally, I use a mix of both: The blue houses have the best return during work and sleep times and the purple houses have the best return during my online time.

    • I only started playing at the end of the Clash of the Clones saga (just over 2 months ago) and was in a similar situation to you when Halloween hit. If you concentrate on getting presents, i.e. give the quests lower priority, it doesn’t do you any harm. You will go through the levels quickly (XP from presents, etc.) and your tasks will build up, but it’s OK. If anything it’ll give you plenty of things to do once the Christmas event is over. It also lets you save up cash cos those quests can drain cash very quickly (with expensive buildings needing to be built).
      I’m on level 42, but my tasks are level 31 tasks! It’s just fine. Get those free goodies from making presents, in the long term you’ll be better off.

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