Characters in the Christmas Spirit: Gift Earning Tasks

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Snow is falling in Springfield, leaves are off the trees, flowers are covered up and there’s a blanket of white all over town.  Springfield is a Winter Wonderland!

And the characters are getting into the spirit too!  In addition to Toy Making tasks at the Workshop, various characters have special Winter themed tasks to help you earn more presents!

Remember presents are the current currency for TSTO Christmas to help you unlock the part 1 prizes!  So the more presents you have, the more prizes you’ll unlock!  (For a guide on how many presents you should have at each day to win all the prizes check out Bunny’s Calendar!)

So let’s take a look at what characters have gift earning tasks, outside of the Workshop, to help you get more gifts!

lisa_pretend_to_ski_front homer_pretend_to_ski_front

Note: A LOT of characters have tasks at the Workshop, we’ll cover each one and when they unlock in another post….


Task Length Earns
Make Snow Angles 6hrs 3 Presents, 55xp
Pretend to Ski 8hrs 4 Presents, 70xp



Task Length Earns
Pretend to Ski 8hrs 4 Presents, 70xp
Make a Snowman 16hrs 6 Presents, 125xp



Task Length Earns
Eat Milk and Cookies 4hrs 2 Presents, 45xp

Flanders (Requires Rod and Todd…if you have them)

Task Length Earns
Take the Boys Snowmobiling 10hrs 12 Presents, 270xp

ned_take_boys_snowmobiling_front (1)


Task Length Earns
Be A Nutcracker 10hrs 4 Presents, 90xp


Task Length Earns
Prepare Christmas Treats 16hrs 6 Presents, 125xp

And those are the tasks…none Workshop…to help you earn presents!  Have some fun with the different character actions that are outdoors!

What do YOU think of the tasks?  Are you sending your characters on these tasks or Workshop?  Thoughts on the Christmas Event so far?  How are you doing on your present collecting?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

103 responses to “Characters in the Christmas Spirit: Gift Earning Tasks

  1. I can’t do these tasks with Homer Lisa or Ned. Known glitch or I’m doing something wrong lol?

  2. I don’t seem to be getting enough presents, i play daily and have done all the tasks, visit other towns, and on the last door today. Any ideas od suggestions?
    I could use more friends i just cleaned mine out:****

  3. Not a big deal really, but your article states that you need Rod and Todd for Ned to go snowmobiling. I have neither and still do the task.

    • Actually it says requires Rod and Todd if you have them. Meaning if you have Rod and Todd in your town they’re going to be on the Snowmobile task with Ned. Doesn’t say requires Rod and Todd to complete. 😉

    • That’s interesting! If you don’t have the boys, how much do you earn for sending Ned snowmobiling?

  4. I bought the Santa Homer skin, and it came with I suppose the last year tasks. Will I earn presents by doing them or donuts at the end of the questline??

  5. Very Important Article, Tappers
    Noobs please take note
    Your Sprinfield Characters earning Presents each day
    Help out lots 🙂

  6. It a shame that the Matt Groening character hasn’t a christmas task. As founding father he should give us presents too 🙂

  7. I click on Santa and it doesn’t have any task for him.? And how do I get the Feds,

  8. I was just curious… For Lisa and Homer, is better to make gifts at Santa’s workshop, or to do the other tasks listed above, or does it matter? Again, thanks for the awesome, helpful website!!!

    • It depends on how often you’ll check your game. If you’re going in every 4hrs then yes do the Workshop tasks. But if you’re going to be away longer, like to sleep…give them a longer task.

  9. I can’t find a Santa to send on a milk & cookies task. Do I have to be up to the Feds level to get him?

  10. Why can’t I get the 3rd fed?

    • It depends on what YOUR neighbors gave you. They may have only dropped 1 or two. Tap on the task icon in the menu to see if it locates anymore.

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