Workshop Tasks: Who, What, Where, When & How?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Snow is falling in Springfield and we’ve got ourselves a Springfield Winter Wonderland!

Santa has decided to take advantage of Springfield’s great tax incentives..and bring his Workshop to town and everyone’s getting in on the toy making action!  Various characters have toy making tasks at Santa’s Workshop…tasks that will help you earn even more presents!

Remember presents are the current currency for TSTO Christmas to help you unlock the part 1 prizes!  So the more presents you have, the more prizes you’ll unlock!  (For a guide on how many presents you should have at each day to win all the prizes check out Bunny’s Calendar!)

So let’s take a look at what characters have gift earning tasks, inside the workshop, to help you get more gifts!


Various characters unlock at different points in game play.  The key to it all?  Santa’s Daily tasks!  As you may have noticed already…as you go through more days of Santa’s Daily tasks various characters will unlock the ability to make toys as well!

Every time you unlock a new task for a character you’ll see a message like this pop-up:

2014-12-06 01.55.04

So who has tasks at the Workshop?  When do they unlock?  Let’s take a look….

Initially only Homer and Lisa have tasks there…

BOTH of these tasks start after you complete Jingle Bell Wreck Pt. 2


Task Length Earns
Make Sargent Activity Dolls 4hrs 2 Presents


Task Length Earns
Make Musical Instruments 4hrs 2 Presents

The rest of the characters unlock at various points as you progress through Santa’s Daily tasks.  Both freemium and premium characters will have tasks at the Workshop.  Freemium characters each earn 2 presents per task, while premium characters earn 4 presents per task.  They start to unlock at 2 day and run until day 14, for a total of 13 additional characters (15 total, including Homer & Lisa).  Let’s take a look at those characters/tasks now… (they’re listed below in unlock order)

First to unlock is Apu

Task Length Earns Unlocks
Make Executive Stress Toys 4hrs 2 Presents Day 2


Task Length Earns Unlocks
Make Virtual Reality Helmets 4hrs 4 Presents Day 2

Squeaky Voiced Teen

Task Length Earns Unlocks
Make Piggy Banks 4hrs 4 Presents Day 4

Hans Moleman

Task Length Earns Unlocks
Make Slippers 4hrs 4 Presents Day 6


Task Length Earns Unlocks
Make Cheery Christmas Sweaters 4hrs 2 Presents Day 7


Task Length Earns Unlocks
Make Drinking Board Games 4hrs 4 Presents Day 8


Task Length Earns Unlocks
Make Dolls 4hrs 2 Presents Day 9

Hank Scorpio 

Task Length Earns Unlocks
Make Radio Controlled Drones 4hrs 4 Presents Day 10


Task Length Earns Unlocks
Make Mini Wheelbarrows 4hrs 2 Presents Day 11


Task Length Earns Unlocks
Make My First Bong Gift Sets 4hrs 4 Presents Day 12


Task Length Earns Unlocks
Make Hover Boards 4hrs 2 Presents Day 13

Rev. Lovejoy

Task Length Earns Unlocks
Make Train Sets 4hrs 2 Presents Day 14


Task Length Earns Unlocks
Make Karaoke Systems 4hrs 2 Presents Day 14

And those are all the toy making tasks for the residents of Springfield.

What do YOU think of the Christmas tasks?  Thoughts on the event overall?  What characters do you own to help you earn more tasks?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

55 responses to “Workshop Tasks: Who, What, Where, When & How?

  1. What is everybody doing with Santa’s workshop now? Can’t sell it and I can’t store it.

    • It’s in my Christmas village…

    • I would like to know what to do with it too. It is taking up a lot of space that I could use!

    • Since it just says “Toy Workshop,” with no reference to Santa or Christmas, I’m thinking of it as a store or factory and leaving it in my Springfield (I currently have it next to the Fudge Factory). Now the elf cave, on the other hand, I’m hoping to be able to store (I think…have to check first to see if it had a multiplier associated with it..).

      Good question, by the way….I love an opportunity for us readers to talk to each other about stuff! 🙂

  2. not really sure where to put this inforamtion but i noticed a money glitch in the game. If you have the writers building from when they offered Matt Groenings character … it sayd it makes $150 every 8 hours however what ive noticed the past couple of dayss is everytime you leave your town ( i.e closing the app, visiting a friend, visiting Krustyland etc) the money loads back over it in the amount of $199… NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU DO IT ( this has at least been more than 3 days as of 12/19/14) … HELPFUL TIPS TO ALL MY ADDICTS THAT MAY NOT HAVE NOTICED IT ….


  3. I never really paid attention to the fine print of the premium characters as you unlock their gift making abilities in the Toy WorkShop. However, since I don’t already have Hank Scorpio (toooo expensive!), I see he has the ability to make drones. But in the fine print down below, it is a bit misleading, I think. “Makes twice the amount of presents.” Well in my greedy little mind, that sorta says that if you buy Hank, you can double your gifting output [from everyone]. Which now that I am reading everyone’s comments, seems too good to be true. I’m glad I stopped by to read up on this so I don’t make the mistake of buying something and not have it do what I think it was supposed to do.

    It took me to level 43 to buy Barney with the accumulation of free donuts.

    • Double as in all the regular characters earn 2 Presents each task. Premium Characters earn 4. Hank is a premium, so he earns 4 presents. Double the payout.

      It is same for all the tasks he has. Regular Characters 4 hour task will pay out much less than his Premium 4 hr tasks. If you have any premium characters in your town…tap on one and compare the times and payouts to say…Homer or Lisa. Then it will make more sense as to what it means to “double” the payout on tasks. 🙂

  4. So it’s day 13 and my Otto still can’t do anything at the workshop… Any ideas why?

    • Let me dig into this a little bit and see what’s going on. Could be something changed in the game files I didn’t catch

      • It’s cool. He unlocked after I finished that day’s task. But he didn’t have any tasks for that day so I’m not sure if it was still a glitch. Anyway, it’s working now. Thanks anyway 🙂

  5. Sweet. I have a few of the premium characters in this list ( SVT, Frink & Otto), so I’m feeling positive about generating enough presents for this event after all. Just gotta wait for Otto’s to unlock tomorrow.
    We’ll never see the ‘box’ Otto makes but i can just imagine it having a disclaimer on the front “tobacco products not included” or “sold separately”. Lol.

  6. Squeaky Voice teen do not let me make toys …

  7. When I have tasks for Springfielders to make toys and I click the Do It button, it will take me to Otto, but he doesn’t have any toy-making tasks yet, and won’t for another 5 or 6 days, according to this post. Very annoying (especially since I could really use another toy-making character right now)! But I’m thankful for this post, because, without it, I might have been tempted to think it was a glitch that I had to report to EA.

  8. Although you can not locate Santa via the Town Centre. If you tap on him manually you can set him to a workshop task : eat milk & cookies 4hrs

  9. Weird, I have had present tasks for Bart and Marge since the beginning.

  10. I can’t wait to be able to unlock more. Makes me wish I picked up Frink during the rebate though!

  11. Make Cheery Christmas Sweaters! It is suppose to be “Flanders”, and I am at that level, and I have looked for it under Ned, and cannot find it! I have also been looking for the title “Flanders” only if it is available in the tasks for Toy Workshop, but no luck! Can u help me with some info for that?? Mahalo so much.. Stepingstair. 🙂

    • Did you finish the first task? It won’t unlock until it’s listed.

      • Just after I wrote you abt Cheery Sweater question, It came up, so apologize for taking up your time! 🙂 I was getting a bit anxious abt getting it, so am happy!! I am starting Level 9 ! Just got the Toy Soldier a bit ago, and have him “guarding” the Light Plunger!! Thankyou all of u for the great job u do in answering questions!! Bet u could write a book on some of the questions that come in! :). stepingstair And soon, Mele Kalikimaka!! Pronounced.. (May lay, ka leak e ma ka!! ) Merry Christmas in Hawaiian. :).

  12. Yaaaay! Out of 5 premium characters I have (freemium here), 3 of them (Barney, SVT and Otto) have toy making tasks! Well, not exactly sure if the 2 others, Jub-Jub and the stupid Mime that I accidentally bought can be entirely considered *premium characters*, but they did cost me doughnuts.

    Thank you guys for all the hard work you put into this site! I just wish I had found this blog sooner – I play since October 2012 but just came across here looking for information for this year’s Halloween event. Since then, I’ve been reading every single post – even the should I buys, although I’m freemium lol – because you guys freaking rock! Greetings from Brazil!

  13. My rev lovejoy character is missing has been for months

  14. I wanted to share this tip/ strategy for the elf tunnel daily task. This will only work if your addict, have timing and no life like me 😀 For today’s task u have : make youngsters pet elfs, ned make sweaters, and Lisa make musical instruments. After u finish the youngsters task, start neds task, then wait for at least 30 seconds probably a little longer and then start Lisa’s task. You have to make sure ur back in the game by the time ned is finished and before Lisa is done. That way u will tap the workshop to relieve ned, collect presents and XP to unlock Lisa’s task in the elf tunnel. When task is unlocked Lisa should be done or finishing the task! That way u will for sure get the bonus presents! I did this with the 2 tunnels asking for youngsters to drink elf berry squishes! I hope no considers this cheating, just a little strategy to get more presents and the free holiday stuff!

    • I did this too and it worked fine. It’s a little trick I picked up during the Stonecutters event. And no, I don’t think it’s cheating exactly. You can’t always do this since you won’t always have the next task in the character’s list, but when you do I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of it.

  15. I agree that the yield for the time (4 hrs for 2 presents) is kind of low. I would have expected that it would be affected by your bonus multiplier if it was going to be that low (just like cash earnings would be) – because, really, what’s the harm? Even if a player has a 500% bonus payout that’s only 10 gifts, which is still really small considering you need thousands to reach the next item and the daily bonus is 100 gifts.

    And maybe I’m a party pooper, but I really preferred the gift bag exchange from 2013. I know the prize wheel made people crazy, but I liked the gift bag concept. It really felt like the holidays – I’d come in to my town and friends had left me presents! That I could open! And get different goodies! Also, I could reciprocate by giving more gifts to friends who were actively trading and being better neighbors. I’d leave 3-5 for everyone and the max. (10, I think it was?) for my most active neighbors. Now it’s all evened out, so I leave 3 Feds for each friend, every day with the hopes that my most loyal neighbors will do the same.

  16. “My First Bong” gift sets?! I’d love one of those!

  17. Do you recall which character is unlocked with which tunnel? Some aren’t making presents for me and I’ve completed all the tunnels including today’s.

    • So far:

      Squeaky Voiced Teen

      • Don’t forget Santa!!! He has “Eat Milk and Cookies” at the workshop… just the only way to start it is to find him and select the job there… can’t use top-left icon or census.

      • Hum… too bad I don’t have an option to delete my posts…

        The reason I mentioned Santa was because his job was at the workshop… but I forget how it was acquired (tunnel or story quest)… only that it wasn’t available at the start.

      • Thank you Alissa
        I’ve been playing premium since 2012. I haven’t had any problems before this recent update. I’m missing elves and characters Barney, Otto, Willie, Hank, Lovejoy, Milhouse aren’t making presents. I’ve gone through all EA trouble shooting and awaiting a response for my troubleshooting ticket. We’ll see where it goes from here and I’ll post a fix for others having the same problems.

  18. Santa also has a job to earn 2 presents, “eat milk and cookies”. You can not access it through the toy workshop but if directly click on him then it will show the one task.

  19. Am I the only one who didn’t know Santa had a task? I clicked on him and sent him to eat cookies and milk. Why doesn’t Santa appear in my town census so I can assign him a job that way. Do we get to keep Santa?

  20. Frankly, I think 2 presents for 4 hours worth of work doesn’t seem all that worthwhile, unless you’ve missed a bunch of 100-present bonuses and are really struggling to catch up, or unless you have so much in-game money saved up that you don’t care about losing the $280 you’d have gotten from sending those characters out on hourly tasks (or $170?, doing this from memory, that you’d get for them doing regular 4-hour tasks).

    However, I do enjoy watching Ned take the boys snowmobiling and Lisa pretending to ski, and listening to Bart groan every time I make him dress up like a tin soldier, so I do stand them on those tasks overnight.

  21. Hum… are the days supposed to represent the tunnel #? If you think about it, they don’t unlock on that day, but only upon completion of the tunnel that is unlocked on that day. And it really just happens that most of us get tunnels 1, 2 & 3 to deal with at the start.

    Cause Apu gets unlocked from completion of tunnel 2 while Frink is tunnel 3. I’m currently working on tunnel 7, so I can only (personally) confirm up to Moleman… which was the one I didn’t have.

  22. Alissa, THANKS SO MUCH for your quick reply! I knew the page existed because I found it earlier in the game! Yes I’m having a senior moment today! Thanks again! ALL OF YOU ARE SO TERRIFIC!

  23. “Every time you unlock a new task for a character you’ll see a message like this pop-up (if you have the character):”

    Actually, you get the message even if you don’t have the character. There will be a message in the Toy Workshop stating that such character gains presents (double for premium characters).

    • Good to know, I’ll correct it. (Since I have all the premium characters i didn’t even think it would still pop up if you didnt)

    • The message in the Toy Workshop is only one character at a time & rotates between the characters who can that you don’t have with a pink “Get Now” where you normally rush or Go To or start in that same window.


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