Christmas Present Prizes: Breaking Down the Christmas Float

Hey Howdy Hey My Elfish Tappers!

Well….unless you’ve been caught in a major snowstorm you know that Christmas has arrived in Springfield! A light snow is falling & Santa has arrived in town!   By now we’re all busy sending those elves and residents to the workshop to make presents!

With this event EA is repeating a similar prize structure to what they did for Halloween, only more prizes, and releasing the event (and prizes) in stages.  For the first phase, which lasts until Christmas Eve (12/24), you can win 8 prizes by collecting Presents.  The first prize awarded at 580 Presents is the Christmas Float.


Let’s take a closer look at this festive float, and just what happens when it enters your town…


WARNING Mild Dialogue Spoilers Ahead

Once you’ve collected 580 Presents the Christmas Float will automatically be awarded to you and you’ll see this popup:

2014-12-04 00.39.07

Much like Friendship Prizes, if you’re visiting a neighbor when you hit the 580 Presents mark this message will still popup and your Float will be waiting for you in your inventory once you get back to your Springfield.

The Christmas Float will be placed in your inventory, so you’ll have to go into your inventory to retrieve it.  Just tap on the “use” icon to place it in your Springfield:

2014-12-09 18.17.18

Before you even place it in town…some minor dialogue between Homer, Bart & Lisa will popup.  You will then be prompted with the task to place it, after that some more dialogue will popup.  Here’s the full rundown:

Christmas Float

Homer: A Christmas float!  Wait till the guys see me drive up to Moe’s in this thing.
Bart: You don’t know how to drive a float.  You barely know how to drive a car.
Homer: Why you little…
Lisa: Bart’s right.  You don’t have a license to drive a float.
Homer: Sure I do.  It says it right there on my diver’s license.
Lisa: Someone just wrote “float” on the back in magic marker.  (although it says market)
Homer: That’s how they do it.
Lisa: Do they normally misspell it “flote”?
Place Christmas Float
Homer: This stupid float just sits there, like all the other stupid cars in this Springfield.
Lisa: Well, Dad, you can still distribute the candy from that big basket on top.  Dad?
Homer: Can’t talk.  Eating candy.

Completed Task Earns 100 Presents and 10XP

So here’s the deal with the Float:

-A decoration for Springfield.
-Does not add any bonus %
-9×5 in size
-Not animated.
-Conform-o-Meter Vanity +10.

So that about covers all the details on this Festive Float!

What do YOU think of the Christmas Float?  Where have you placed it in your Springfield?  Thoughts on the way the Event is set up this time around? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

15 responses to “Christmas Present Prizes: Breaking Down the Christmas Float

  1. I like the float and u can’t beat the price. I appreciate all EA is doing to keep us entertained and not having to buy donuts to do it. This event is the best so far. That fed button is the bomb. Thank you three for all the information that u give us and being on top like u r. U have answered many of my questions just by going thru things in such depth. U help make this game fun all the time. Love the SNOW and sound effects. Mary Jo

  2. For now it’s in the center of my SF which lately I’ve tended to keep somewhat seasonal when applicable. My toy factory is there, the metal xmas tree (which was probably my 2nd or 3rd object in town after downloading the game at the very end of xmas 2013) was moved from Squidport to behind the factory, and I also moved my other xmas tree (another relic of 2013) to next door, along with other random things.

    However, while the metal xmas tree and other xmas tree will likely go back to their original locations, I know that this float (along with at least one of the bells) will be going to the backyard of Calmwood, right next to the easter float which is lovingly protected by the CoC nerds that watch over an assortment of other doodads that I haven’t put in inventory. :]

  3. Just chucked it on some spare piece of land, to add to the festivities for Christmas. It’ll definitely be going in my inventory once Christmas is over.

  4. I rededicated my ‘park and open space’ to the Christmas event, and have just spread this new stuff around. However, once the event is over, probably the float and a bunch of the other stuff that is just vanity points will probably end up in my inventory.

    I’ve already noticed my A-game is starting to choke on all the stuff I have crammed into Springfield. Probably time soon enough to start reducing some of the excess decorations anyway.

  5. The float is a fine freebie gift from EA.

  6. It went straight into my inventory and won’t be coming back out. It’s too big and ugly for my tastes.

  7. Happened to have some space available next to the toy shop right now, so that’s where I put it (just to be festive), but this will definitely be going into inventory once the event is over. OTOH, I imagine that folks who plan to create another Thanksgiving Day parade next year will enjoy having this one at the end (although it’ll look kinda odd without a driver…).

  8. hey, any word why kwik-e-mart stopped paying since today’s patch?

  9. i wonder if John from Homer’s Phobia episode will soon join our Springfield’s since his Japanese Santa Claus robot will be available in part 2 of presents!?

  10. I put my float at the corner of my ‘xmas village’ right next to my reindeer pen!

  11. Meh. Too big, no earnings, no function, no interaction even though there is a huge seat :/

    I found a nice place next to the “freak show tent” and the moonbounce in the inventory.

  12. It’s kinda large, and not too atractive. I would rather smaller gifts, they all get piled in a corner of stuff I dont care for only for the meter points.

  13. I like that there’s a lot of free prices for this event. The negative side, I think, is the amount of tasks for homer, right now I have 5 pending tasks for homer, and of course he can do only one at a time! They should involve the other Simpsons as well

  14. I’m with Homer – “it just sits there!” It was free, so i really can’t complain much, but it’s destined to live in my inventory most of the year.

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