Hey there Hoppereenos!!

People keep asking us if there is a way to send us a note or picture or other random things, so I guess it is time to go ahead and open up the Mail Bag!

Mail box

So here is your chance to go “Old School” and use that ancient way of communication with other human beings around the planet. Feel free to drop a note, a card, a joke, or just say “Hi”. Quite honestly, it would be awesome to just hear from our readers Worldwide.

If you are feeling really festive, you can even send us some Holiday Cards. We’d be more than happy to share them with everyone…or…keep them all to ourselves if you so chose, just let us know. Lol. 

Send your mail to…

TSTO Addicts (or Alissa/Bunny/Wookiee)
c/o Up All Night LLC
1780 West 9000 South
Suite 153
West Jordan, UT

Address is no longer active, email us if you need to send us something please. 🙂 

Just please keep whatever you do choose to send along our same Addicts Guidelines.  (I am talking to YOU Runicgem and DaPimp) 😛

There you go. Drop us a line anytime. You KNOW we love to hear from you. This is just another way of doing so.

~Bunny, Alissa, and Wookiee

25 responses to “ADDICTS GOT MAIL!!

  1. Hi I need ur help desperately!! I used one of ur apks and please note that I’m not saying that it was your fault or something else, but I cannot find a way to get out of the itchy and scratchy doughnut mini game. I have been on this for a year and I don’t find any answer that can help me. So that’s why I’m looking for any idea or suggestion to recover my town.

  2. after ubdate of the Simpsons. have an issue.
    please log out of your other device to continue here…. I don’t play it on an other device….. now I can’t play….. what can I do…

    greetings from the Netherlands

    Dirk van Dam

  3. Well, color me stunned (and Beehive-blue!) to read that mailing address. I was born/raised in SLC (Holladay/Cottonwood area), and spent a goodly portion of my life there (living all ’round the Valley), until relocating to the Northwest a while back. And so…yet another reason why TSTO Addicts remains so close to my heart. (And with pride of place on my Home screen to boot 😸.)

    P.S. I’ll drop you card, if I can remember where I put those %#*! Forever stamps! 🙈

    • HAHAHHAHA. They call them that because they are forgotten forever and when you finally need them you have to search….forever. HAHAHHAHA

      I love the SLC area. Spend some great times there.

  4. I’m going to send you guys one of those holiday cards that when you open it, it plays a little song. (The song is going to be “I’m Too Sexy”) Haha 😛

    What happen to Bunny’s facespace profile? Looks like it’s time to set up a new one under a different email like I had to do.

    • Did you not get my email? I sent it a while ago. Facebook has locked me out…again…for the tenth time. I swear someone is reporting me out of harassment.

      I may have to make ANOTHER new one. 🙁


  5. I seriously live less than 2 miles from there! West Jordan is an awesome place to be! Thanks for an amazing blog. You’ve saved my Tapped Out life many times.

  6. West Jordan, UT is a beautiful town — been through there many times! For those who haven’t been there, if you think back to the 2002 Winter Olympics, it’s that place. Well, close anyway — they took place all around that area. Anyway, as I recall, you’ve got the Wasatch Front on one side, the lake on another, and lots of flat space in between!

    I seem to recall Bunny saying that she would be opening a PO Box in a town she travels through all the time — I guess this was the one she had in mind!

    Bunny? Do you ski? Is that why you go through there so much?

    • You mean do I try the Bunny Hills out? Lol. Not much a skier, tried snowboarding but I am a clutz. So…I innertube the hills. HAHAHAHAH. I grew up on the West Coast, so most people I know are in the west. Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, California, Montana, and Washington.

      West Jordan is kinda the middle town. Olympic Skate Park is in Kearns, a few spots they used in West Valley, Ski resorts Park City, main venues in Salt Lake. I was in Utah during the Olympics. Lol.

      Wasatch Front is the East Side. More Holliday and Sugarhouse. Great Salt Lake is outside edge of Salt Lake and Magna and continues on by edge of Tooele. It also borders Bountiful.

      Utah lake is further south outside the “bowl”. Mountain ranges surround, valleys in the center.

  7. This thread, or at least the address, needs a perma-link under Community, I think. Perhaps just a contact us page that has the snail-mail, e-mail, and other relevant addresses on it would work too.


  8. Why’s everybody always pickin’ on me? LOL i am as pure as the Christmas Elves! 🙂

  9. The Simpson’s Tapped Out *
    Kiwi T Mart isn’t giving any coins at all.

  10. I find it hilarious that the address is care of Up All Night since the default ringtone on my iPhone is Up All Night by The Boomtown Rats… You might want to download it for your phones too lol

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